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You just reminded me of one of my big blunders. A looong time ago, I was a remote employee for AOL. One of my fellow coworkers was an absolute sweetheart, and online, her screen name was Sunkist. She lived in Florida, and when I took my boys to Florida, we set up a meeting. It was outside a restaurant there, and there was a park-like setting, where we rested and waited for her. A man with balloons was amusing my boys, and there was a woman that kept glancing over at us.. I thought it must be her. So.. I went over and asked her.. “Are you Sunkist?” The look she gave me told me immediately, she was NOT the person I thought she was, and in fact, she now thought I was reeeeeaaaalllly crazy. lol When the “real” Sunkist came along.. we had a good laugh about it, but.. I bet that other woman still thinks I’m a nutcase!

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