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Sam’s Story, The Magical Medical Mystery Tour: Part II

Since July of 2004, I have continued to be seizure-free, but there is some concern about my short-term memory. My neurologist tells me I need some neuropsychological testing. Before I agree, I consult with several other doctors – do I really need more tests?

Only one of the doctors takes the time to explain the proposed testing. He says it’s called “cognitive mapping,” and that it will take about ten hours. It will show how my brain is functioning. So I agree to the testing and, indeed, it shows some short-term memory lapses. The doctor who has interpreted the data thinks it’s only temporary (static in nature) and that I should do the test again in twelve to eighteen months.

In January of 2005 my neurologist adds another anti-seizure medication to my existing medication. This one has the added benefit of helping with anxiety. Later on in March, I begin having trouble with the combination of both medications.

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