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Well, I am wrapping up day one on Adderall, and it wasn’t horrible. It did make my teeth tingle a bit, and I got some stomach upset. It made me a little irritable…. snappy, which is my biggest problem with the stimulants I have taken. I wonder if this is ever something that will subside, and I worry because I have to get beyond that in my line of work.

Cognitively, I am just not as bright on these meds as I am without. There were several small dead zones during the day, and I just felt like it takes forever to get things done when you can only do one thing at a time. I just can’t process very well when I am restricted in this way, and it was a little annoying. I am interested to see if some of the negatives wear off because the alertness was just about right. Almost, dare I say? normal.

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