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Hi, I had three blood tests done. The DQ—- Can’t remember the names off hand as I’m recuperating from major back surgery and the Percocet is frying my brain.
I was positive for two. One them said that 100 percent of people positive for the one test will have Narcolepsy. It was explained to me that you can be positive but may never contact the disease. They believe a viirus or something sets it off.
Everyday they are finding genes for obesity etc. I have alcoholism on both sides of the family. Is it a gene? Who knows. I know I don’t drink at all so if I do have the gene I am stopping it from hitting me. Narcolepsy is something different. I was asleep in 30 seconds on my MSLT test. The rest were under 5 minutes. That is how he diagnosed. The Dr. could care less about the genetic markers. Sorry for any typing errors.

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