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I have wondered about some of Kiwi’s issues for myself. I think i had an awful night during the titration study, but the sleep lab didn’t see anything wrong and faxed out a script within 90 minutes of my leaving the premises, i don’t believe any doctor saw or reveiewed any of the results, the secretary saw the highest pressure rating was 7 and wrote that in. Rubber-stamped signature I would assume. I called my doctor’s office and asked if they would issue a script reuesting an automatic PAP for this reason, his nurse said she thinks he will. Now I am all hung up over the issue, terrible struggle, should i delay delivery of CPAP in order to fight for an autoPAP? Should I also try to get it so that if I lose weight I don’t have to suffer the torment of another awful night of titration.
What do you think, DeltaDave?
Could it really be that I screamed for help because i was stiill awake at 1:50 a.m. and i begged for a sleeping pill or for another type of mask….. aqnd I was wrong and they were telling the whole truth when they said you were sleeping beautifully until a few minutes ago? Am I going crazy or do people with sleep apnea really have no accurate perception of whether they have slept or not

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