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Last updated: September 14, 2022

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: September 14, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Who is it best for:
  • Side and back sleepers
  • Couples or sleep partners
  • Those who sleep listening to white noise
Key features:
  • Cover with sensors and tiny tubes
  • Hub for temperature regulation
  • Smart app for your smartphone
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  • Motion Isolation 9.7
  • Cooling 9.9
  • Construction 9.8
  • Value 9.7
  • Overall 9.8
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The relevance of good sleep can’t be overlooked, and humans have developed new ways to facilitate sleep under perfect conditions better. Eight Sleep, an American company that makes advanced mattresses and sleep equipment, has developed a high-tech foam that allows for a better sleeping experience. After much research and investigation into the Eight Sleep Mattress, we have come up with a detailed Eight Sleep mattress review that contains all you need to know.

The human body is an ever-functioning system right from the time we are born till we eventually pass away; it is evident from our internal organs, which are always working non-stop, and even we ourselves that hardly stay in one place and always doing something. In light of this, the body has found a way to ensure that we recharge ourselves and that our body doesn’t give out on us from over-exhaustion, and that is through sleep. So that to feel refreshed, you need a quality mattress, and this Eight Sleep mattress review is going to take you through everything you need to know about the quality pod.


Mattress type
Number of layers
Profile height
Support core
5″ high-density polyfoam
Cover materials
Polyester, cotton
Sleep trial period
100 days
Sizes available
Full, Queen, King, Cali King
10 years for mattress, 2 years for tech

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review

Eight Sleep is a technology company that specializes in the production and distribution of technologically modified mattresses and other sleep-related gadgets. The company has made different types and models of mattresses and others, and they are among the top makers in America. The Eight Sleep Pod mattress is one of their top products, and this Eight Sleep Pod review will tell you all you need to know about this Pod.

The Eight Sleep Pod is one of the most comfortable foams that Eight Sleep has designed. The foam is made of different materials comprising cotton, polyfoam, and polyester. These materials give the foam a very comfortable feel and ensure that it has just the right degree of firmness. The design of the mattress is such that users have full control over their sleeping manner, and they can keep accurate track of what goes on while asleep. The foam also allows the users to monitor sleep patterns strictly, and it also scores the quality of the user’s sleep every night.

Apart from the design, cover, and sensors on the foam, other features make this foam one of the top choices of smart mattresses. The Eight Sleep Pod comes with accessories that allow you to regulate the temperature of the foam; you can cool or heat up the foam based on your preference.

Some other models and upgrades have been released after the Eight Sleep Pod, and there is even some info about the Pro model, but we will focus solely on the Eight Sleep Pod.

Overall Performance

Many questions have been coming in regarding the Eight Sleep Pod, and we have gone ahead to investigate this product to answer all of them. In this segment, we are going to take you through all you need to know about the performance and application of the mattress.

Motion Isolation

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)

The Pod offers excellent motion isolation: you’ll feel a slight bounce on the surface when getting off the bed.

The motion isolation test was performed to check how much disturbance is transferred across the bed, and this aspect is important, especially for those that plan to use the bed with somebody else. Motion isolation refers to how much movement on one side of the bed affects or transfers to the other side.

The Eight Sleep Pod passed the motion isolation test; we tested the Pod with light sleepers who guaranteed that disturbance on the other side of the foam caused little or no disturbance on their side. The foam is designed in such a way that motion is strictly isolated, and the covers don’t move or shift.

This foam is perfect for light sleepers or people who share beds with restless sleepers. Compared to other foams made from materials like latex, the Pod shows a high level of motion isolation.

Pain Relief

From research, one of the leading causes of body pain Trusted Source 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress for Pain-Free Nights | Healthline With chronic pain, sometimes it seems impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position. is a bad bed. Most times, when we sleep on an uncomfortable surface, we wake up with sore spots of painful joints. The same thing applies to foams. If you sleep on a mattress that is not right for you, you will likely wake with a sore spot. Similarly, if you sleep on a comfortable mattress with the right specification, it can serve as pain relief.

The same principle applies to the Eight Sleep Pod. The Pod has a design that makes it one of the best choices for a pain relief effect. The comfort layer of the foam is made of polyfoam and memory foam; these foams are very comfortable and have a certain degree of firmness. The design of the comfort layer is such that the foam makes out the shape of the user and forms a contour, but the user doesn’t sink into the bed. The unique design of the foam ensures that there is no pressure point and provides relief to aching joints.

Temperature Regulation

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)

With dual-zone cooling and heating technology, you can independently set each side of the bed to anywhere between 55°F -110°F.

This is one of the major features that make this product stand out. The Eight Sleep Pod makes it possible for you to control the temperature of your bed, a feature most mattresses can’t afford. This feature makes the foam appropriate for use all year round. You can make it warm when the temperature is cold or make it cool when the temperature is hot.

To make use of the heating and cooling feature of the Pod, you will need to use the Eight Sleep Pod app. The Pod comes with a device that can hold water, called The Hub, and it connects to the Pod’s cover via small tubes. The Hub is responsible for cooling or warming up the Pod by heating or cooling the water and transferring it to the cover.

The Hub, in turn, is controlled with the use of the app. Once you sync your Pod with the app, you can easily select the temperature you want your bed to be, ranging from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (12.8 to 46.1 °C).

Edge Support

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)

Sitting on the Pod Mattress edge

The edge support refers to the firmness around the perimeter of the bed or the degree of softness around the edge of the bed. It is sad that the edge support of the Eight Sleep Pod is relatively poor. Compared to other foams made from tougher materials, the Pod has relatively poor edge support.

The testers gave reports stating that the edge of the foam was not firm enough, and it was a bit tricky getting in and out of bed. The poor edge support of the Pod is understandable given that the product is entirely foam.

Reports also came in attesting to the fact that the edge support is not entirely bad, but these reports were from our testers that weighed less than 230 pounds. It can be concluded that the edge support of the Pod is not up to per but at the same time, it also works for those that are below a certain weight range. This means that the less one weighs, the better the edge support; if you’re above 230 pounds, the edge support on this Pod might as well be non-existent.


For those that have little experience with Eight Sleep Pods, when you first open up the package containing the product, you will most likely perceive a weird smell. This smell is caused by some small organic particles called Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs). These tiny organic particles are entirely eco-friendly and pose no harm to you.

When you first open up your mattress, you are expected to leave it out for some hours or days to allow the smell of the VOCs to escape. You can leave it for a week or less depending on where you spread it; the more ventilated the space is, the faster the smell will get out.

Firmness Option

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)

The Eight Sleep Pod offers a medium-firm feel.

The Pod is designed with a firmness that rates 5.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. The Pod is not too hard and not too soft; it is soft enough to make out the contours of your body and hard enough that you don’t sink into the bed.

After testing this Pod, we discovered that lightweight and average-weight users found the firmness to be just right, while heavier people(over 230 pounds) felt the bed was too soft. This Pod is appropriate for those who are 230 pounds and below; those weighing above 230 pounds should find a pod with a higher firmness rating.

Ease of Movement

The ease of movement refers to how easy it is for you to move across the Pod. This is greatly dependent on two things: the foam’s firmness and the weight of the user.

As mentioned earlier, the Eight Sleep Pod has a firmness rating of about 5.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, which means the foam is not soft enough for you to sink into it, and it is soft enough to make out the contour of the body. This feature makes it easy for you to move across the bed without feeling stuck.

We used different testers for this feature, and the report goes as such: testers below 230 pounds gave positive reports and told us it was easy to move across the bed. On the other hand, testers above 230 pounds had certain difficulties moving across the Pod and kept sinking.

If you weigh 230 pounds and below, you should not have any issue moving across the bed.


One of the major causes of sleep disorders is noise Trusted Source Environmental noise and sleep disturbances: A threat to health? | ResearchGate Environmental noise, especially that caused by transportation means, is viewed as a significant cause of sleep disturbances. . Several people have a hard time sleeping because their beds won’t stop giving off irritating sounds. The Eight Sleep Pod passed the noise test with flying colors, and our testers gave stellar reviews.

The testers gave reports stating that the Pod makes zero or no sound both when you’re getting into the bed and out of bed. The sound canceling feature of the bed is due to the design; the bed is designed without springs, frames, or any other component that tends to make noise.

Also, the Hub and water pump were reported to make zero noise even when in use. This Pod is the perfect Pod if you want something quiet; it is suitable for light sleepers.


Most couples have a higher affinity for responsive mattresses when having sex, and while the Pod is as responsive as other foams like latex foams, it will still be up to the task.

The design of the bed is conducive for having sex, the firmness of the bed is just right. You and your partner won’t feel like the bed is swallowing you up, and you can easily move around to change positions and the likes.

As for the edge support, if you and your partner fall within the weight requirement, you should not have any issue making use of the edge of the bed. However, those above the weight requirement might have a hard time maneuvering the edge of the Pod.


Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)

Layers of the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress

A lot of thought and skill has gone into the production of the Pod, it has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd of mattresses out there, and we will look at some of these features.

The Eight Sleep Pod is constructed with a unique design such that it has different layers; the comfort layer, transitional layer, and support layer. The comfort layer is made of polyfoam and memory foam, two very comfortable materials with just the right amount of firmness. The transitional and support layer are more centered towards giving the pod stability and form, and it comprises thick polyfoam.


The cover of the Pod is the first layer or component that you come across. Apart from the intricate and meticulous design that has gone into the layers of the Pod, the cover of the Pod also has its own unique feature; the cover is designed with rows of sensors that cover the entire surface. It is equipped with more than one type of sensor performing different operations; sensors track the heart rate, breathing rate, and even the sleep pattern of anybody who sleeps on the foam.

The cover also houses the small tubes coming from the Hub and is responsible for transferring heat or cold to the mattress.

Comfort Layers

After the cover comes the comfort layer, the comfort layer is the upper portion of the Pod you lie on. The comfort layer consists of three layers of 2 inches thick foam; the first layer is made of Luracor foam; this material is similar to latex but is not as tough as latex. However, Luracor foam still has a high degree of bounciness and is very responsive.

The second layer consists of polyfoam, and the third layer is made from memory foam of medium density. These two layers give the Pod a certain amount of firmness.

Support Layers

This layer comes after the comfort layer and has the name suggests, is responsible for providing support to the Pod. This layer is made up of high-density polyfoam 5 inches thick.

While the support layer doesn’t provide comfort like the comfort layer, it is still relevant to the whole make-up of the Pod and serves as a base or foundation for the Pod.

Additional Technological Components

These additional technological components refer to the parts that are separate from the Pod but still used in connection with the Pod. They include the Hub and the Eight Sleep app.


Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)

The Hub – an external water container – connects to small tubes built into the cover.

The Hub is a container that holds water that is connected to the covers through tiny tubes. The Hub is part of the temperature regulation system, and it works hand in hand with the app. The Hub is easy to fill up, and it has a temperature range of 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Hub is controlled from the app, and you set your Hub to whatever temperature you want.

Eight Sleep App

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)

With the Eight Sleep smart app, you can adjust the Pod’s temperature settings, access data, use it as a white noise machine and an alarm.

To fully enjoy the comfort that the Pod has to offer, it is important that you get the app. The Eight Sleep app is software that is designed with maximum compatibility for all of your devices, from your android to your IOS device. Once you set up the app and link it to your devices, you can do several things and access numerous information. You can connect the app to the sensor on the cover and get information like breathing rate, heartbeat, amount of turns and tosses, quality of sleep, and several other pieces of information.

The Eight Sleep app allows you to keep track of information for more than one person. The app and bed are designed for dual usage such that the second person on the bed can also control the temperature and data on their side of the bed.

The Eight Sleep app also has other uses such as, it can serve as a white noise machine, and it can be used to set different types of alarms. With the app, you can set audio alarms that trigger your auditory sensors or set thermal alarms using your Pod. The alarm system of the Pod is quite advanced, and it works in relation to your sleep pattern. The Pod has the ability to detect when you’re close to waking up, and it works with this information to activate your alarm.

Sizes Available

Like any other mattress brand, the Eight Sleep Pod comes in different sizes. These sizes vary in dimensions, height, weight, and price.





Full 54″ x 75″ 11″ 80 lbs.
Queen 60″ x 80″ 11″ 90 lbs.
King 76″ x 80″ 11″ 100 lbs.
California King 72″ x 84″ 11″ 100 lbs.

Sleep Trial, Shipping, and Warranty

Now, it’s time to focus in more detail on the three main things that are important when buying a mattress: sleep trial, shipping, and warranty.

Sleep trial

The sleep trial for the Eight Sleep Pod is 100 nights. The company has a policy that allows you to return the product within 100 nights of purchase, and in the event of a return, you will get a full refund. Also, if you want to return a product within 100 days, the company will be responsible for transporting it.


Eight Sleep carries out shipping to the 48 states, and they do ground shipping for free. Once your order is made, a tracking number will be assigned to you. The shipping is relatively fast, and all things being equal should not take more than one business week to get to your destination.

The Pod is well-packaged and compressed in an air-tight container and sealed for transport.


Eight Sleep offers a 10-year warranty for the Pod and two years warranty for the Hub and cover. The warranty covers factory flaws that can result in the premature damage of the product, depressions in the surface that are an inch deep or more, and issues with the cover assembly and other technological parts.

The warranty covers damages but not the transport, meaning the company pays for the repairs, but you have to cover the shipping fee.

Things to Consider Before Buying Spindle Mattress

It can be a little tricky picking the perfect mattress, and at the same time, you don’t want to pick the wrong one. Before you pick out a mattress to buy, you should note a few points, and you won’t have any problems from thereon.

Your Sleeping Position

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress – Feel the ‘Technologically Modified’ Sleep! (Fall 2022)Your sleeping position is an essential factor that you have to take into consideration before you get a mattress. There are different types of mattresses, and they are not all built the same; some are harder than others, and some vary in thickness.

Before you get a mattress, you should know how you sleep, either on your back, stomach or side. Once you’ve established your most dominant sleeping position, you can now go ahead to get a foam that fits that position. Getting a mattress that is compatible with your sleeping position reduces pain and discomfort.

Your Weight

This is another crucial factor that people tend to overlook; your weight will go a long way in determining how comfortable your bed will be. Take the Eight Sleep Pod, for example, it has a weight limit of 230 pounds, and those above this limit are likely to have issues using the mattress.

If you weigh above average, it will be advisable to get a mattress with a relatively high firmness, but those with average weight and below will need foams with mid or low firmness.

Your Budget

This is probably the most important aspect you have to know what you can afford before making any purchase. If, after you’ve done your research and arrived at the right mattress for you, the price exceeds your budget, you can wait till you have more later or get a similar mattress that is not as expensive.

Pros and Cons

There is nothing with advantages that don’t have disadvantages. The Eight Sleep Pod offers a whole lot of benefits, but at the same time, it has its deficiencies.

Pros Cons
It has multiple layers It is not suitable for people that weigh above 230 pounds
It is very comfortable The edge support is low


Its temperature can be regulated to the users’ taste It is quite expensive
It works without making noise
It consists of sensors that monitor the vitals and sleep pattern of the user

Other Eight Sleep Mattress Options

Apart from the Eight Sleep Pod, Eight Sleep has taken steps forward and has come up with better designs and upgrades.

Pod Pod Pro Pod Pro Max
Profile Height 11” 12” 12”
Number of Layers 3 5 6
Layers Comfort Top, Pressure-Relieving Support, Contouring Core, Conventional Base Comfort Blend, Airflow Top, Supportive Air Technology, FlexSpring Technology Core, Premium Base Comfort Blend, Tranquil Foam, Max Chill, Tranquility Transition Foam, FlexSpring Technology Core, Premium Base
Sleep Tracking Standard Advanced Advanced
Smart Temp Autopilot No Yes Yes

Eight Sleep Pod Pro

This product is an immediate update of the Pod; the Pod Pro has the same features and also some improvements such as extra foam layers, new sensors for room climate and weather, and an alarm system with gradual waking settings.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Max

The Pod Pro Max further works on the Pod Pro and adds some features such as the uniquely designed MaxChill polyfoam. This polyfoam is reinforced with silver, graphite, and copper, and it has a heat repellent feature.


Eight Sleep is a well-established company in America that makes sleep-related accessories such as smart pods, pillows, and more. We have looked at some of their products, and this Eight Sleep mattress review has focused majorly on their Pod. Everything you need to know about the Eight Sleep Pod has been covered in this article, and we hope you got enough helpful information to decide if this mattress meets all of your expectations!


5 Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress for Pain-Free Nights | Healthline
With chronic pain, sometimes it seems impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position.
Environmental noise and sleep disturbances: A threat to health? | ResearchGate
Environmental noise, especially that caused by transportation means, is viewed as a significant cause of sleep disturbances.
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