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I don’t really have a sleep doc. I was diagnosed by a world-class doc who is not interested in treatment. He basically sent me back to my family doc for treatment. My cardiologist doesn’t want me on any of the standard treatments, and Xyrem didn’t agree with me.

Anyway, regarding the neurofeedback, when I first went, I had loads of delta waves, which you are only supposed to have during deep sleep. We’ve been working on getting me to produce more “functional” waves. I sit in a chair and play video games with electrodes on my scalp. The target waves make a space ship go where I want it to go. The more waves I make, the faster it goes. The theory is that you are training your brain to be more efficient.

It seems to help. I’ve had company all week, just got back from a barbque and baseball game. I pretty much slept through the baseball game, but it was more of a light dose than a deep sleep. I don’t like baseball anyway. Luckily my husband can drive us home. Before neurofeedback, I was pretty much in a stupor most of the day. I had a few hours–from 3 to 6 or so, where I seemed pretty normal. The rest of the day was useless. So, it is a big change for me to have many pretty productive hours.

Hope this helps.

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