Re: So here comes the Death part.

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Jared Lindo

I keep feeling the machines are inadequate and set an an inadequate pressure.

I start to keep passing out despite the pressure settings but tend to be revived fairly soon. My breathing titrates the autopaps but unfortunately my breathing patterns tend to put weird habits. Soon my pressures are not realistic. I finally start to gasp for breath no matter what and the pressure of not having had recent sleep tests means that I lose track of all values.

I pass out from inadquate pressures.

Then the shody breathing and shoddy thinking arises. I accept that I can not get to sleep or stay asleep with cpap. Yet as soon as I do fall asleep I gasp withing two minutes.

I send a few goodbye emails and someone replies.. you just qualified for Medicare… use it and go to an ER for free.

Result: COPD, and other initials win.

I have purple blotches all over, I have two cardiac stents, I have new hope.

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