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Hah! That’s because Milwaukee is a bit frustrating. Not much to see there.

Boy, am I going to hear it from all the Milwaukeeans, right? But having lived very close to Milwaukee for 41 years, the only thing I can think of that we ever really enjoyed in Milwaukee is their zoo. They have a great zoo. There’s always a brewery or two.

Ok, now this is half in jest. But it’s not like Milwaukee is somewhere anyone ever goes for a vacation unless they are visiting relatives who live there. And it’s not like anyone every says, “Boy, I would sure love to pack up everything and move to Milwaukee.”

If by chance you have a vehicle, and I’m thinking you don’t, you could go for a ride to see if the Maple trees are turning yet. They have an incredible burst of colors in oranges and reds in the fall, but it might be a tad early.

But, hey, you DO have a sister that lives nearby. hehe

Now if I had been able to go, we would have come up with all kinds of trouble to get into, but alas, I am stuck here in Phoenix. Unless there is some major benefactor out there that is willing to pay my way. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

You’re going to have a great time, regardless YD. Wish I was going to be with you.

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