Re: Late Night Eating

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Jared Lindo

I have been doing that for years and if I eat late I dont seem to wake up as much. We have a sugar problem and when the brain is starved it wakes up.

Do you eat sweet things or anything. I cant go back to sleep for long if I dont eat sugar. But has been mostly since I have been on CPAP therapy. I also have bad HH with it and thats why I wake up.

I cant go on a high protein because I collapse almost to not moving, cant think straight and cant keep awake.

I am not a diabetic and I have tested my blood sugar levels when I get like this.

I dont know what it is but I have been like this since a child eating copius amounts of sweet things. I feel good when I eat and sick and confused when I eat too much protein.

But I feel better if I dont eat at all. My EDS is 70% better when I dont eat. I dont know if this really has anything to do with Narcolepsy


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