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I don’t know of any support groups besides this C.H.I.T. Chat area. Last fall my husband and I went to the conference in Boston and that was very helpful. We may not go again, but it made a huge impact on me and what we were involved with.

When this is new to you there may be a lot of questions and you may be trying to figure out how to cope with this and your family. You could post those here, but I don’t think this is a very active area. If you go to some of the more active pages for people with Narcolepsy you will probably get a better response.

I would love to chat with you! My husband was diagnosed 16 years ago, but we are only having to deal with it seriously in the last 2-3 years. We have four children. 10 and under and one on the way. He does not work anymore, we were blessed to have great disability insurance which I would highly suggest if your husband is still employed.

Let me know if there is anything you want to talk about.

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