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Last updated: September 16, 2022

Casper Pillow Review (Fall 2022)

Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Last updated: September 16, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Suitable for Hot sleepers.
  • People who prefer traditional down pillow feel.
  • People who have multiple sleeping positions.
  • Soft and breathable pillow.
  • Two Sizes: Standard and King.
  • 100% Cotton cover.
  • Washing machine compatible.
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Are you thinking of replacing your pillow? Most people complain about neck pain and other problems when they use pillows, but that is not the case with the Original Casper Pillow. The Original Casper Pillow is one of the best pillows you can find in the market today. This pillow is made from 100 percent cotton and will improve your sleep. If you are a back sleeper, side or stomach sleeper, you will find the Casper pillow comfortable. It helps improve airflow and is a great choice for people with stiff necks. In our Casper Pillow review, we will show you everything you need to know about this fantastic pillow. Read on to find out if this pillow is exactly what you need for a good night’s sleep.


Sizes available
Mid Loft Standard 18 x 26 x 2 inches; Low Loft Standard 18 x 26 x 1.25 inches; Mid Loft King 18 x 34 x 2 inches; Low Loft King 18 x 34 x 1.25 inches
Polyester microfiber
100% cotton
Allergy information
Not specified
Machine washable
One year

The Casper Pillow is firm and provides extra support while you sleep. It is also available in both standard and king size. We will be looking at all its features and why we think it is worth buying.

Overall Performance and Functions

Casper Pillow Review (Fall 2022)

The Casper Original Pillow, ideal for most sleepers, comes with the right amount of softness and cushioning. One interesting trait about this pillow is how it quickly retains its original shape after use. This means you can sleep in any position you want without worrying about damaging your pillow.

The Casper pillow also brings comfort when sleeping because it is designed with quality materials and can be compared with the 4-star hotel comfort pillows. The pillow is also therapeutic as it conforms closely to your head and neck. You can easily switch changing positions using this pillow without interrupting your sleep. The pillow is functional and isn’t too soft, so your head sinks in when you rest on it. Your head remains elevated while you sleep in any position. We recommend this pillow for everyone because it is soft and provides a good amount of comfort.

Available Sizes

This Casper pillow comes in two different sizes, Standard and King size. They are both durable and can be purchased at pocket-friendly prices. The pillows are easy to clean and would last even longer than its warranty. You can choose any or both depending on your preference. They provide the same level of comfort and can be used by persons of any weight.


The Original Casper Pillow is a high-quality product from this company, and it is perfectly constructed for all sleepers. The pillow comes in an outer and inner pillow design. The outer pillow encases the smaller inner pillow. It is made with 100 percent cotton and also comes with a polyester inner lining. It has gussets measuring 2 inches wide which is the backbone of the pillow’s performance. The backbone allows the microfiber fill to be equally distributed around the pillow. The outer pillow protects the inner pillow and holds the pillow together so you can use it comfortably.

The inner pillow, the down alternative filling, is packed with microfibers supporting your neck and head. It also has the same lining as the external pillow, which means that the two pillows can be separated.

However, the company designed it to be used together for maximum comfort. The difference in the fiber of both pillows is that the outer pillow has softer, smoother, and longer fibers than that of the inner pillow.


Casper Pillow Review (Fall 2022)

The cover of the Casper Pillow is made from a 100 percent cotton material with a percale weave. It is very smooth, and you can easily wash the material. The work of the cover is to make sure that the fibers stay intact inside the pillow. It is not designed to be attractive but is very useful in the pillow’s construction. If you want an attractive cover, you will need to get a pillowcase. The Casper pillow’s cover is designed to increase the airflow, so the pillow stays cool while you sleep on it instead of getting hot. In our opinion, we believe the covering is one of the most functional parts of the Original Casper Pillow.


This Casper Pillow is lightweight, and its polyester microfibers provide the best support. Even with its weight, you can sleep comfortably on its surface. It has a core strength that prevents you from sinking to your mattress level when you sleep on the pillow. The pillow gives you soft fluffy care, so you sleep well like a little one.

Allergy Information

The Casper pillow is made of quality material that is safe to use. It is hypoallergenic and won’t cause any skin irritation. So far, there have been no complaints about health issues from using the Original Casper pillow. Also, the company has made sure only to follow safe practices on their beddings and pillows.

You will, however, need to care for your pillow to avoid any hygiene-related issues.


This Casper pillow can be washed with water, according to Casper. The manufacturers have included instructions on how to care for your pillow if you want it to last. Here is how you can wash the Casper pillow:

  • Unzip the pillows outer covering and remove the inner part
  • Zip back the outer cover
  • Place both the outer and inner parts inside your washing machine
  • Use mild detergent and place the washer in a gentle setting
  • Rinse twice using the rinse cycle
  • You can dry your pillow using the tumble dry on low settings and dryer balls
  • If you don’t have a dry ball, you can use clean tennis balls as a substitute
  • After drying, you can fluff up both the inner and outer parts manually before putting them back together

The pillow is compatible with your washing machine, and it won’t cause it to shrink or damage. It is important that you follow these instructions if you want your pillow to last. We also recommend that you wash your Casper pillow at least every three to six months. Regular washing or cleaning will help prevent any hygiene problems.


The Original Casper Pillow comes only in a white covering which is usually not attractive. The cover, however, is functional, but if you want to give your pillow some color, you should get a pillowcase from Casper. They have amazing pillowcases in beautiful and attractive colors.

Durability and warranty

Casper Pillow Review (Fall 2022)

This pillow is made from the best quality materials. The microfiber fill is resilient and would only lose its loft after a long period of use. You will get the most from your pillow for at least three years. The Original Casper Pillow has a warranty of one year. The company, however, says its warranty is not transferable and is only limited to defects. However, it does not cover any damages arising from normal wear and tear or damages caused by the user. The company has a customer support where you can lodge complaints, and they are responsive. You may not have any need for a warranty because the product lasts even longer than its warranty. Casper is a best seller because they make top-quality beddings.

Price Tag

Most people will find the Casper Pillow affordable because the company set a fixed price in all its pillow collections. The quality pillows from this company fall within the price range of $65 to $165. The Original Casper Pillow is a quality one and also inexpensive. Its two sizes can be bought at a price below $100. When you get the Casper pillow, the company offers a 100-night risk-free trial period and free returns. They also have free shipping; however, this comes with some exceptions.

Key Features

This section highlights some essential features worthy of consideration when buying a Casper Pillow.

  • Soft and breathable pillow

The Original Casper Pillow is soft and provides enough support. It has a balanced level of strength and softness all at the same time. When you rest your neck and head on the pillow, it keeps it elevated to your comfort. It is great for people with stiff necks as it is not too firm or soft.

  • Cool Temperature

The covering of the Original Casper Pillow is breathable and made to improve your airflow. This is because of the soft percale weave of the cotton material that allows you to sleep on a cool pillow. It prevents you from feeling heat which is common on memory foam. The material is soft and made of the best quality.

  • Long-lasting Material and Easy Wash

The Casper pillow’s covering, which is made from cotton, is durable. It is double stitched to make the material last longer, and the fabric is also very soft. You can wash it easily with your washing machine. The quality cotton material is one of the best parts of the Original Casper Pillow.



  • Increased airflow to stay cool at night
  • Great for people of any weight
  • Supports any sleeping position
  • Removable zipper cover for easy wash
  • Pillow is hypoallergenic and safe on the skin
  • Pillow has one non-adjustable firmness option


The Original Casper Pillow is great, and we recommended it to everyone looking for a good quality pillow. From this Casper Pillow review, you can tell that the company has put a lot of work into delivering quality comfort to its customers. The inner and outer parts of the pillow work perfectly to bring you comfort at night. You won’t feel hot when sleeping at night because of its cotton material cover. Also, the maintenance routine is so easy and the material durable. Overall, this quality pillow from Casper is functional, and we recommend it to you. Whether you are a side or back sleeper, you will find comfort using the Original Casper Pillow.

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