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How important is CPAP compliance for individuals afflicted with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?   

Below is a snippet of a study that was completed to try and predict who was going to become a compliant CPAP user based on information from their sleep study.

Extensive use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) has positive clinical benefits for most patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However, patient adherence is a major limiting factor to the effectiveness of CPAP treatment. This study determined the potential factors affecting the willingness of patients with OSA to undertake CPAP treatment by comparing the polysomnographic parameters (Sleep Study) recorded during diagnosis (without CPAP) and titration (with CPAP).  A total of 312 patients who were diagnosed with moderate and severe OSA, were divided into persistent users and nonusers of CPAP according to their use of in-home CPAP during a 7-day CPAP trial.  Among the patients, 146 (46.8%) became persistent CPAP users. A 10% improvement of oxygen desaturation index (ODI) and a 10% increment in deep sleep percentage increased the chance of persistent CPAP use.  In addition, the improved Oxygen levels and deep sleep during CPAP titration increased the chance of a compliant CPAP user.

Basically what this study revealed is that individuals who had improve Oxygen levels or increased time in REM (deep sleep) increased the probability of becoming a compliant CPAP user.  My response to that is, “NO DUH”!   You’re going to feel better if you’re getting more REM or keeping your oxygen levels up.  If you feel better you are going to want to keep feeling better and therefore keep using your CPAP.

The key factor in becoming a compliant CPAP user is the mask.  You must be comfortable in order to sleep.  If the mask is leaking, uncomfortable, or causing irritation, it is going to be very difficult to become compliant.


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