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Pat McBride has spent over 25 years as a Dental Sleep Medicine Implementation Specialist and has extensive experience in managing dental and sleep medicine practices across the country. She has a BA, is a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) and is on the Board of Directors American Association of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry. She is also a guest lecturer at NYU Department of Continuing Education Medicine and Dentistry, lectures for Sleepimage on Cardiopulmonary coupling across the country  partnering MD's with DDS's to provide a higher level of patient centric care, and has recently had a cohort study published on the merits of using CPC as a means by which clinicians can track sleep quality index  improvement in oral appliance patients.

Why So Sad?

Why so sad

I have always loved the rain! The first droplets heralded an immediate dash for wellies and umbrella followed by an immediate exit to the yard. Living in California, there were no worries about getting soaked to the skin or sick, we simply had a blast jumping into puddles and splashing around. As far as my mom was concerned, with six children under 12 years old cooped up, God had made us waterproof, “Everyone out! Go have fun, and don’t traipse water across the floors when you come in.” Every kid should have it so hard.

That was then, this is now.  Days and days of dark, wet or cold weather can affect adults and children negatively, and I realized how serious this could be when I visited a friend in Seattle over the Christmas holiday one year. Seattle is a beautiful city with great shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, and one of the most stunning Christmas trees in city center I had ever seen in my life.

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Daymare? Nightmare? Sleep And How It Affects Shiftworkers

The 9 to 5 workday has become a thing of the past for most Americans. More than 25 million people in this country work either afternoon/ night shifts, split shifts, or as in the case of first responders, medical personnel and factory workers, revolving shifts which are almost never the same from week to week.  Needless to say, these kinds of working hours severely affect family and social time, and frustrate workers on a regular basis. More importantly, shift workers physical health and psychiatric wellbeing can suffer due to altered sleep cycles.

It is extremely difficult to get the sleep needed to perform at optimal levels on the job when your sleep cycle is constantly changed or interrupted. Shift workers number one complaint to management is chronic and unending tiredness/fatigue. If you are chronically tired on the job, it pretty well correlates that your ability to focus and attend to work is compromised, and the risk of having an on the job accident is greatly increased.

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Is Watchful Waiting In the Best Interest of the Child?


Children with sleep apnea syndrome who have their tonsils and adenoids removed sleep better, are less restless and impulsive, and live a generally happier and better quality of life. A new study by  the National Institutes of Health concludes that children  trapped in the cycle of watchful waiting regarding tonsil and adenoid care (usually mandated by insurance companies) suffer unnecessarily from incorrect diagnosis of attention deficit disorders, anxiety disorders, and are medicated for multiple behavioral disorders, when in fact they have sleep disordered breathing often caused by enlarged tonsils and adenoids.  

“This study provides data that can help parents and providers make more informed decisions about treating children with this disorder, and it identifies additional areas of research, according to Susan Shurin, MD.

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