Re: Remstar Pro with C-Flex: Error Code 24

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Hello, I wanted to give some background on this code that my Remstar Pro machine recently produced and was quickly repaired under warranty by the Canadian authorized service centre at Rana-Medical Respirartory Wellness Centre in Manitoba..

The problem unexpectedly occurred one morning about one hour after being turned off for the night. The machine started beeping and flashing the Error 24 code. A call to my excellent, home town service provider, London Home Respiratory Services, obtained a temporary replacement that afternoon and the return of my repaired unit about 10 days later.

Those repairs included the parts: a PCA Board, blower, pressure tubing, flow sensor, outlet port and a pollen filter. Apparently the circuit board was the problem, and it apparently isn’t a common problem, nor any other faults with this particular machine. When they do fail it’s within a few months of initial use, not the 2 years that I’ve been using this machine.

(A Error 25 code can be the result of residual water from the humidifier getting into the machine during travelling when it gets turned upside down. Caution should be exercised in this regard to ensure its truly dry before packing it away. If you do get water in the machine let it dry out well before starting it. Perhaps us a hair dryer on low to speed the process up.

The machines are now being shipped with an insertable guard to prevent this problem. Ask your service provider for one of the new diverter guards to insert into your existing humidification reservoir.)

Overall I’ve been most pleased with the Remstar Pro with C-Flex and its heated humidification feature. I performed extensive research into all the major CPAP brands, and every one of the 6/8 service providers in London, Ontario, Canada.

The machine is a good one and the support provided by London Home Respiratory has been fantastic. You need both, for the expertise in selecting a machine and the best corresponding mask and size for ones’ self, and for the ongoing service support in the event of a problem.

Having been using a CPAP machine for 2 years now I can report success in addressing my sleep apnea problem. It is the right answer to the problem and a safe, effective treatment that requires little adjustment……assuming one is committed to finding and solving the fatigue problem, and its related health issues, and to using the machine at all times. No exceptions – ever!!

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