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Last updated: September 11, 2022

Awara Mattress Review: Eco-friendly and Comfortable (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: September 11, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Fans of eco-friendly mattresses
  • Overheated sleepers
  • Back sleepers
  • Young couples who want a bouncy bed
Key features:
  • Natural and organic cotton and New Zealand wool
  • Temperature neutral latex material
  • Includes individually wrapped coils
  • Forever warranty and a 365-night trial
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  • Value 9.5
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Imagine if you could have all the benefits of a hybrid, latex, and eco-friendly mattress in one product. It’s possible. This option is available through the Awara mattress. You can be sure that it is safe for the environment and your health.

The mattress is sold by Awara, a bed-in-a-box brand, which launched in 2018. Awara currently sells its mattress online, using a direct-to-consumer business model.

This hybrid mattress combines the best qualities of a green, latex, and hybrid mattress at a fraction of the price of all three.

In the Awara mattress review, you’ll find out more updated and unbiased evaluative information on the two models of mattresses sold by the brand – that is, the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid and the Awara Premier Latex Hybrid.


Materials used
Dunlop latex, 100% organic New Zealand wool, individually wrapped coils
Organic cotton
Profile height
10 inches
Luxury firm (7.0)
Sizes available
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Sleep trial
365 nights

Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review

Do you want to live a more sustainable life and reduce your environmental footprint? You can make the most of your current situation by purchasing an organic and eco-friendly mattress. Awara is a promising option. It is a combination of organic and natural materials which can help keep Mother Nature healthy and happy. In the rest of the review, we’ll see what the mattress looks like in firmness, motion transfer, temperature regulation, pressure relief, bounce, and overall construction.

Overall Impressions

The Awara is shipped to you rolled and compressed. It may take a few hours before you can lie on it. The four handles sewn on each side make it easy to assemble. It is easier to use on any sturdy base, such as slatted platforms or adjustable bases.

Awara’s sophisticated and clean look should make any bedroom stand out. The plush mattress cover has a luxurious and soft feel thanks to its organic cotton and New Zealand wool blend. The refreshing 4-inch Dunlop latex should hug your curves while the individually pocketed coils will support your spine.

The profile height is 10 inches and the mattress has a zoned support thanks to its system of pocket springs. It supports your hips and shoulders while supporting your back, legs, and shoulders. It relieves the whole body of pressure points and properly aligns your spine. It also means that your body won’t feel any pressure points when you stand up.

Although it is made of latex, its top layer is less consistent with other all-foam models. The performance of the bed in this area is affected by the latex used. It’s not the bed’s fault. Latex is more flexible than memory foam, but it is not as conformable as memory foam.

However, it is not economical. Awara is a higher-priced brand. This premium hybrid, with its premium latex, is offered at a more competitive price than what you would find at a mattress retailer.


Awara Mattress Review: Eco-friendly and Comfortable (Fall 2022)The Awara mattress has a firmness score of 7. This score is based on the opinions of users and experts, as well as on the information provided by the brand on its website. It would give you the feeling of Luxury Firm or just Firm. The firmness of the mattress means it can support and comfort anyone lying on their stomach, back or side. This score is calculated using the industry standard 1-10 scale. 1 being the softest, 10 being the firmest. There is a consensus that a rating of 7 to 5.5 is the ideal level of firmness. It gives all types of sleepers the right feeling. Firmness is still subjective. You may have a different preference than your partner, for example.

This mattress will be more beneficial for stomach and back sleepers who are heavier. Side sleepers who are heavier and stomach sleepers who are of average weight can expect to have a pleasant experience with this one. However, lighter side sleepers may not find it too firm.

The surface of the New Zealand wool makes it soft and gives it some cushioning, but the coils and latex give it a bit of flexibility.

Motion Transfer

It’s best to choose a model that reduces or eliminates motion transfer if you’re likely to be awakened by sudden, frequent, and/or unexpected changes to your sleep pattern. This can affect the quality of your sleep by making it difficult to fall asleep when you need to. It can be difficult to fall back to sleep if you’ve been disturbed.

When it comes to limiting movement, memory foam is superior to latex foam. That doesn’t mean that this eco-friendly latex hybrid is incapable of isolating movement. It has some absorption of movement but it’s not as good as memory foam in this sense. This shouldn’t be a problem if you sleep on your own or almost like a log.

However, you have to consider motion isolation if a co-sleeping partner, child, sibling, or pet is involved. The Awara mattress reduces the transfer of movement through the bed. However, you will still feel the movement on your side of the bed a bit. Depending on how your partner moves, the impact of your movement can be big or small.Awara Mattress Review: Eco-friendly and Comfortable (Fall 2022)

Temperature Regulation

Awara’s hybrid mattress is a temperature regulating model, thanks to the latex material and the cover materials. The design of the springs with pockets / independently closed allows air to circulate freely between the layers. This basic system gives the bed its shape and keeps it ventilated.

The latex foam acts as a layer of comfort and improves breathability. This is possible because latex foam has an open-cell structure. The latex foam is also natural. It does not contain synthetic latex and is not mixed.

According to some reports, natural latex is cooler than its synthetic or blended counterparts. You can rest assured that this bed will give you a cool night’s sleep. This is especially important if your sleeping temperature is high.

However, this mattress is unique in that it can neutralize temperature. It keeps you warm when the air is cold, like in winter. This is called thermal neutrality. This function can be attributed to the organic wool of the cover.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is a great way to relieve aches and pains. It can also help you feel refreshed and ready to face the day. The plush Euro-top, which wraps around the body for comfort, is Awara’s first approach to pressure relief. Dunlop latex foam conforms to the curves of your body.

Dunlop latex foam, thick enough to support the spine, is also tough. However, the foam provides the true center of support and provides quality stability while retaining bounce. These coils are individually wrapped so that they can be compressed independently and provide head-to-toe support. This creates a balance between supporting the spine and relieving the hips and shoulders.

Certified by the Rainforest Alliance, this natural material will conform to your curves and relieve pressure points. Latex foam is known for its bounce, breathability, and contour.

Edge Support

The Awara mattress looks solid if you just look at it. It doesn’t look like it will collapse in a few years. It is very strong and can be seen from close inspection. The solidity is shown in the individually wrapped coils.

This feature has one advantage: you can use the entire surface of the bed. If this is your favorite way to roll, you and your partner won’t be afraid to lie down near the edges.

The edges are strong and stable, so you won’t experience any falls. Sitting on the sides will not be a problem. You can trust the combined strength and stability of latex, the internal springs, and the cotton and wool cover. You won’t notice any compression at the edges. A mattress with good edge support can help ensure its durability.


The Awara mattresses are ideal for people who like to bounce. The combination of latex and springs creates a dynamic experience for sleepers. This is great for couples who are sexually active, but it can also be very useful for those who sleep together and want to make repositioning easier.


What’s inside this luxury boxed mattress? In this section, we’ll tell you what the materials are, from layer to layer.


Awara Mattress Review: Eco-friendly and Comfortable (Fall 2022)The filling of the mattress consists of Dunlop latex and individually wrapped spring coils. Then, the cover is derived from organic cotton and New Zealand wool.

The mattress has only two layers, with the first layer consisting of Dunlop Latex. Below you will find a high individually wrapped coil system. This internal spring promotes air circulation and reduces motion transfer. Due to its thickness, it is durable and stable.

The mattress is firm enough to be enjoyed by all types of sleepers. The Edge Support is there to give you a comfortable nap and more sleeping area.


Natural and breathable cotton is used to cover the surface. The cover also includes natural New Zealand wool. This wool will not only provide surface comfort but should also help wick away heat and moisture. The 10 inches mattress below is covered by this luxurious cover.

The first and base layers: The mattress is filled with organic and all-natural Dunlop latex transition layer. This soft, durable material provides comfort by conforming to the sleeper’s body and encourages surface bounce for easy repositioning.

The mid-layer: Premium coils are used as the second layer. This provides a deeper rebound, supports and aligns the body. The individually wrapped coils compress in varying amounts to target certain areas of the body. This creates a neutral sleeping position and distributes the weight evenly over the surface. A row of reinforced perimeter coils is used to support more weight on the sides for more edge support.


Awara Mattress Review: Eco-friendly and Comfortable (Fall 2022)The mattress is covered with cotton and wool sourced from New Zealand. According to the company, it is also certified organic. We are unable to find the name and organization of the certification body. It is generally referred to as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Wool has a reputation for removing body heat. It does a lot more. Wool keeps you warm in winter and cools you down in summer.

An organic cotton cover composed of handles and laid flat on the sides of the panels is used to wrap the diapers. The fire retardant material is chemical-free and protects both sides of the bed. It is safe for you, your partner, or co-sleeper in accordance with Awara’s mission.


The mattress is Rainforest Alliance Certified. This certification means that the natural latex has been sourced responsibly and produced sustainably. It also guarantees ethical manufacturing by ensuring traceability from the factory to the forest. Also, the mattress is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). There is no lead or formaldehyde content in the mattress.

Awara as a brand doesn’t have quite as many certifications as some of its competitors but the bottom line is if you’re interested in a more natural organic and eco-friendly product, the Awara mattresses are pretty solid options.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

The sleep trial period of the Awara mattress lasts 365 nights or one year. This is the longest and most important trial period in the industry. It is much longer than the 90-120 days which are popularized by bed in a box brands.

Awara is not like other brands and does not require a break-in before you can request a return or exchange. You can chat with the brand to discuss the logistics of returning your order.

You will not be charged to return your mattress. The mattress will be returned with a full refund. If you decide to keep your product, you will get a lifetime warranty. To better understand the warranty terms, visit the company’s website. The warranty cannot be transferred.


Latex mattresses are known for being expensive. However, Awara found a way to lower the price. This eco-friendly bed is affordable for a wide range of customers. The mattress is also one of the most affordable latex or hybrid mattresses. If you buy during the holidays or promotional sales, you can get a discount on your purchase.

If you still find the price too high, financing may be an option. Awara and Affirm are teaming up to give you 3, 6, or 12-month monthly payment options. There is a simple process that you can follow on Awara to verify your eligibility. To complete the prequalification, you will need to create an Affirm account and provide some details.

Key Features

Below are some of the key features you’ll come across with the mattress:

  • Natural and organic cover

The luxurious mattress cover is made from organic cotton and New Zealand wool and provides comfort and instantly hugs your curves.

  • Bed in a box

Awara is delivered to your door by contactless delivery. It arrives rolled and compressed in a weatherproof packaging. The four handles are easy to use and setup should be quick.

  • Temperature neutral latex and moisture-wicking New Zealand wool

Breathable cotton, moisture-wicking New Zealand wool, and breathable New Zealand wool allow trapped heat to escape. Temperature neutral latex keeps heat from building up overnight. The bed should have sufficient air circulation to wick away perspiration, thanks to its individually pocketed springs.

  • Excellent Support Edge

Awara Mattress Review: Eco-friendly and Comfortable (Fall 2022)Solid edges keep the sleeper level and comfortable while sleeping on the bed. A bed without reinforcement can give the impression that you are going to fall to the ground. Awara’s reinforced edges provide a safe sleeping environment.

  • Great Motion Isolation

It isolates enough from your partner’s movement given the bounce of this bed. The springs of this mattress are not like the coil beds of yesteryear. They are individually pocketed and separated from each other. These coils will isolate your movement so it doesn’t disturb your partner’s sleep.

  • High rebound

The combination of latex and springs of this bed gives it a lot of bounce, which is ideal for sexually active couples and those with limited mobility.

  • Eco-conscious materials

Awara’s bed is one of the most ecological on the market. It is made from natural and organic materials, water-based adhesives, silica-based flame retardants, and has several eco-certifications.

  • Compatible with Adjustable Base

This bed can be used with any sturdy base including adjustable platforms, box springs, and slat platforms.

  • Forever warranty and a 365-night trial

The customers have a 365 nights trial that allows them to test the bed and decide whether or not to continue using it. This product also comes with an everlasting warranty, rare in the industry.

Who Should Get This Mattress?

Awara Hybrid Latex promises luxurious nights of sleep and doesn’t disappoint. Below are those we think the mattress will be suitable for Trusted Source Mattress Quiz: Find the Best Mattress for You Take our five-question quiz to get mattress recommendations made just for you, plus mattress shopping basics to get you started. :

  • Back sleepers: Awara only has one firmness option, so it may not be able to accommodate all types of sleepers. It can accommodate back sleepers of all sizes and weights, but lighter side sleepers may not find it comfortable enough. It will take some time to get the perfect firmness.
  • Young couples: The mattress is ideal for people who like to bounce. The combination of latex and springs creates a dynamic experience for sleepers. This is great for couples who are sexually active, but it can also be very useful for those who sleep together and want to make repositioning easier.
  • Fans of eco-friendly mattresses: It’s also an option for those who want to buy a green mattress. Although this product is more expensive than brands that use different materials, it offers a lot of value. These certifications are a sign of the company’s commitment to being greener. The plush cover is made from organic cotton and natural wool and contains Rainforest certified latex.
  • Overheated sleepers: Latex is a cool, natural sleeping material. It is also breathable due to the pinholes in its pores. The soft cover is also silky and cool, which helps regulate temperature for those who sleep warm.
  • Ideal for big sleepers
  • Perfect for couples who need a bouncy bed
  • Made of natural and eco-friendly material
  • Hypoallergenic mattress
  • Includes coils for edge support
  • High durability
  • One year of night trial with forever warranty
  • A bit expensive than mattresses made with other non-latex materials
  • Brand still relatively new into business

Other Awara Mattress Options

The Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress is not the only mattress offered by Awara. It also offers the Premier Latex Hybrid which is a softer but thicker version. Here’s how they compare.

Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress Awara Premier Latex Hybrid Mattress
Type Hybrid Hybrid
Firmness Luxury firm (7.0) Medium firm (6.5)
Materials and construction Dunlop latex, 100% organic New Zealand wool, individually wrapped coils, organic cotton cover Dunlop latex, 100% organic New Zealand wool, individually wrapped coils, organic cotton cover
Profile height 10 inches 12 inches
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Sleep trial 365 nights 365 nights
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime

The new Awara bed looks quite similar to the original. So, is it worth it spending more money on the Premier or just sticking to the old and proven one? Let’s compare both mattresses.

Awara Premier Latex Hybrid Mattress

Awara Mattress Review: Eco-friendly and Comfortable (Fall 2022)Before now, there was only one version of Awara and it is a latex hybrid. However, the Premier and the Natural Luxury are still latex hybrids. They look quite similar in construction. Same sizes, warranty, and guarantee, except for the firmness and profile height.

With these two beds, you shouldn’t get much of that off-gassing chemical smell you can sometimes get with other mattresses. This is because both beds are made with more natural materials and they should be able to inflate and reach their proper firmness level a lot more quickly than some other beds out there.

Once either bed arrives at your door you get a trial period of 365 nights. That’s an entire year to sleep on it at home to decide if you enjoy the mattress. At any point, except for the first 30 days of that trial period, you can return it and get a full refund which is fantastic. But should you decide to keep the beds, both versions come with a forever warranty.

We do recommend if you decide to purchase the mattress to read that warranty; it’s surprisingly short and there are a few things in there like what kind of foundations the bed can be used with. Spoiler alert! It can be used on pretty much any foundation but it’s still worth checking out if you decide to purchase the mattress.

Both the original Awara and the Awara Premier are latex hybrids. This means that for its support base, you’re going to have eight inches of pocketed coils on both.

Instead of being one big interconnected unit, the coils are individually wrapped and then lightly woven together so they isolate motion a lot better while providing the same level of support. Having coils means both beds are just going to be a bit bouncier and more responsive than some other beds made with foam and that means they’re going to be a good option for heavier individuals.

We always recommend anyone in the 250-pound range to get a coil mattress like this because of the added long-term support and durability.

On both beds is natural Dunlop latex foam. Latex foam is pretty unique when it comes to online beds. Most beds use polyurethane-based foams. However, latex is naturally derived from the sap of a rubber tree, and a lot of brands that try and have more eco-friendly mattresses opt for latex foam for this reason.

Now the latex foam used in both versions of Awara is Rainforest Alliance certified.

And then if we’re looking at the construction, the only real difference between the original Awara and the Awar Premier is that the Awara Premier features an additional two inches of latex foam. This is why the Premier is two inches taller. Despite this, the feel of both mattresses are going to be quite similar.

The feel of the latex foam is almost the exact opposite of memory foam. On a memory foam bed, you sink into it and when you relieve pressure from it, it’s very slow to go back to its original shape. Now with latex foam, it’s responsive and it’s bouncy so you get a lot of comforts and cushioning with a latex foam bed. But you don’t sink into it much and you get almost a buoyant feel on both mattresses.

The additional latex foam used in the Awara Premier will be a major factor when it comes to firmness and sleeper types.

Who Should Get It?

We found the firmness of the original to be at a medium firm on our firmness scale which means it’s going to be most ideal for back stomach and combination sleepers. Latex foam beds in particular are great for combination sleepers because it is so easy to rotate between sleeping positions.

The Awara Premier on the other hand is going to be noticeably softer. We have it somewhere between a medium and a medium firm.

So it’s going to open up to some side sleepers as well those who are seeking more pressure relief. This isn’t to say that the Awara Premier is an ideal mattress for side sleepers. Side sleepers generally prefer a softer mattress that offers more pressure relief than this one but if you’re trying to decide between the two and you want something noticeably softer. Then the Premier makes way more sense.


  • Thicker than the original mattress
  • Softer and more accommodating to side sleepers
  • Made from natural and organic materials
  • Awara’s flagship mattress


  • More expensive
  • Not for stomach sleepers


We took a look at the Awara mattress to see how it performs based on certain factors. We were impressed with the design of the bed and the quality materials. Its appeal is reinforced by its cooling/temperature neutrality and its edge support. While it’s a quality product, its firmness and feel aren’t for everyone.

We still think Awara is a good choice for affordable luxury. It promises a lot of features which are both good for the environment and your health.


Mattress Quiz: Find the Best Mattress for You
Take our five-question quiz to get mattress recommendations made just for you, plus mattress shopping basics to get you started.
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