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Thank you so much Arizona. I have been left on the floor at hospital and no one pick me up believing me I am having a emotional problem. Faking it. Its what people do they said. You look alright in the eyes so we are thinking you are pretending. I still think they as you say jury is out to make ruling but we believe you. But we talk about nut when she go home. I never wanted to mention hospital and other experiences of Cataplexy because I would think that you would think I am crazy. I believe you and believe police would do that because they look in my eyes and then say pretending. When you first fall down they all rush to help but then they look into eyes and say AHH she is pretending look into eyes she is awake.

thank you thank you and I am very sorry for you – and why be cruel when hospital can look up Cataplexy on computer. Police mostly idiot who cannot find other job. But many good ones with no education. Good ones become detective. Why kick anyone and why not let medical person have a look. Very sorry that you are mistreated by people who should protect you not torture you.

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