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Yeah I have no idea about the pre-authorized signing, I don’t remember discussing or filling out anything about that, but you’d think it would be important.. like on a day like today! I’m sure if I was asked by Xyrem I said either of my roommates could sign it, but I never gave them their names or anything! One of my roommates has signed for it once before and there was no problem.

There is a note that the package was delivered to “receptionist/front office”. I live in an apartment building and the landlords DO have an office below us, but delivering the package to that office is just as unacceptable as delivering the package to my next door neighbor’s apartment.

My landlords are unbelievably nice people so if it DID get delivered there, I’m pretty sure it’s safe. There office was closed when I got home, though, and I don’t have their number.. I’m sure my roommate does somewhere, but she’s not home yet. I hope the delivery guy gets in trouble because this is the stupidest thing ever!

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