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I might have been the one to say “don’t tell your college”. In that context, it was related specifically to being in the education field. It’s all & great to be open if you are an engineer, in advertising, a graphic designer, in the business field, an independent artist, an admin asst, a homemaker, work for yourself or in any field you don’t have to worry about legalities or reprocussion beyond the typical social issues…BUT when you are in a field when you are responsible for the safety of children or disabled people, you are looked at differently. You are scrutinised.

And I have seen first hand when I was truthful, it just kicked me back… I have been discriminated twice already (and yes, I did see if I had any legal standing & was told I didn’t if I ever want to teach). I don’t think I am being paranoid, now that I can’t work for 2 school systems already.

I wish educating people was so easy… but even with programs such as “understanding our differences”, there is a lot of misinformation out there & administrators are the first to run scared & run you out the door… I know teachers who are tenured who are still scared to tell about their neurological disorders.

but kudos to those who have the freedom to be open.

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