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Last updated: October 09, 2022

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)

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Last updated: October 09, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Back, side, and combination sleepers
  • Couples who have different firmness taste
  • Classic memory foam fans
  • Memory foam mattress with three layers
  • Cover includes naturally cooling Celliant fiber
  • Also available in a hybrid version
  • 20-year warranty with a 100-night trial
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  • Value 9.7
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Amerisleep is a brand known for producing top-of-the-line sleep products in the industry. It has an entire line of mattresses going from AS1 at the firmest to AS5 at the softest. In this Amerisleep mattress review, we will take a look at the AS3 which is a medium mattress. We will also briefly touch up on the other AS range of Amerisleep mattresses, including the Organica mattress.


Foam (hybrid option available as well)
Materials used
Base HD Bio-Core foam, transitional HIVE transition layer, comforting Bio-Pur foam
Polyester, Celliant, and Spandex
Profile height
12 inches
Medium (6)
Sizes available
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
Country of manufacture
Sleep trial
100 nights

Amerisleep AS3 Review

What’s the Amerisleep like in terms of firmness, motion transfer, temperature regulation, and overall construction? In this section, we will try to answer these questions.

Overall Impressions

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress is the most popular model of the AS line of the brand because it has an acceptable moderate level of comfort for many sleeping positions. It is a universal mattress that is ideal for couples with different body types and stability preferences. It was ranked as one of the best mattresses to buy online by Allure magazine. The AS3 is 12 inches thick with an 3-inch Bio-Pur comfort layer, a 2-inch Affinity layer with HIVE technologies, as well as an 7 inches Bio-Core service foundation.

The layers of AS3 provide the perfect amount of compression to cushion the shoulder and hip joints when you sleep. In addition, this mattress has sufficient firmness to cradle and support the lumbar spine during sleep.

The AS3 is also available in a hybrid version. Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid, also called AS3H, features medium firmness and is ideal for back, side, and combination sleepers who prefer to feel a lot lively on the mattress instead of being cradled. This mattress has an 8 cm Bio-Pur comfort cover, a 7-inch coil spring support, and a foam base.

The coils of the AS3 Hybrid are zoned to provide the ideal degree of compression to every region of the human body. This base makes the mattress more flexible and allows it to support many different types of sleepers.

The AS3 Hybrid is ideal for back sleepers since the coil foundation is zoned to help the sleeper without causing stress points. This mattress offers back sleepers stress relief and a little bounce due to the innerspring foundation.

The AS3 Hybrid is a great mattress for side sleepers. The memory foam comfort layer forms in the joints to relieve pressure, while the stable coil base promotes a healthy sleeping posture.

Stomach sleepers should avoid medium-sized mattresses, as too much sleeping could force the spine into an awkward position and cause tension in the core muscles.


Again, the AS3 is designed as a medium-firm mattress. If you’re a back sleeper, you can move around and change positions easily a lot of times. But with memory foam, you can get stuck in a mattress. So, you may end up fighting to adjust your position. We don’t feel that at all on the AS3.

This mattress has a medium firmness but note that everyone can feel firmness a little bit differently, depending on body weight. Overall the AS3 does well on edge support with the lower layer, the firm high-density polyfoam, and the base layer holding up and supporting the sleeper’s weight.

Motion Transfer

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)People who share a bed or have children or pets with them shouldn’t worry about their sleep being disturbed. The memory foams and pocket springs (in the hybrid) can limit motion transfer. Memory foam is a slow response foam. Therefore, it’s a bit harder for motion to be transferred to the other side of the bed, in case you have a partner who tosses a lot while sleeping. So, you can rest peacefully no matter what is going on around you.

Temperature Regulation

Finally, we recommend this mattress if you’re worried about sleeping too hot. Oftentimes memory foam mattresses have a reputation for trapping too much body heat. However, Amerisleep uses quality materials (Celliant, especially) that help pull that heat away from your body and allow you to sleep a little bit cooler. Note that Celliant helps to regulate body temperature Trusted Source How It Works - CELLIANT | Global Leader In Infrared Performance Textiles while sleeping, according to the Sleep Foundation.

Pressure Relief

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)You wouldn’t feel pressure points forming at your hips and shoulders which can often be problem areas for side sleepers. So if you do sleep on your side a little bit or change positions a bit during the night and you’re not a heavier sleeper.

You don’t have to worry too much about the pressure relief on the AS3. When you press into the mattress, the initial feel is that memory foam top layer. The comfort layer provides some pressure relief and some contouring. You’ll start to feel the transitional support layer as you press into the material beneath it.


This bed has less bounce than the hybrid model due to its lack of individual springs. Memory foam mattresses aren’t well-performing in the area of bounce as memory foam reacts slowly. If you want a bouncy mattress, choose the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid. This bed would be ideal for couples or people with reduced mobility.


What’s the AS3 made from? What type of foam is the mattress made of and what is the cover made of? How many layers does the filling have? Here are the answers!


The Amerisleep AS3 is an all-foam mattress made of three layers, totaling 12 inches in height. The cover is made of polyester, Celliant, and spandex. Meanwhile, the foam layers consist of the base HD Bio-Core foam, a transitional HIVE transition layer, and a comforting Bio-Pur foam.

The comfort layer up top is three inches of memory foam. It responds slowly to pressure. The memory foam is great for pressure relief. It’s going to allow you to sink into the mattress a little bit and give some contouring to your body.

The memory foam is great for cooling. Traditional memory foam has a reputation for trapping a little too much body heat. But they have an open-celled structure that’s going to help you sleep a little bit cooler.

There’s a transition layer which is two inches of poly foam. Thanks to the airflow it allows, it’s going to help with temperature regulation and cooling. It will make sure you don’t overheat while you’re sleeping. This is a little bit firmer, reacts quicker to pressure, and acts as a transition layer going from the top layer of memory foam.

It’s soft and will let you sink in a bit. The transition layer poly foam to the high-density poly foam responds quickly to pressure. It’s very firm.

The foundational support of the mattress is going to give the mattress its shape and then some durability to the structure as a whole.


Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)The mattress has three layers. Here’s what they are and how they work:

Comfort Layer

The first foam layer is an 8cm comfort layer of Bio-Pur memory foam. It is a natural foam that is more responsive than normal memory foam. It returns to its original shape immediately once the pressure is relieved so you don’t feel stuck by the mattress. It is more porous than normal memory foam, which allows for much better air circulation and therefore cooler sleep. Due to the way Bio-Pur memory foam is made, it only includes a small number of petrochemicals inside. The layered density is perfect at 4 PCF.

Transition Layer

The second layer is a transition Affinity layer of 1.65 PCF density foam (aka polyfoam). This uses Amerisleeps’ proprietary Surface Modification Technology (SMT), described as HIVE look. HIVE foam (Harnessing that Intelligent Ventilation and Energy) is created in a hexagonal shape, identical to a honeycomb.

This layer provides five zones of varying density. This is achieved by using smaller hexagonal cells (and therefore increased density). The cells are a bit larger, and so close together, to provide much-needed extra support (head, back, and thighs) and larger cells where extra cushioning is needed (buttocks, knees, and shoulders.)

This setup will help keep your spine in its natural shape and thus help prevent or relieve neck and lower back pain. Its open-cell structure also leads to the cooling power of this Amerisleep AS3 mattress.

Support Layer

The final layer is a 7-inch layer. It is the proprietary 1.8 PCF Bio-core high-density foam. This supports the majority of your body weight while the layered layers provide relaxation. It is made with plant material.

If you prefer some sort of inner springs from the AS3, the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress is perfect.

Like all Tempur-Pedic Adapt, the Amerisleep AS3 also offers a hybrid version. The Amerisleep AS3H replaces the support layer with separately packaged steel springs. Young couples often prefer this mattress because of its bounce and comfort. The hybrid models have the same depth as the foam variants.


Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)The cover is a soft blend of polyester, Celliant, and spandex. It’s very stretchy and snaps back into place when you tug on it. It’s very breathable and the Celliant material helps it be a little cool to the touch. Also, there are some studies out there that show that Celliant is good for recovery.


The mattress contains no toxic chemicals and is certified by CertiPUR-US to be free of hazardous or toxic materials like heavy metals, ozone-depleting, formaldehyde, phthalates, or other potentially dangerous compounds.

It is also GREENGUARD certified, indicating that it has passed strict emissions criteria. This usually means that there should only be a faint chemical smell coming out of the mattress. This can be found out when you unbox the mattress and put the mattress down.

But it dries quickly and can be much less powerful than in most other foam mattresses. The Amerisleep AS3 and AS3H foam mattresses are also safety certified by OEKO-Tex.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

Amerisleep offers an excellent warranty and a trial period. All Amerisleep mattresses include a 20-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. You receive a full replacement for the first ten years at no cost and with free shipping. The next 10 years are prorated: after 10 years, you pay a particular amount to have a new mattress for a replacement. This is a great guarantee, although the mattress must not be damaged or soiled at all. You also get a 100-night trial period during which you can return the mattress for a full refund: no shipping costs for the set.

Key Features

The AS3 is a comfortable foam mattress that’s embedded with a lot of comfort technology. Below are some of the main features of the mattress.

  • Cover includes naturally cooling celliant fiber: Celliant fabric absorbs body heat and then changes the wavelength of light heat and expands it into infrared energy which is reabsorbed by the body. This, therefore, dilates the blood vessels, which improves blood circulation, improves tissue oxygenation, and regulates cells in the human body. This procedure results in a net loss of body heat, keeping you cool on hot nights. It can keep you cool in case you obviously tend to get hot in bed.
  • Also available in hybrid version: The Amerisleep mattress is also available in a hybrid version. Here, the foam support layer is replaced by separately packaged steel springs, and young couples often prefer this mattress because of its bounce and comfort.
  • Good edge support: The Edge support is excellent for a 100% polyurethane mattress. The construction is nicely placed together to provide decent support both over the entire body of this bed and on its edges. It’s not the best, but better than you might expect from a memory foam mattress.
  • 20-year warranty with 100-night trial: There’s a 100 night trial period and a 20-year warranty. In addition, shipping is free to the United States and it will arrive compressed in a box.

Who Should Get This Mattress?

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)We would recommend this mattress to those who’re looking for that classic memory foam feeling but don’t want to feel like they’re getting stuck in a mattress.

The comfort layer is three inches of memory foam which allows you to sink into the mattress a little bit for some pressure relief. However, you’ll be able to move around on the mattress without too much interference. We would also recommend this mattress if you sleep in multiple positions.

Again, the AS3 is the medium firmness level of the Amerisleep line, meaning that you should feel a lot comfortable on your back, on your stomach, and your side as long as your sleeping preferences aren’t too specific.

For medium-weight sleepers, a mid-firm mattress such as the AS3 provides the ideal level of comfort and support. This mattress is soft enough to reduce pressure points but firm enough to keep the hips from throbbing and forcing the spine to tilt.

Side sleepers need a soft mattress to cradle and protect the shoulder and hip joints against pressure. But an excessive amount of depression can induce spinal misalignment. A moderately firm mattress such as the AS3 is ideal for side sleepers.

AS3 is probably too soft for stomach sleepers. Medium memory foam can do a lot of penetration into the hips and cause the spine to tilt. This can lead to a buildup of stress and tension in the core muscles.

  • Also available in a hybrid version
  • Mattress contains no toxic chemicals
  • Good edge support
  • Naturally cooling cover
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard
  • It’s one-sided and cannot be reversed
  • Poor bounce; not too great for lovemaking

Other Amerisleep Mattress Options

Amerisleep is all about giving options to its customers. As we said earlier, the AS3 is only one of the five mattresses in Amerisleep’s AS range. In this section, we’ll briefly look at the AS1, AS2, AS4, AS5, including the Organica mattress.

AS1 Mattress

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)The Amerisleep AS1 is the firmest version of Amerisleep’s range. It is perhaps the best for sleeping on the stomach. The mattress is 10 inches tall and contains a 2-inch Bio-Pur layer and an 8-inch Bio-Core layer. Its ultra-firm texture offers virtually no sacrifice, so sleepers tend not to be as likely to sink into it. On the other hand, the Bio-Pur layer can be flexible enough to reduce pressure points around the joint. This level of stability ensures that the shoulders stay raised and aligned using the shoulders to achieve a healthy sleeping posture so that the muscles can relax fully.

Who Should Get It?

Back sleepers that want a very firm mattress may find this mattress comfortable and inviting. The mattress will get back sleepers to be lifted onto the mattress instead of cradling them, making the excessive sinking unlikely.

The AS1 may be too hard for side sleepers. Mattresses for those who do side sleeping must be light to moderate in firmness to ensure that stress points do not form around the shoulder and hip joints.

The AS1 is ideal for those who sleep on their stomach. This is because the mattress’s firmness prevents the buttocks and shoulders from getting sunk into the bed. Firm mattresses reduce the curvature of the spine and help relieve the buildup of tension.


  • Perfect for back and stomach sleepers
  • 10-inch profile height
  • Extra-firm texture
  • Supporting Bio-Core base prevents sagging


  • Too hard for side sleepers

AS2 Mattress

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)The AS2 features a 12-inch profile height. It has a 2-inch comfort Bio-Pur layer, a 3-inch Affinity layer with HIVE technologies, as well as a 7-inch Bio-Core foam layer. The layers help your lumbar spine and are also flexible to cushion your joints and protect against stress build-up.

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid includes a mid-firm comfort level, which will be their firmest hybrid version. This material is ideal for back sleepers who want a more floating mattress, much like a conventional padded mattress.

The AS2 Hybrid is also 12-inch thick and has a 3-inch Bio-Pur layer, a 2-inch Affinity layer with HIVE technologies, an 8-inch spring foundation, and a 3cm base foam layer. While this mattress has a medium-firm texture, the box spring gives it a little bounce, which is great for keeping the hips lifted and aligned.

Who Should Get It?

AS2 is a good mattress for back sleeping. Affinity foam, which uses HIVE technology retains evenly dispersed body weight to stop spinal misalignment. Those who sleep on the back will have a safe and aligned backbone on the mattress.

The AS2 may feel too hard for those who sleep on their sides. When sleeping on the side, the shoulders and hips require additional contour to avoid stress points.

Even though the mattress is moderately firm, it might be too sensitive for belly sleepers. Extra-firm mattresses will be able to reduce the spine curvature and relieve tension.

AS2 Hybrid is a wonderful alternative for back sleepers. Firm comfort spring and layered spring base keep the bodyweight evenly dispersed, so the spine isn’t made to tilt.

The AS2 Hybrid might be too hard for side sleepers. With the AS2 Hybrid, the Bio-Pur comfort layer has less flexibility, so it can lead to pressure points near the buttocks and shoulders of both side sleepers.

We usually suggest an extra-firm mattress, such as the AS1, for stomach sleepers. On the other hand, the mix of solid comfort foam and a spring coil on the AS2 Hybrid can work well for side sleepers.


  • Ideal for people with the back pain
  • 30 cm profile with a medium-firm texture
  • HIVE technology helps the lumbar spine and prevents pressure points


  • Not the best for stomach sleepers

AS4 Mattress

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)The AS4 mattress features a 4-inch comfort layer which is the Bio-Pur foam. This helps to cushion while also protecting the joints at pressure points. Its Affinity foam with the HIVE technology helps prevent excessive sinking and the feeling of getting stuck in.

So that its soft layers won’t sag or create indentations, 7 inches of Amerisleep’s durable Bio-Core supportive foam, rests on the base of the mattress. This layer helps stimulate spinal alignment while relieving muscle tension.

Who Should Get It?

Amerisleep AS4 is the best option for side sleeping. AS4 may however be too sensitive for those who sleep on their back. When the buttocks sink far into the mattress, the spine tilts and contributes to the build-up of tension in the core muscles.

The mattress is ideal for light and side sleepers as the Bio-Pur layer help cushion and cradle the joints. In addition, the softness of the mattress will also help the lumbar spine.

The mattresses are not an option for belly sleepers. The mattress is very flexible and easily compresses, which can cause additional sagging when the belly is sleeping. It will then make the spine get misaligned.


  • It has a high profile
  • Medium soft texture
  • The comfort layer makes it ideal for side sleepers
  • Stable Bio-Core foundation prevents indentations and spinal misalignment


  • Not for stomach sleepers

AS5 Mattress

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)The AS5 mattress is a good option for light and side sleepers who want more contour and stress relief. The mattress features a relatively high 14-inch profile. This consists of a 3-inch Bio-Pur layer, 2-inch Active Flex layer, 2-inch Affinity foam layer with HIVE technologies, plus a base of 7-inch Bio-Core foam.

In the event of poor sleep, the shoulders and hips bear our weight. When the mattress is built to be too firm, pressure will build up and may lead to what’s called sore spots. So, light sleepers need soft mattresses for contour.

Even though the AS5 mattress is tender and adaptable, its transition later which is the Active Flex prevents spinal alignment and over sinking, so you will wake up with far lesser pain.

The Amerisleep AS5, with a 14-inch profile height and medium-firm texture, is ideal for back sleepers and those with back pain. It includes a small bounce just like a padded mattress.

The AS5 Hybrid is Amerisleeps’ smoothest hybrid model. It is ideal for thicker sleepers who prefer a plush mattress. The AS5 Hybrid comes with a 3-inch Bio-Pur layer, a 2-inch Active Flex layer, 2-inch Affinity foam layer, and a 7-inch support base.

The soft Bio-Pur comfort layer cradles and cushions the joints. It has an ultra-soft texture with a little bounce. It’s perfect for heavier people who prefer a soft mattress without excess sinking.

Who Should Get It?

Back sleepers generally need a firm mattress that can keep their buttocks elevated and stay aligned to the shoulders. So a very soft mattress such as the AS5 might be too unforgiving for those who sleep on their back.

The AS5 is ideal for side sleeping. As the Bio-Pur foam layer works by cradling the shoulders and hips, the Active Flex helps prevent spinal misalignment.

Much like AS4, AS5 can cause misalignment when you’re asleep on your belly. It will not be easy for the shoulders and wrists to stay aligned when the stomach is sleeping on a moderately soft mattress.

Even though most soft mattresses tend to induce too much sinking and spinal misalignment, the AS5 Hybrid has a little bounce to protect against this. The coil spring base and Active Flex layer keep resting sleepers in a safe and comfortable sleeping position.

The AS5H is also great for side sleepers because the soft comfort layer hugs the joints to relieve pressure points. The Active Flex transitional layer and spiral floating base also promote a safe and neutral spine.

The AS5H could be too soft for sleepers who like to be on their stomach. If the shoulders or hips sink too far into the mattress, the spine tilts and contributes to pressure build-up.


  • Includes a super-soft comfort layer
  • Ideal for side sleepers and light people
  • Lively transition layer promotes safe and healthy spine spot


  • Not an option for stomach sleepers

Organica Mattress

Amerisleep Mattress Review: Most Popular A3 Bed and More (Winter 2022)The Amerisleep Organica mattress is very different from other Amerisleep beds. So, we have broken down their layers in more detail below.

Cover: The cover is a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric made from New Zealand Joma wool. This acts as a natural flame retardant without chemicals.

Comfort layer: The comfort layer is an 4 inches of Talalay latex. Natural latex is generally processed in two ways: Talalay or Dunlop. Talalay has a softer feel and includes polyurethane fillers to give it that memory foam quality.

Coil layer: There are 8 inches of pocket springs for a balance between support and responsiveness

Base foam: The base foam consists of Dunlop latex. Dunlop does not include polyurethane fillers, and as a result, it’s a firmer feel. In addition, the Dunlop material is organic.

Finally, the Amerisleep Organica mattress is waterproof, GOTS licensed, eco-INSTITUT licensed, and much more.

Who Should Get It?

The Organica as its name suggests is an organic mattress that will be perfect for people who want hypoallergenic mattresses. It has no off-gassing smell. It’s perfect for those who have sensitivities to some materials.

Organica also has a balanced medium firmness. So, it is ideal for back, side, and combination sleepers.


  • Fire barrier material
  • Durable, comfortable, and breathable
  • No off-gassing smell
  • Made for everyone


  • Not for sleepers with latex allergy
  • High price tag


All Amerisleep mattresses are designed to match unique sleepers, so there is no better mattress. The AS3, as we highlighted in the Amerisleep mattress review, is the best-selling bed because of its medium feel that appeals to side sleepers, combination sleepers, and couples. If you want to try out a hybrid and softer bed, the AS5 Hybrid is a choice. Some customers may worry about overheating, so they may go with the Organica, which is a fantastic organic and eco-friendly mattress.

Everyone has their favorite mattress to sleep and understanding what that is will help you choose the perfect mattress. We recommend sleeping on your back and sides as they provide maximum support for your hips and spine. The AS3 will be suitable for these types of sleepers.


How It Works - CELLIANT | Global Leader In Infrared Performance Textiles
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