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AriaDragonfly, that really sucks. The whole thing sucks. My opinion is that your referral to the sleep psych is for a few reasons:

1. to determine if depression plays a role (one of the symptoms of depression is being tired, lethargic, having sleep disturbances, etc.) This doesn’t mean ‘it’s not real’/’it can’t be helped’ – ultimately there is some sort of electrochemical thing in your brain that is causing the sleepiness, be it depression, or something else, and depression can be treated with therapy and/or meds (both of which change the brain) and this may also help the sleepiness.
2. to give you tips on how to manage the sleepiness, your daily schedule, etc.
3. to help you deal with the negative consequences of your sleep disorder – there is high co-morbidity between sleep disorders and depression and/or anxiety, some of it I suspect as a natural reaction to this sleep stuff that has been happening for a long time and often has negative consequences on the rest of your life
4. to determine if there is a risk in prescribing certain medication, for e.g. stimulants (which would be a *bad* idea if you were predisposed to certain psychiatric disorders).

Anyway, let us know how it goes – I hope it helps. I kind of wish my sleep doc was working with a sleep psych, actually 🙁

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