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Thanks for your replies, everyone. Haven’t been on because my computer died (I’m at an internet cafe right now).
I had my first ever PSG/MSLT Momday and Tuesday. I fell asleep pretty easily at night, woke up for about 2 hours, then fell back asleep.
For the nap test, I dozed during the first one, fell asleep right towards the end of the second one, and was out like a light for the last 3. I know I dreamt during at least one nap, but I often forget my dreams when I’m woken up suddenly. The tech was opening the door and turning on the lights and I’m thinking “But you just shut the door a minute ago!” Not sure how fast I fell asleep but in rermemberance it feels like it was pretty fast. I stopped wearing my watch because I was clock-watching.
The techs wouldn’t tell me how I did. I go back on Monday for a follow-up.
Has anyone fallen asleep during these nap tests but doesn’t remember dreaming, but was told they hit REM?

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