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Last updated: September 10, 2022

Allswell Mattress Topper Review (Winter 2022)

Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Last updated: September 10, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Wicking away moisture
  • Promoting airflow in your bed
  • Transferring excess heat away from the body
Key features:
  • You need deep fitted bed sheets if you have a high mattress
  • Do not machine wash or dry
  • Spot cleaning with mild detergent and warm water is the ideal cleaning method
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  • Ease of use 9.6
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  • Maintenance 9.6
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Mattress toppers are a lifesaver in various ways. You can improve the quality of your mattress considerably by using a topper of your choice with the desirable features that you are after. The Allswell mattress topper is one of the popular brands in the market. It is a product from a reputable manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. When you go shopping, there are features that you ought to bear in mind to ensure that you get an ideal unit. In this Allswell Mattress topper review, we focus on the fundamental components of products in this category. We dive deep into the design elements that make this unit one of the best in the market. Material, design, and warranty are some of the features that we explore in this article. By the time you are done reading, you will be in a better position to decide on whether to buy this unit or not.


Sizes available
Full, Twin, Queen, King, Twin XL
Coolflow™ foam
3 inches
Spot clean with mild detergent and warm water, do not machine wash or machine dry
30-night risk-free trial

Allswell Mattress Topper Review

The Allswell mattress topper has numerous positive reviews on the wide web from previous buyers. The excellent contouring it offers the user is one of the notable features most people like about this unit. As we go into the intricate features, you will realize that this topper has an array of desirable features that are beneficial to you and other family members. Sleepers who experience severe night sweats can improve their sleeping experience considerably with the

Allswell mattress topper since the design and materials that the manufacturer uses work hand in hand to guarantee maximum comfort. The features we pay attention to include the warranty, maintenance, design, height, material, and the sizes available in the market.

Overall performance and functions

The Allswell mattress topper is one of the best in the market. The manufacturer uses top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to produce the units they release to the market. This contributes to the overall quality of the topper and also enhances its functionality. The topper we review herein contains an open cell memory foam infused with graphite. The foam allows for the free flow of air into the unit, and this helps the user enjoy their sleep. Other than promoting airflow, the foam also helps in wicking moisture away from the topper. This, coupled with the cooling graphite, facilitates the transfer of excess heat away from the body. If you are looking for a unit that will ensure you are comfortable irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions, you should consider this product.

Allswell Mattress Topper Review (Winter 2022)This product has different functions that you get to enjoy after acquisition. The primary use for most people is comfort. Toppers are ideal for solving any issues you have with your mattress regarding convenience without incurring the high cost of getting a new unit. If you want to improve the snugness of your bed, consider buying a mattress topper that costs less than a new mattress. Another essential function of this unit is regulating your body temperature.

The manufacturer uses materials that facilitate heat transfer away from the body, ensuring that you sleep well through the night. If you are after extra support, buying this Allswell mattress topper or any other in the market will help solve the issues at hand.

Numerous factors come into play when you are choosing a mattress topper. You ought to know the fundamental elements to review to ensure you get a suitable choice. Below are some of the critical features of the Allswell that we evaluate in this review. Before deciding on the appropriate topper to buy, ensure that you have all the necessary information on these components.


The material a manufacturer uses to make any product is an aspect you cannot overlook. The Allswell mattress topper is among units in this selection with sturdy construction and premium quality materials. The manufacturer uses open-cell memory foam to make the units they bring to consumers. The internal pocket in the structure of this foam facilitates the free flow of air through the topper, assuring the users of maximum comfort. Cooling graphite is another material that the producer uses to enhance the functionality of this unit. It plays a vital role in aiding the transfer of heat away from the body. This ensures that the users do not sweat excessively or experience uncomfortable high temperatures that can disrupt their sleep.


Height is another factor that you have to be keen on as it determines the compatibility of the unit you buy with your mattress and bed at home. The height for the Allswell mattress topper that we review here is three inches. Fitted bedsheets will help you secure your topper in place. Depending on the height of the topper and existing mattress, you may need deeper fitted sheets for the arrangement to work. You can measure the height of the mattress you have to make it easier for you to select the appropriate size of the topper to purchase.

When the unit you want lacks this information, do not assume. Ask the customer support team for details on the same before you place your order.


Manufacturers in the mattress or foam industry bring different alternatives to the market. Each of the variations present has unique features that you need to be aware of before choosing. The design for the Allswell mattress topper is straightforward because it does not have an assortment of additional features. The construction is for a functional unit allowing the users to enjoy maximum comfort. It features a single layer of open-cell foam memory infused with cooling graphite to guarantee the unit’s effectiveness in performing the various functions it has been designed for. The design of the mattress topper we assess herein is ideal for a host of settings. You can use it in your home or an RV. If you are unsure about any of the design elements, it is best to visit the manufacturer’s site for clarity. Ask the customer support staffs for information on everything you need to know before you put your money on the Novaform mattress topper or any other in the market.


You have to maintain your mattress topper to ensure it stays in mint condition for an extended period. The Allswell mattress topper is among those that come with a user’s manual. The instructions in the document are vital in helping you keep your topper in great shape. Proper use is something you have to adhere to if you want the unit to last for long. Another aspect regarding maintenance is cleaning the topper. The market has products that are machine washable while others are not. The Allswell mattress is not machine-friendly. Also, you cannot immerse it in water.

The manufacturer recommends spot cleaning when you want to remove stains, dust, and particles from the topper. Adhere to the instructions in the manual to ensure that you are doing the right thing to avoid damaging your topper.

Durability and warranty

Buying from a reputable manufacturer is one way to guarantee that the unit you buy is durable and will withstand long-term use. The materials a manufacturer uses dictate the quality of the product, while the craft determines the longevity. Other aspects will determine the durability of the unit as well. You should review all features related to the materials and the construction techniques that the producer uses to confirm whether the topper is durable or not. The warranty details are crucial, and you need to know what the manufacturer has to offer before buying their product. Producers with faith in their brand give more extended warranties than those who are not sure of the quality they are releasing to the market. The Allswwell mattress topper manufacturer offers a 30-day free trial period for you to evaluate the unit and decide if it solves your problems.

Price tag

Pricing is one thing that you cannot assume when you go out shopping for anything. The price tag for the item determines whether you will buy it or not. It is essential to have a budget when you go out shopping for a mattress topper. Allswell is among companies with competitive rates for all the items they bring to consumers. The topper we review in this article will cost you $79.00. This pricing is from the official website. Buying from other retailers may come at an added cost. When thinking about the price tag, do not forget the shipping charges. Confirm this detail before you place your order. Delivery to some regions costs more than the acquisition price. It is prudent to purchase from the official site or the authorized sellers.

Key features

Allswell Mattress Topper Review (Winter 2022)Toppers have numerous features that people review other than the ones that we discussed above. However, some are intricate as they affect the performance of the topper. The height, material, and design are some of the key features you have to pay attention to. Know the purpose of the topper you want before you go shopping. This will help you pick an alternative with the features that you are looking for. Before you place an order for any mattress topper you are interested in, read through the testimonials from previous users to familiarize yourself with the product.

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Allows for free flow of air
  • Durable construction
  • Graphite cooling technology
  • Temperature regulation
  • This product is unavailable in many online retailer stores


This Allswell Mattress topper review has all the necessary info on the product, including the pros and cons of the unit. Evaluate your needs to gauge whether a topper is ideal for your home or not. This manufacturer has various products in the market that may offer precisely what you are looking for.

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