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Getting a good night’s sleep for some can be hard, and often, it has to do with the mattress you’re sleeping on. Enter the Diamond Mattress. They are one of the most established mattress companies, and they have been solving people’s problems of getting the proper rest for many years. In this Diamond Mattress review, we’ll take a look at some of their most popular model designed to help people get the best relaxation.

We’ve taken a real hard in-depth look at five of the most popular Diamond Mattresses and have presented our top three options. Starting with our Editor’s Choice, the Diamond Mattress Grateful Hybrid, there’s plenty to be grateful for if you chose this mattress, including the softness you can get with this mattress from plush to firm, sizes from Twin to California King, and of course, its numerous comfortable layers. Additionally, we’ll also review two of the other Diamond mattresses around and give you the latest and greatest about each.

In terms of how we arrived at our decision of the best Diamond Mattresses, we took a look at a number of key features including thickness, sizes available, layers and filling, firmness, cover material, warranty, and trial. Generally speaking, you’ll want to focus on these features when considering your next mattress. Our research spans over 50 hours, and we consulted our experts and scoured the web, reading countless product pages and customer reviews of these mattresses. We’ll put all that research to good use in our detailed reviews of each mattress as well as in the buying guide section of the article, where we’ll evaluate the key features of a mattress. Let’s get started with our Diamond mattress review!

Top 3 Diamond Mattresses Review 2022


Diamond Mattress Grateful HybridEditor's Choice

  • Thickness: 10”
  • Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Layers and filling: gel memory foam, HD comfort layers, patented zoned support system (Diamond Sparkle foam and coils)
  • Firmness: firm, medium, plush
  • Cover material: stretch knit fabric
  • Warranty and trial: 120-day trial and forever warranty

If you’re looking to sleep on a luxury mattress at an affordable and fair price, look no further than our Editor’s Choice, the Diamond Mattress Grateful Hybrid. There’s plenty to be grateful for with this high-quality product by Diamond Mattress.

Starting with a thickness of 10 inches, that’s more than enough cushion and padding for a mattress to make it both comfortable and sturdy at the same time. For reference, a standard mattress thickness is anywhere between 6-9 inches, so you’re definitely getting much greater value with this 10-inch thick mattress. People will also be happy to know that the Grateful Hybrid comes in plenty of different sizes too. So, whether you have a small or big room or a particular-sized frame, the Grateful Hybrid will most likely be able to fit it. It comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes, which pretty much covers all of the sizes. Another thing to be mindful of is as the sizes tend to vary drastically, so does its weight, as it ranges from as low as of around 50 pounds for a Twin mattress all the way up to 100 pounds for the California King model.

However, like with any good mattress, what really matters is what’s under the hood, so to speak. And with this mattress, you’re getting plenty of comfort. A 1-inch gel memory foam is used as the comfort layer (the top), which is then followed by a 2-inch layer of high-density (HD) comfort foam. Underneath these two comfort layers is Diamond mattresses’ patented zoned support system – individually-wrapped coils that provide support and strength. With this much going on inside the mattress, it can be easy to think that it may only come in one firmness. However, that could not be further from the truth. The Grateful Hybrid mattress actually comes with firm (a 9 rating), medium (a 6 rating), and plush (a 4 rating) levels, reaffirming Diamond mattresses’ fantastic flexibility when it comes to their products.  As a mattress cover, it relies on a stretch knit fabric while it also uses a foam encasement around the sides of the mattress to provide more protection.

So, how long do you have to make up your mind whether or not you want to keep this mattress? Diamond Mattress offers you a fantastic 120-day trial period. During this 4-month trial, you have the opportunity to decide whether it’s for you, and if it isn’t, Diamond Mattress ensures a full refund. As for their warranty, Diamond Mattress’ policy is a forever warranty meaning that you can get a replacement mattress at any point. If it’s before 10 years, you can receive a brand new mattress at no extra charge, and if it’s after 10 years, Diamond Mattress may either replace it or offer you a new one at a discounted price.

What makes it special?

  • Forever warranty
  • Lots of flexibility with sizes and firmness
  • Great layers for excellent support
  • Fantastic overall value

What cons did we find?

  • Mattress is thicker than average mattresses
  • May be harder to tuck sheets because of thickness

Diamond Mattress FaithBest Mattress for Side Sleepers

  • Thickness: 10”
  • Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Layers and filling: Diamond Sparkle foam, HD comfort layers, patented zoned support system
  • Firmness: firm, medium, plush
  • Cover material: PCM coating, stretch knit fabric contours
  • Warranty and trial: 120-day trial and forever warranty

If you’re much more inclined to sleep on your side and are in search of a solid mattress, you need to consider the Diamond Mattress Faith. Side sleepers know all about trying to find their comfort zone when it comes to mattress firmness.

While some find it easier to sleep on their side with a firmer mattress, many others think that it simpler to relax on a more plush-like mattress. Fortunately, with the Faith mattress, you will find three different levels starting ranging firm (an 8 rating), medium (a 4 rating), to plush (a 2 rating). This range will allow any side sleeper to be able to find a mattress to their liking.

What also helps you sleep comfortably on your side is what’s inside the mattress itself. It starts off with a 2-inch Diamond Sparkle foam, and right below that, there is a 2-inch high-density comfort layer. Underneath that, you will find the support system of the mattress, which includes foam and coil support that contours or naturally adjusts to your sleeping position to help you get the desired effect. When combined, these layers allow you to achieve the proper side position thanks to their great support and padding. Like all of their other mattresses, the Faith comes with a patented zoned support system as well, which is encased (wrapped around) with foam. On the top, the cover material is made of an advanced PCM that helps to regulate your body temperature, ensures that you stay asleep longer, and helps to avoid the middle-of-the-night sweats. As for the actual fabric itself, like the Grateful Hybrid, the Faith also uses a stretch-knit fabric for the contours of the mattress.

Also, similar to the Grateful Hybrid, the Faith offers just as much variety when it comes to its sizes. In fact, it offers the exact same sizes as well, allowing the customer to choose from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King models. The Diamond Mattress Faith also comes with an excellent 120-day trial period. During this four-month trial, you can decide whether this mattress is right for you, and if it isn’t, let Diamond Mattress know, and they will offer you a full refund and schedule a pickup of the mattress from you. If you happen to keep it past the 120-days, you’re also insured with Diamond Mattress’ forever warranty policy, which should give you peace of mind knowing that if any defects occur before 10 years, they will send you a replacement at no extra cost. If it is past 10 years, Diamond Mattress may use their discretion in either issuing you a new one or selling you a new one at a discounted rate. Unfortunately, this model costs more than the first product, so it might not be the best option for people with a limited budget.

Why did it make our list?

  • Body temperature regulating materials
  • Mattress foam and coils reflect your body shape
  • Good variety of sizes
  • Great warranty and trial period

What is not ideal about it?

  • Quite expensive

Diamond Mattress IntentionBest Value

  • Thickness: 10”
  • Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Layers and filling: Diamond Sparkle foam, HD comfort layers, patented zoned support system
  • Firmness:
  • Cover material: Cool-Touch cover fabric, stretch knit contours
  • Warranty and trial: 120-day trial and forever warranty

If, when you shop for things, you tend to find yourself more on the price-conscious side, nobody would blame you. In fact, many shoppers use a similar approach, and the purchase of a product can ultimately come down to price. Diamond Mattress offers a variety of really fantastic mattresses, and the unique thing about them is that they can range in price. On the budget end of their mattresses is our pick for The Best Value Mattress, the Diamond Mattress Intention. When we say the best value, we don’t mean the cheapest model of lower quality. The best value, in this sense, means the quality of the mattress for the price you are paying, and with this mattress, you can expect to get multiple features.

Like the previous two Diamond mattresses, this one is also 10-inches in thickness and is available in the same sizes as the other two models. These sizes include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. So, you’re guaranteed to find any type of mattress size for the room. Like with other products on our list, its firmness also ranges from plush (a rating of 3) to medium (a rating of 5) and firm (a rating of 7). Thus, you’ll definitely be able to find the right firmness for optimal comfort.

As for its layers and filling, it has the same zoned support system as the Grateful mattress. Inside of the mattress, you’ll find a 2-inch layer of high-density foam. On top of the foam, there is a 2-inch layer of hyper-conductive Diamond Sparkle foam. The benefit of this patented layer is that it aims to help to maintain your regular body temperature to ensure you have a restful and relaxing sleep throughout the night without sweating or getting cold. On top of the mattress, there is the cover material, which also enhances your body cooling by offering a breathable cool-touch fabric.

As you’ve already seen with other models, the Intention also has a 120-day trial period where you’re free to test it out. During this period you’ll then have to decide whether you want to keep it or give it back. If you do decide to keep it, you’ll have unlocked Diamond Mattress’ forever warranty policy, which means that you’ll be able to receive a new one within the first 10 years of owning the Intention if something becomes defective with it, and you may or may not receive a new one after 10 years. This is incredibly useful as a few costumers reported that their mattress began to sag within a few years. In any case, you are sure to get a discount on a new Diamond Mattress.

What makes it special?

  • Body temperature regulating materials
  • Variety of sizes
  • Great warranty and trial period
  • Reasonable price

What cons did we find?

  • Customers have noted that it can begin to sag within a few years

Things to Consider

After taking a look at the three best Diamond Mattress models available, you may find yourself trying to decipher the differences between them. While many of their features are very similar and comparable, there are slight nuances between them that offer different experiences. In this section, we’ll talk about the individual features of the Diamond mattresses and speak a little more as to why they are important and why you should consider them when buying one. After, we’ll then touch on a few of the more commonly asked questions and attempt to answer those.

What should I check before buying Diamond mattress?

Before you go ahead and impulse buy that Diamond Mattress you have your eye on, there are a few things you should probably consider. These are the most important aspects when it comes to the Diamond Mattress, and it’s vital that you have an understanding of each because this is really a long-term investment, and you want to make as informed of a decision as possible. Some of the features you need to consider include the layers and filling, its thickness and firmness, motion transfer, noise, temperature regulation, cover, and edge support.

Layers and filling

Diamond Mattress Review – Better Comfort for Quality Sleep!

When it comes to the structure and filling of a Diamond mattress, there are three different layers that you will find. At the top, there is a foam level. For the Grateful, it is made of a special memory gel foam, whereas for the Intention and Faith, it is a Diamond Sparkle foam layer. Below this top layer is another supportive layer that is similar across all three mattresses and is made of high-density foam. In the middle layer, you have Diamond Mattress’ standard spring and coils that are individually wrapped. These coils help to ensure that there is little to no motion transfer. Finally, the bottom layer is the layer that helps support the entire mattress and provides a base for it. Essentially, this layer is there to protect the mattress from collapsing when you lie on it.

Thickness and firmness

Across all of the Diamond Mattress’ we just reviewed, they all have the same mattress thickness at 10 inches. This is definitely more than the average mattress, which is usually between six to nine inches thick.

The reason Diamond Mattress’s products are thicker is that there are a lot more layers inside to offer better comfort, protection, and body support.

As for firmness, Diamond Mattress should be applauded for their versatility in offering various firmness levels for all kinds of customers. All of the three mattresses we reviewed come either plush, medium, or firm.

Motion transfer

Diamond Mattress Review – Better Comfort for Quality Sleep!

As we mentioned in the layers and filling section, the motion transfer is really limited thanks to the individually wrapped coils. What this means for you is that if you sleep with a partner or a pet, when they shift or move around during the middle of the night, it will have very little impact on the mattress itself. This will ensure that your partner does not become disturbed while sleeping because of you shifting around in bed.


Similar to motion transfer, the noise a mattress can affect someone from having a good night’s sleep. The noise here pertains to the amount of sound the mattress makes when you shift your weight around on the mattress.

Some mattresses can produce a distinct noise when any movement is made. Still, for Diamond Mattress’s products, there is no noise made, and that’s because of their patented coil system, layers, and materials that also offers great support.

Temperature regulation

The great thing about the Diamond Mattress’ models is that they offer terrific temperature regulation in a few different ways. The first way is through the cover at the top of the mattress. These covers are made with a special, breathable CoolTouch temperature regulating fabric, such as seen with the Diamond Mattress Intention. This fabric layer should help to keep your body cool throughout the night while you’re sleeping. Thanks to its breathability, you won’t sweat during the night, and it will help to maintain the optimal temperature of your body.


Diamond Mattress Review – Better Comfort for Quality Sleep!

As we briefly touched on, the cover layer is the top layer of the mattress, which is made of a cooling fabric that allows for more breathability and helps to regulate the body temperature during the night. All of Diamond Mattress cover materials include a stretch knit fabric. This fabric reinforces the contours of the mattress and makes it last longer. Better yet, it keeps the layers in the right position to ensure that you get proper relaxation every time you use it.

Edge support

In terms of edge support, the Diamond Mattress models come with plenty of it as well. Edge support is anything that helps to protect the edges or the top layer from damaging or caving in.

Much like the top layer made of 2-inch foam, the outside edges of these mattresses are improved by the foam layer as well. This layer is sturdy enough to the point where you can virtually sleep on the edge of the mattress and not feel like falling off!


You’ll be happy to know that your Diamond Mattress will last you a long time. However, if you’re looking for specific tips to increase the longevity of your Diamond mattress, you can rotate the mattress every 6-12 months (not flipping it upside down!). This allows the contours to re-adjust. You can also choose to add a mattress protector on top of your Diamond Mattress to make sure that any occasional spills or stains won’t ruin the material or foam.

Although it may sound counterintuitive, the preferable position to sleep in for those with back pain is on your back. You can help to take pressure off your back by placing firm pillows under your knees as you sleep. If this is still uncomfortable for your back, consider lying on your side with the pillow still under your knees.

Yes, those who suffer from allergies can and should be able to use a Diamond Mattress. Diamond Mattress products are hypoallergenic, which means that they are completely safe and free to use for anyone.

Our Verdict

Diamond Mattress offers three fantastic choices for consumers with their Grateful, Faith, and Intention mattresses from G.I.F.T. collection.

However, our favorite model is also our Editor’s Choice, the Diamond Mattress Grateful Hybrid. While the three mattresses have similar and overlapping qualities, you’re simply getting the best bang for your buck with this one. The incredibly soft and comfortable memory gel foam layer is what puts it over the top for us, and if you’re looking for a very gentle and comforting top layer on your mattress, this product is the way to go!

For side sleepers, we recommend the Faith model. This fantastic mattress provides excellent support and reflects the shapes of your body.

Lastly, the Intention mattress is sure to keep your body cool during hot nights thanks to its high-quality materials.

We hope that our Diamond mattress review helped you find the right model for your needs! With these models, you are sure to get the best sleeping experience in your life!

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