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@patsy wrote:

I guess I’m ‘lucky’…I don’t get any of the hallucinations etc other than on 1 occasion when I was sure someone/thing walked in front of me and then poked me hard in the neck. I can really understand where stories of ghosts etc come from…it felt exactly as if someone brushed past me (but I couldn’t move) and then they stabbed me in the back of the neck with a finger.
Coincidently to all this I’ve recently discovered that I have a terrible wheat/gluten allergy that is almost certainly the cause of my hypersomnia. Now I have cut the culprits out of my diet the sleep paralysis has practically disappeared. Seems to me that the 2 things might be connected. My problem with wheat (and certain other food additives) has caused all sorts of strange symptoms including optic neuritis on 1 occasion.

VERY interesting. Does optic neuritis feel like a migraine behind your eye?

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