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Mmmmm, : Natasha Kinski

I lost sixty pounds bringing my BMI to normal two years ago. I used the Adkins diet. I recommend it for men because of its high protein intake. I recommend it for women as well but caution them that it is difficult because of “carb” cravings. Even so, the diet is rewarding because you see dramatic results up front and once you level off you lose a pound or more a week. You’ll see measurable results at the scale no matter how often you weight.

An advantage to the diet is it eliminates insulin spikes which lead to adult II diabetes and other health issues. Corn syrup is an American plague and a major cause of child and adult obesity. The diet eliminates that additive. Even if you just use the diet to lose needed pounds and go back to a normal diet, if you continue to not eat sugar and especially corn syrup sweeteners you will find it easier to maintain your weight.

I run two miles and work out at the “Y” for forty five minutes (cardiovascular) every other day. On off days I try to walk or run/walk two miles. It is discouraging to know I have to maintain that pace to control my weight but I enjoy eating and this diet lets me eat as much as I want and still maintain my weight. I do over eat. If I cut back on calories I suppose I wouldn’t struggle with weight gain.

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