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Last updated: October 19, 2022

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review – Let’s See If It’s Worth the Hype! (Winter 2022)

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Last updated: October 19, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Couples
  • People that need lots of options
  • People looking to stock a guest room or RV
Key features:
  • Do you want a firm, medium, or soft mattress?
  • Do you prefer your mattress temperature controlled?
  • Are you getting a bed for yourself, a guest, or an RV?
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Beds used to be two things: Simple and easy to ruin. You would get a bed at a furniture store, and within a few months, it would have a deep impression of your body on it. After this point, using it would feel like trying to sleep on the back of a horse. But in those days, what options did you have?

The future is now, and buying a mattress has changed a lot since those days. There are more places to buy them, more options to choose from, and more advantages you can choose to optimize or not. In the end, buying a mattress went from something simple and unfulfilling to something complicated.

That is why you need to consider this Brooklyn Bedding Mattress review. Because the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is just one option among many, just by looking at it, you might not know that it has some of the most advanced engineering in bedding and some of the most comfortable materials supporting it.


Available sizes
Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King; Split Cal King; Short Full; Short Queen; Olympic Queen; Short King; RV King
Support levels
Soft; Medium or Firm
Quilted Top; TitanFlex Comfort Foam; VariFlex transition foam; Ascension Coils; Flex Base
10 years

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review

Overall performance and functions

So, what happens if you combine a spring mattress and a memory foam mattress? The result is the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses are hybrid mattresses. What that means is that they combine memory foam materials with springs to make a mattress that has the best parts of both.

Spring mattresses are the most common and well-known way of making a mattress. The construction is simple: The mattress will have a set of springs sandwiched in between two layers of sheets, all wrapped in a nylon cover. This is how mattresses were made for most of the 20th century.

The advantage of a spring mattress is that it holds its core shape basically forever. This is due to a property of solid matter called “memory.” The memory of a solid is based on its density. The cushions of a mattress eventually flatten over time due to their memory, but springs always go back to the same shape.

The disadvantage of a spring mattress is that this memory means that once the cushion is gone, you practically have metal holding you up while you sleep. This is just how people had to sleep until memory foam was developed to compete with spring mattresses.

Memory foam Trusted Source Memory Foam Mattresses: Benefits and Disadvantages Memory foam molds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure. mattresses were first technically developed by NASA. These are mattresses that are soft while still being dense enough to have a strong memory that is hard to deform. That means that even as you lie down into it over years and years, it is unlikely to develop uncomfortable bumps or impressions.

The advantage of a memory foam mattress is that it is incredibly soft and can conform to the shape of your body. Not only that, but while memory foam mattresses do wear out eventually, they will last far longer than the cushions of a spring mattress. This makes them comfortable and survivable.

The disadvantage of memory foam mattresses is that they do wear out eventually. This can take years, but once they develop a deep groove in their shape, it can take a lot of work to undo it. And even then, you can only fluff a memory foam mattress so many times before there is just no saving it.

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress combines both springs and memory foam with a multilayered design that utilizes a variety of different materials that keep it from deforming into an uncomfortable shape while still conforming to the shape of your body.

This is accomplished by its five layers of support, including a breathable surface layer, compression support to keep its memory from changing, and 961 individually wrapped Ascension coils.


The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress comes in twelve sizes. The first six are the basic styles: Twin, Twin XL, full, queen, king, and cal king. The six that follow are specialized styles for specific needs. These are Split Cal king, short full, short queen, Olympic queen, short king, and RV king.

The basic styles can be broken down into the beds for single sleepers, which are the twin, twin XL, and full sizes, and then the beds for two sleepers, which are the queen, king, and cal king sizes. People get the impression that a full-size bed can hold two people. This is true, but it cannot do it very well for long.

The issue that full-size beds have is that their reduced surface area means that force travels through them more easily. Imagine you are lying on the bed someone jumps on it. If you are on a twin bed, the force will always be right next to you, and you will get launched off. But if you are on a king-sized bed, you will not.

But what if you are on a full-sized bed? In that case, you will at least get disrupted. The “someone jumps on your bed” example is extreme, but the same principle applies if someone is just moving on the bed. On a queen or king-sized bed, those movements will not wake you. But on a full-sized bed, they definitely will.

You might notice that the RV king is called the RV king. Well, it is not the only one of those sizes that are meant for a TV. The reason those six specialized sizes exist is that they are all shorter than the rest of the sizes, making them fit into RVs.

They can also be good for a kid’s room if you are looking to spend big on a kid-sized bed. Be aware, though, that many types of beds (including Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses) come in kids sizes already. The only difference between a kid’s sized bed and an RV-sized bed is that the RV-sized bed is taller and longer.

Innovative materials

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review - Let's See If It's Worth the Hype! (Winter 2022)

This quilt is designed to be porous enough to let the skin breathe as you lie on it, keeping it cool throughout the night and preventing your bed from irritating you.

There are five materials that are layered together to create a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. It all starts with the first, which is a one-inch quilted mattress top.

Below that is the second material: A one and a half-inch layer of Titanflex comfort foam. This foam is a memory foam that is meant to support hundreds of pounds of weight without deforming permanently. Despite its resistance to long-term deformation, it will still fall into place once you lie down on it.

In the middle of the mattress is one inch of VariFlex transitional foam. This foam is noteworthy for being tougher than the Titanflex foam above it. Its job is, rather than creating soft bedding for you, to apply pressure to the quilt and Titanflex foam, which are on top of it.

It applies this pressure by having a constant memory that is bigger than it is allowed to be due to the weight of the Titanflex foam. Because it is constantly trying to reshape itself to its original memory, it is constantly applying pressure to the Titanflex foam. This allows it to support the Titanflex foam, as well as causes it to be constantly fluffing the Titanflex foam to be bigger it would normally be.

Nearer the bottom is where the really advanced engineering takes place. This is where the Brooklyn Bedding mattress keeps its 961 individually wrapped supportive coils. These are called “Ascension” coils, and they are what provide support for most of the mattress.

What are ascension coils? Ascension coils are specially designed metal springs that are wrapped in a memory foam fabric. Through this combination of designs, you get two things. The long-term stability of springs while at the same time making use of the comfort of memory foam.

The last layer of the mattress is not there for comfort but is one of the most important parts of the mattress’ life cycle. It is a quarter-inch thick rubber mat. It is easy to miss, but the reason it is so important is that it is what makes transporting and placing the mattress so easy. Without this thin layer of rubber on the bottom of your mattress, you would tear the bottom up with even the slightest movements.

This ease of transport also extends to the shipping methods of the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. Most Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses come in boxes, which is unusual for mattresses of these kinds. They are folded up in these boxes for easy movement and setup. This means that all your setup will require you to open the box and unfold the mattress. Not every mattress can be transported like this, though.

Levels of support

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review - Let's See If It's Worth the Hype! (Winter 2022)

While Brooklyn Bedding does not give exact details as to what these levels of support entail, there are a few things you can discern due to how mattresses work.

There are three levels of suppor Trusted Source Sleeping mattress determinants and evaluation: a biomechanical review and critique The review demonstrated that mattress designs have strived for customization, regional features, and real-time active control to adapt to the biomechanical features of different body builds and postures. However, the suggested threshold or target values for desirable spine alignment and body pressure distribution during sleep cannot yet be justified in view of the lack of sufficient evidence. t to the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress, and they are rather straightforward: There are soft, medium, and firm levels of support.

For instance, softer mattresses are almost always thicker, usually coming in at around ten to twelve inches of padding. This does not mean they contain more material. In fact, they contain less material per square inch than a firm mattress. The larger volume with lower mass means there is empty space for your body to fall into when you lie down on the mattress, meaning softer mattresses are also bigger.

Firm mattresses are, as you might expect, smaller. The most common firm mattress size is eight inches thick. It has about the same amount of total material as a soft mattress but is denser per square inch.

The reduced volume of a firm mattress means that it can actually be easier to maneuver up a staircase or around a hallway corner compared to a thicker, softer mattress. This is because both mattresses are the same weight, but one is bigger and therefore harder to get your arms and hands around.

Medium mattresses are a middle ground. They will actually have a varying density to them, meaning they can have more material per square inch than a soft mattress while having a larger volume than a firm one. Most people will get a medium mattress and supplement it with a mattress topper to make it a little more firm or a little softer.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to levels of support is that the more often a bed is used, the faster it will degrade. That means that if you are getting a bed for your own living space, especially if you are married, it should probably be firmer. Even if firmness is not your preference, this will pay off.

The reason for this is that firm mattresses hold their shape better. A firm mattress is a mattress whose memory foam molecules exert more force to stay in their original shape. That means that it takes longer for them to flatten out and that they have an easier time being fluffed back into shape.

If you do not like firm mattresses, then you should still get one. This is because you can actually modify the firmness of your mattress after the fact by using a mattress topper. Mattress toppers are inventions designed to modify how soft or firm your mattress is. They are meant to let you change the feeling of a mattress without having to get a whole new mattress just because the one you got is not perfect.

Softer beds still have their place, though. If you are getting a bed for a guest room, then softness is generally preferred even among people who prefer firm mattresses. This is because most people using the guest room will be traveling, and there is nothing better for a traveler than a bed that welcomes them into it.

While softer beds will lose their shape more quickly (relatively speaking, they will still last years and years), this will only happen if they are frequently used. Since a guest room bed will only be used every so often, it might end up lasting even longer than your own firmer mattress.


It is not something you are likely to think of when you inartistically buy a memory foam mattress, but they are actually far easier to clean than a spring mattress. Even hybrid mattresses are easier to clean, as despite having springs supporting them from the bottom, a majority of their cushions are memory foam.

The reason memory foam is easier to clean than springs is that spring mattresses always have stuffing surrounding their springs. This makes the springs easier to sleep on once the cushion on top of them wears out, as well as absorbing any humidity that might cause a spring to corrode from rust.

Stuffing of this sort can cause problems, as it means that any liquid or bacteria that go into the cushions will eventually end up in the stuffing. That stuffing moves around as you move around on the bed. That means that you can spill something in one spot, and it will soak into a stuffing that ends up on a different spot. That makes a bed with that sort of stuffing almost impossible to clean.

While hybrid beds still have springs, they replace stuffing with fabric wrapping on each coil. In addition to this, you will only have to clean anything you spill on the bed out of the memory foam that lies between you and the springs anyways. The best way to do this is to use a carpet cleaner to basically boil stains out.

You can also use a vacuum on a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. This is more effective on a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress than it would be on a normal mattress (or even most memory foam mattresses) because the top layer quilt is so breathable. This is not always the case with many mattresses, and for a good reason.

No matter how they are designed or what protective bedding is placed on them, it is inevitable that a mattress attracts dust, allergens, and bacteria. For that reason, most mattresses come wrapped in nylon covers that prevent those contaminants from getting to the foam. This is even the case in some memory foam mattresses, though not all of them as memory foam is easier to clean than a spring mattress.

The reason spring mattresses have this is that it keeps mold and other seriously harmful things from getting to the stuffing inside a mattress. However, it is still possible for that stuff to get inside the mattress, and not only that, but mold can grow on the nylon as well. It just takes longer.

Memory foam mattresses, particularly Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses, will have breathable quilts on top that are far more porous than a nylon cover. That means that dust, allergens, and bacteria can get through them and sink into the memory foam. Why do the top quilts not prevent this?

Well, because they don’t need to. The memory foam of a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress can be cleaned easily enough that you generally do not need to worry about what gets inside them. If you vacuum a spring mattress with a nylon cover, you will only be able to vacuum things off the nylon.

But if you vacuum a memory foam mattress with a cover like all of the Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses have, then you will be able to get things out that are much deeper in the mattress.

This is to say nothing of your ability to use a steamer or carpet cleaner to force bacteria out of the memory foam. Carpet cleaners use heat to force the bacteria and allergens in memory foam to the top, where their cleaning solutions can then bond with them and get sucked up by the cleaner.

Durability and warranty

Due to the layers and layers of materials that Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses provide, you can be sure that they will last longer than your average memory foam mattress.

A normal memory foam mattress will last for three years before it starts to deform, and that is assuming that nothing is done to it to keep it clean or in shape. Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses are far from normal memory foam mattresses, though, as they have multiple materials keeping them in shape.

More than that, their materials are also higher quality than your standard memory foam. This means that they exert more force to get back into their original shape after being deformed by your bodyweight. The end result of all these advanced materials is that if you take good care of it, a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress can easily last more than eight years, making it twice as durable as a common memory foam mattress.

The warranty is set up to reflect this. Brooklyn Bedding provides a ten-year warranty on all its mattresses. If your mattress somehow gets damaged or destroyed by no fault of your own during that time, you can either send the mattress back for a replacement or get a full refund.

It is worth noting that you can also get a 120 day trial on some of the mattresses too. This is for mattresses made of specific materials and using specific methods, but always scroll down to the bottom of the product page to take a look at whether or not the trial is on offer.

The best way to extend the life of your mattress is to get a mattress protector. Mattresses protectors are natural repellents of the three things that make a bed dirty: Dust, allergens, and bacteria. They do not keep these things away completely, but they do a good enough job to make them worth it.

The more important thing that mattress protectors do is make cleaning your mattress easier. Because most of the dust, allergens, and pollen will fall on your mattress protector rather than your mattress, all you have to do is throw that mattress protector in the washing machine to clean it.

That is far easier than using a vacuum or carpet cleaner on top of your mattress to clean it.

Price tag

Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses tend to be at a far lower price point than their advanced materials would suggest, though it is worth noting that each increase in size causes their price to leap far more than you might expect. For instance, a twin mattress is $479, while a twin XL is $599.

The more common practice among mattress distributors is to charge one price for the twin and $20 to $50 more for the twin XL. The reason the price jumps by $120, in this case, is due to an increase in those advanced materials. Even a small size increase translates to a larger quantity of materials, so the price jumps too.

As expected, this trend continues with the larger sizes. A full-sized Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is $719, while a queen-sized is $899. By this point, you are paying top dollar for a mattress, so you better get the right level of support for yourself, or it is going to be hard to replace.

Key features

As with many hybrid mattresses, the key to Brooklyn Beddings Mattresses is their variety of different materials that complement each other’s functions. They all come together to make a mattress that is comfortable, long-lasting, and easier to keep hygienic than most other mattresses.



  • Provides comfort at many levels of support
  • Lasts a long time and comes with a warranty to match
  • Easy to clean, transport, and set up
  • Price jumps way up as you get bigger mattresses
  • Does not provide the features of other mattresses of those price points

Other popular models

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid


Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid


Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid


Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid


Brooklyn Chill Hybrid


Available sizes

Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King; Split Cal King; Short Queen; RV King; RV Bunk

Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King; Split Cal King; Short Queen Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King; Split Cal King; Short Queen Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King; Split Cal King

Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King; Split Cal King; Short Full; Short Queen; Olympic Queen; Short King; RV King

Support levels

Soft; Medium or Firm

Not specified Soft; Medium, Firm, Essential Not specified

Not specified


CopperFlex; soft TitanFlex; Gel Swirl Memory Foam; Zoned Coil Core

Max-Density Foam; Coils; Support Foam; Cooling Fabric CopperFlex™ foam; hyper-elastic Titanflex foam; individually encased Ascension® coils; high-density foam base Joma™ Wool and organic cotton; Talalay latex; high-density foam

Nano Stain Terminator finish; gel swirl memory foam; high-density base foam

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review - Let's See If It's Worth the Hype! (Winter 2022)

In addition to the layers provided by the standard Brooklyn Bedding Mattress, however, it also features a layer of insulation for regulating temperature.

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid is also a hybrid mattress, meaning it also features layers of memory foam cushions on top of an array of fabric-wrapped coils. How this works is that there is a heat-absorbent layer of memory foam below the quilt on top of the bed. This layer takes in heat from your body, cooling it and the bed it is resting on.

Below that layer of heat-absorbing memory foam is a layer of heat resistance memory foam. What this does is that it prevents your body heat from traveling too far down into the bed. That makes sure that while the first layer keeps you cool, the second layer makes sure that you do not get too cold.

It should be noted that due to these additional materials, the bed has a greater dynamic in its support levels than the standard Brooklyn Bedding Mattress while also being more expensive in exchange. A Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid will usually start at $799 for a twin mattress, compared to the basic’s $479.

It is meant to be used as a twin, however. One of the things you will notice about the sizes is that it features different RV sizes than the standard Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. Specifically, it lacks things like a queen RV size and instead has an RV bunk size. This, in combination with the heat-regulating materials, signals that this is a mattress meant to be used in transportation such as buses and RVs.



  • As comfortable if not more comfortable than the base model
  • Temperature regulation
  • Sized for specialization
  • More expensive

Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review - Let's See If It's Worth the Hype! (Winter 2022)

Pressure support is a quality that mattresses have when they are responsive to the heaviest parts of your body, allowing the mattress to bend when it meets them and support you where there’s tension.

The Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid is a bed designed for people who need optimal pressure support on their bodies. What this essentially means is that your shoulders and hips will always sink into the bed. If you lie down and the center of your back is not supported, then because these two parts of your body are heavy, strain is put on the center of the back at all times by their weight. That is what pressure support addresses.

Pressure support makes sure that after your shoulders and hips sink into the bed, the memory foam between those two points lifts to support the center of the back. This creates a structure that distributes your weight evenly over your back, placing as little strain on any individual part of your back as possible.

In addition to this, the Brooklyn Sedona also comes in a “universal” firmness. This firmness is ideal for people who do not know whether they prefer a soft mattress or a firm mattress. Ideally, you will combine this with a mattress topper to reach your ideal firmness.



  • Supports the back incredibly well
  • Comes with the temperature regulation of the Aurora
  • Lasts for longer than most
  • Definitely as expensive as its extra features might suggest
  • Heavier and hard to transport

Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review - Let's See If It's Worth the Hype! (Winter 2022)

The Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid comes in three different levels of support (soft, medium, and firm as before), but what makes it stand apart is that each form can also be equipped differently.

While most forms of the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress provide specialization, the Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid provides versatility.

If you favor pressure support, then you can get a pressure support package as well as a firm mattress. This is perfect for people who sleep primarily on their backs. If you need temperature regulation, then you can combine that with a level of support you enjoy as well. Throw in sizes, and you have more than a hundred different shapes that the Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid can take on.

The best part about all of this is that the Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid is built to be modular like this from the ground up. What that means is that your choices do not have an effect on the price. You can get whatever combination of support and features you want, and it will be the same price.



  • Wide variety of needs it can address
  • Comes with the same warranty, durability, and ease of cleaning
  • Still costly due to its complexity

Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid

If you want to shop for sustainability, then there is no better option among Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses than the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid. This is a hybrid mattress with a top quilt made of organic cotton and natural wool sourced from New Zealand. These combine to make an exceptionally breathable quilt.

Beneath that is Talalay latex, which is a latex made from rubber that is certified to be safe, stable, and flame resistant. These materials serve the same purpose as the normal Brooklyn bedding materials, but the key difference is that their sources and manufacturing methods are either carbon neutral or close to it.

One note about this mattress that surprises many people is that it comes folded in a box. To install it, you take it from the box and unfold it. Many people are familiar with this method of transporting a mattress, but it is worth bringing up because most Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses are not transported this way.

Not only that, but the mattress also comes with a 120 day trial period. If you find that the mattress does not satisfy you at that time, you can return it for a full refund or a replacement mattress of your choice. This is to mitigate the concern people often have when purchasing ethically sourced goods.



  • Ethically sourced
  • Equally comfortable as others
  • Comes packaged conveniently
  • Has a trial period
  • The cost is a little steep (though not as much as you would expect)


Brooklyn Chill Hybrid

The Brooklyn Chill Hybrid is possibly the most unique out of all of the Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses. It starts with a unique quilt on the top of the mattress. This quilt is made from a nano stain terminator fabric. This is a specially designed plastic and fabric mix that is known to keep bacteria away.

Bacteria is not the only thing that you have to worry about on your bedding, but it is the thing you have to worry about hurting you the most. Allergens and dust can get into your bedding and cause bad smells and skin irritation. Bacteria on your bedding will give you ear infections and weaken your immune system.

This is why a bacteria repelling quilt can be so life-changing for so many people. Below that is a cooling gel layer. While most of the temperature regulators in Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses are made out of uniquely designed memory foam, this one is made out of a special gel that is also responsive to movement.

This results in a naturally squishier texture to the bed, as the memory foam is situated below that gel. That is where the third layer is a high-density base foam that helps build a strong foundation for the mattress.

These materials are chosen specifically to make the Brooklyn Chill Hybrid cooler and softer than most mattresses. In a way, that makes it the most specialized mattress of all the Brooklyn Mattresses. If you value breathability and the ability to control your temperature externally, then the Brooklyn Chill Hybrid is easily the optimal choice. Like the Bloom Hybrid, it also comes with a 120-day trial.


  • Highly breathable and cool
  • Unique feeling and materials
  • Comes with a trial period
  • Expensive
  • No reason to get it if you like firm or warm mattresses


There is a lot of design and engineering that goes into the construction of each Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. It is hard to find fault in them, but this would not be a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress review without a fair analysis. If there is any drawback to these mattresses, it is their complexity of them.

The most common customer complaint is that the top layer of the mattress, which is the quilt you actually sleep on, was just too thin. This issue is not common, but it comes up for a reason: These complicated and advanced materials can sometimes be too advanced for their own good, resulting in manufacturing issues.

This also means that part of the mattress can wear out with little way to repair it. This is also uncommon, and it is usually covered by the warranty. Luckily, Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses have great warranty coverage. Not that anyone wants to be so inconvenienced that they have to use it, but it is there.


Memory Foam Mattresses: Benefits and Disadvantages
Memory foam molds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure.
Sleeping mattress determinants and evaluation: a biomechanical review and critique
The review demonstrated that mattress designs have strived for customization, regional features, and real-time active control to adapt to the biomechanical features of different body builds and postures. However, the suggested threshold or target values for desirable spine alignment and body pressure distribution during sleep cannot yet be justified in view of the lack of sufficient evidence.
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