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AC Pacific was founded in 1995, and it quickly established itself as one of the leading US mattress manufacturers. Ever since, the company has been dedicated to delivering high-quality products that exceed the customers’ expectations. Additionally, they have a wide variety of models available to suit everyone’s preferences.

Our AC Pacific mattresses reviews focus on finding the best products offered by this company. As a top pick, we recommend the AC Pacific Aloe Vera Mattress. It provides a delicate balance between softness and comfort required for back relief. Top-quality memory foam adjusts to the shape of your body, while Aloe Vera extract ensures it remains free from fungi and bacteria. We also gathered three additional choices to ensure you can easily find a suitable alternative.

While looking for the best mattress, we focused on the most essential features of these products. That includes their size and thickness, which depend on your preference, and whether you will use it for a single or double bed. We also analyzed layers, filling, and firmness to ensure the mattress is comfortable and durable, and that it provides adequate back relief. The cover material is also important for the mattress’s breathability, and we also looked for warranty specifics and trial options.

Our team spent more than 40 hours analyzing and reviewing the products. We consulted the opinions of existing users and industry professionals to secure a detailed review of each product. Before heading to the descriptions, check out our comparison table for a quick product overview. And don’t forget our buying guide that will help you pick a suitable mattress for your needs!

Top 4 AC Pacific Mattresses Review 2021


AC Pacific Aloe Vera MattressEditor's Choice

  • Thickness: 6″, 8″
  • Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, California King
  • Layers and filling: 1″ memory foam, 2″ comfort foam support layer, 5″ high-density support layer
  • Firmness: medium
  • Cover material: aloe vera cover
  • Warranty and trial: 10-year warranty

This high-quality Aloe Vera mattress is another confirmation that AC Pacific is the leading industry manufacturer. They’ve managed to strike the right balance between providing softness and securing the necessary support. As a result, you got a comfortable mattress that can help you get rid of back problems.

The biggest advantage of this mattress is the Aloe Vera extract, which has both antifungal and antimicrobial characteristics. Thanks to that, your mattress will remain free from any bacteria. It takes the product’s hygiene to the maximum level and ensures you can lie down without worrying about potential infections or other issues. Additionally, Aloe Vera has a beneficial effect on the skin. It promotes rejuvenation and regeneration while ensuring the skin stays soft and smooth.

You will find this AC Pacific Mattress in two available thicknesses – six and eight inches. The six inches only comes in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes. The eight-inch variation is available in six different sizes, varying from Twin to California King.

The AC Pacific 8-Inch Aloe Vera Mattress features a high-density support layer that spreads through five inches. That helps your body to maintain its optimal position. If you have spine problems or dealing with back pain, this mattress is a smart choice to feel better and reduce discomfort.

The next layer is a two-inch foam support layer, which is topped by a single-inch of high-quality and certified memory foam. The foam has an independent testing certificate to meet the latest industry standards for durability and emissions. The CertiPUR-US certification confirms there are little or insignificant VOC, ozone-depleting compounds, etc. The product also meets the latest flammability regulations.

The mattress adjusts to the shape and weight of your body and is comfortable for heavy sleepers. Even if you are sleeping with a partner, there is no noise or movement transfer. That makes it possible to be in bed with a restless sleeper and still get a good night’s relaxation. The mattress is quite soft and comfortable. Although it might not be for those looking for extreme firmness, most users will be satisfied with the provided back support.

The Aloe Vera mattress comes in a compact package with a mattress rolled-up. It might have a distinctive smell out of the box, but that should disappear once you air it for a couple of days. The manufacturer offers a generous warranty, which is a confirmation of their trust in the product.

What are our favorite features?

  • A fine balance between being soft and providing the required back support
  • Generous memory foam that meets the latest industry standards
  • Two thickness options and multiple sizes available
  • No noise or movement transfer when sleeping with a partner

What could be better?

  • It might have a distinctive smell out of the box
  • Not for those looking for an extremely firm mattress
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full
  • Layers and filling: high-density foam
  • Firmness: soft
  • Cover material: waterproof polyester
  • Warranty and trial: 1-year warranty

If you take a look at AC Pacific Mattress reviews online, you will find that they are one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the industry. However, the 6” Foam Mattress 818-2 is a true bargain deal for all those on a restricted budget.

The product is available in multiple sizes, but you only have a single thickness available. The six-inch mattress features a high-density foam that ensures even weight distribution. That makes this mattress suitable for couples whose weights differ significantly. Additionally, the weight distribution ensures that the mattress maintains its form as time passes.

The product is fairly lightweight and considerably lighter than other products listed in this article. You will receive a mattress in a standard rolled packing, which means it will take several days to unflatten it and return to the original form. A bit of patience goes a long way because the mattress delivers great value for the price.

The first thing you will notice when checking out the product is the diamond design on top. The mixture of gray and white is an attractive color combination. Although your bedsheets will go on top, it is still nice to see when a manufacturer makes an effort for the mattress to look nice.

The foam used is breathable, which will prevent sweating and feeling hot while lying on the mattress. Heat dissipation is admirable, and as long as the room temperature is optimal, breathability will be fantastic.

AC Pacific used waterproof polyester as the cover material. It is a special material that doesn’t absorb water. That makes it easy to pick up any water that was spilled on the mattress, which might happen if you have children around. By acting as soon as possible, you ensure that no wet layer will form on the mattress. That makes the product suitable for sleeping immediately after you remove the water from the surface. It also helps you to save some money as you won’t need to look for a mattress protector.

The mattress is fairly soft, while it provides perfect support for your body. The warranty is not as generous as for other products, but that doesn’t mean this mattress is not durable. As long as you follow the instructions, it can last for years.

What stands out?

  • Breathable fabric with admirable heat dissipation
  • A lightweight mattress
  • An attractive diamond pattern and gray-white color combination
  • High-density foam secures even weight distribution

What cons did we manage to find?

  • The warranty is not as generous as for other products
  • It might take several days to unflatten it
  • Thickness: 12″
  • Sizes available: Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Layers and filling: 2″ gel-infused memory foam, 2″ charcoal-infused memory foam, 8″ high-density base support foam
  • Firmness: extra plush
  • Cover material: polyester
  • Warranty and trial: 10-year warranty

This AC Pacific memory foam mattress is the thickest one offered by the manufacturer. The generous thickness of 12 inches is perfect for all those looking for a high bed with exceptional softness.

As expected, you will find the mattress available in Full size as the smallest one, and California King as the biggest. A thick mattress also needs to be big, which explains these dimensions. Additionally, the mattress is heavy and sturdy. That will virtually eliminate motion transfer, and noise made when moving during the night. It secures that both you and your partner will sleep soundly and without waking each other up.

The eight-inch base of the mattress features the high-density foam. The foam secures that the mattress provides the necessary support. The quality of materials used makes this mattress suitable for those dealing with extra pounds.

The remaining four inches are made of top-quality memory foam. The manufacturer infused the inner two-inch layer with charcoal. It helps to turn the heat away from you while having a mild beneficial effect on keeping your skin healthy. Charcoal ensures that any damaging environmental factors don’t reach your body, which creates a beneficial and nourishing effect on your skin. The outer layer adds two more inches of memory foam to increase comfort. The memory foam reflects the contours of your body and focuses on relieving pressure points to help you deal with back pain and discomfort.

As with all other products, AC pacific used certified memory foam that meets the latest industry standards. That ensures you sleep on a high-quality mattress that doesn’t have any significant chemical emissions and waste. As for the cooling effect, the unique design ensures that the mattress stays breathable throughout the night.

Although the mattress is large, the packaging is fairly compact. If you are a fan of oversized mattresses, you will love this product. It is a shame that this premium product doesn’t come with matching pillows to provide a complete set. Despite that, the 12-inch Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Mattress is a long-term investment, and the warranty details confirm that.

What do we love it for?

  • A very thick mattress ideal for those who want a high bed
  • Four layers of memory foam for excellent comfort
  • Premium material quality and a generous warranty
  • Sturdy and heavy with minimum motion disturbance

What were we disappointed with?

  • Only extra plush model available
  • High price tag

AC Pacific Herbalfusion MattressBest Odor Control

  • Thickness: 8″, 10″
  • Sizes available: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Layers and filling: 2″ green tea infused memory foam, 6″ high-density charcoal-infused base support foam
  • Firmness: medium
  • Cover material: polyester
  • Warranty and trial: 10-year warranty

AC Pacific Herbalfusion Mattress will meet the requirements of a wide range of users. First, the product is versatile because it comes in a wide range of sizes, and two available thicknesses. Depending on your preference, you can choose between an eight and ten-inch options.

Either way, you will receive a mixture of a high-density base layer and high-quality memory foam. As usual, the manufacturer acquired all certifications for the memory foam. That means it will last for a long time, perform up to expectations, and deliver consistent results.

The unique thing about this mattress is that a two-inch memory foam layer is infused with green tea. Its smell will have a relaxing effect during the night. Additionally, green tea combats any odors that might stay on the mattress after using it. The company makes sure that the product maintains a pleasant smell for a long time.

You will receive the product in a rolled-up package. It will take a day or two for it to return to the original form, but that is normal for mattresses. The product design is classic, and it features a dominant white color with an intriguing pattern. The polyester cover is breathable, but it doesn’t seem to be waterproof. That means you shouldn’t spill anything, or you might not be able to sleep on the mattress until it gets dry. Therefore, we recommend using a mattress protector to increase the product’s lifespan.

The product’s firmness is medium, which makes it quite versatile. If you are looking for back pain relief, you will find that this mattress provides it. The memory foam will ensure optimal comfort and breathability, while also providing that softness.

AC Pacific is ready to offer a ten-year warranty on this product. That means they guarantee the mattress will serve as expected for an entire decade. It is understandable since they did everything right. All materials used are of high quality, and you can expect impressive durability from this product. Overall, the mattress is a smart investment, especially if you love the smell of green tea. That makes it perfect for all those who want their mattress to both be comfortable and relaxing.

What makes it special?

  • A wide range of sizes and two thickness options to choose from
  • Maintains a pleasant smell for a long time
  • Optimal balance between firmness and comfort
  • A generous warranty provided by the manufacturer

What cons did we find?

  • It takes a couple of days to return to the original form after unpacking
  • The polyester cover doesn’t seem to be waterproof

Things to Consider

AC Pacific offers a wide range of different mattresses. That might make your choice difficult, especially if you are not a mattress expert. That is why we designed a buying guide that will help you choose a suitable product. This section focuses on the crucial features to consider during the purchasing process. We also included an FAQ that answers the most common question about AC Pacific mattresses. Start reading right away to learn more about these products and find the one that will make you sleep like a king!

Things to consider before buying an AC Pacific mattress

AC Pacific Mattresses Reviews – Get the Comfort You Deserve!

It doesn’t hurt to remind you that you should consider that the mattress fits your bed. The dimensions of the mattress, as well as its thickness, should fit your bed tightly to ensure optimal sleeping conditions. Apart from that, the choice of a mattress mainly depends on your preferences. AC Pacific allows you to choose between various layers and structures and offers a wide selection of features varying from one product to another. Here, we are going to look at the things to consider before buying a mattress!

Layers and filling

If you want a premium mattress, you can’t go wrong with a foam filling. AC Pacific adds a base layer of high-density foam to secure the required support. Apart from the base layer, the manufacturer uses memory foam to provide comfort and durability.

The biggest advantage of memory foam is that it adjusts to your body shape. NASA first developed this technology for seat cushions in planes, but over time, their use in the mattress industry became almost a standard.

Memory foam works with your body and relieves pressure points. Thanks to that, every section of your body feels comfortable. That makes this material perfect for those experiencing back pain or discomfort, as well as those who want to enjoy sleeping.

AC Pacific acquired an independent certificate for all its products, including the famous AC Pacific Aloe Vera Mattress. A certificate is an additional guarantee that the memory foam is durable and delivers consistent performance.

Thickness and firmness

The thickness of your mattress can vary significantly, and it goes from 6 to 12 inches. If you are going with a very thick mattress, it means you will have a high bed. Thick mattresses are suitable for overweight people since they frequently have a significant bearing capacity. The AC Pacific Herbalfusion Mattress is the largest mattress that this company offers with a 12-inch thickness.

The standard thickness is 8-10 inches, although you can go with a six-inch mattress, too. It ultimately depends on your preference when it comes to comfort and the balance of softness and firmness that you need. Thinner mattresses are usually firmer, although that varies on the product. Extremely firm mattresses are only suitable for those looking for ultimate back and body support. Most users will be satisfied with medium firmness, which provides a balance between softness and supports. If softness is your priority, go with an extra-plush mattress.

AC Pacific Mattresses Reviews – Get the Comfort You Deserve!

Firmness has also got to do with your favorite sleeping position. Here is a guide on how firm the mattress should be based on how you are sleeping:

  • Soft – if you sleep on the side, your spine doesn’t deal with so much pressure. That is why you can go with a soft mattress.
  • Medium-soft – if you frequently change positions, this mattress can be a good fit.
  • Medium – these mattresses offer the firmness that your lower back needs when sleeping on your back. It is also very versatile and can suit a wide range of users.
  • Firm – front (or stomach) sleepers should go with a firm mattress. Although it is not the best position to choose if you deal with back pain, the mattress’s firmness can help you with that.

Motion transfer

Motion transfer is another important mattress feature, especially when sleeping with another person. If you are a restless sleeper, you might be moving a lot during the night. Turning or readjusting your position might cause the entire mattress to move. Additionally, it might start making noises with every motion. That can disrupt your fellow sleeper, and even wake them up.

That is why you need a mattress with a low motion disturbance as possible.

Look for high-quality memory and support foam, and durable components. These maintain the shape of the mattress over time and ensure to reduce motion transfer during the entire product’s lifespan.

Temperature regulation

If you are living in a warm climate where it can get hot in the summer, temperature regulation becomes a primary feature to consider. The mattress should be designed in a way to drive the heat away from your body. Charcoal infusion, such as seen in the AC Pacific Charcogel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, is a nice way to cool your body throughout the night.

By ensuring that your mattress has adequate temperature regulation, you ensure that you will feel comfortable throughout the night. You don’t risk having to change positions because it got too hot. All that promotes optimal sleeping conditions and ensures you get the rest you deserve.

Cover material

A wide range of materials can be used for a mattress cover. The most common and affordable is polyester. Depending on its quality, it can provide the necessary comfort while protecting the mattress from damages.

AC Pacific Mattresses Reviews – Get the Comfort You Deserve!

You can also go with a waterproof mattress, which can be useful if you are used to keeping a bottle of water close to the bed. Additionally, parents with children go with waterproof polyester covers to ensure that the mattress doesn’t absorb water or any other liquids. Instead, you pick up the remaining fluid, and the mattress is ready for sleeping.

The high-quality AC Pacific Aloe Vera Mattress features a special Aloe Vera cover. That extract provides antifungal and antimicrobial characteristics. It is an excellent way to prevent any bacteria from penetrating into the mattress, which maintains a maximum hygienic level over time.

Edge support

Edge support is a feature that many oversee, but it can play an important role in your comfort while sleeping. As the word suggests, it describes the mattress’ resistance around the edges. That is important because you don’t want the edges to get saggy once you get near them. If you get too close to the edge while sleeping, that might cause falling, which is not something you want happening.

Additionally, edge support can be important if you plan sitting on the edge of the mattress. That might be convenient for dressing up or putting your shoes on.

Optimal edge support guarantees that you don’t fall if you sit on it, but avoid doing this for too long. You don’t want a dip on the edge of your mattress.


AC Pacific is famous for manufacturing high-quality and durable mattresses. That is one of the reasons why this manufacturer is so popular on the market. Their warranties last anywhere from one to ten years. The durability depends on the specific product, but if you use it properly, any mattress can last for years. The premium models designed by this manufacturer can last for over a decade.

Your mattresses will arrive rolled-up in compact packaging. Make sure to unpack them right upon delivery and leave them to inflate. The required time for that depends on the model, but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to return to the initial form. It is important to mention that you shouldn’t test the mattress during its inflation time. That will ensure maximum durability and performance once you start using it.

Using it adequately and following the instructions is the way to make your mattress last longer. Make sure not to bounce on the bed, and don’t allow your children to do that either. Vacuum the mattress regularly, and flip it as specified in the instructions. If there are any stains, make sure to clean them right away. Additionally, you can deodorize the mattress by using baking soda.

Our Verdict

Let us remind you once again that the AC Pacific Aloe Vera Mattress is our favorite. It is an exceptionally durable and hygienic mattress made of Aloe Vera antimicrobial and antifungal textiles. It offers two thickness options and five available sizes. Each of them guarantees maximum comfort while providing excellent back support.

The AC Pacific 6” Foam Mattress 818-2 is a budget option that is six inches thick and is filled with high-density foam. It looks great and features a diamond pattern and gray-white color combination. The polyester used as a cover is waterproof, which makes the product a smart choice for parents with children.

The third suggestion in our AC Pacific mattresses reviews is the Charcogel Infused Memory Foam Mattress. Memory foam is certified for quality and durability, and the charcoal infusion helps to turn the excess heat away from your body. Ultimately, all these products are of excellent quality. That is why you should focus on finding the one that is a perfect fit for your needs!

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