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I am also very grumpy when I am really tired. I have never been a morning person! Are you on any of the antidepressants? If you are and they are not helping it might be time to change.

I CAN’T take Wellbutrin. My personality is horrible on it! I am very mean and it is almost like I enjoy it. Wellbutrin affects me funny. Zoloft is another one that is hit or miss with me. I tried both of these in the beginning when the doc just thought I was depressed. I kept telling them I’m not depressed I physically can’t move off of the couch! I tried the meds any way.

Is your 5 year old in all day Kindergarten? I got lucky and my 6 year old is in the afternoon class! Maybe you could see if you could switch, if it is only half days.

When I wake up totally I might have more ideas. So I will write later.


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