Anxiety and MSLT? Anyone relate?

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    Hey everyone!

    I just had my sleep study and MSLT done on Monday. My overnight sleep study ruled out sleep apnea and other sleep disruptions. I had a LOT of trouble sleeping with all of the wires hooked up to me. When they woke me up it was much later than I usually wake up (near 7am). At 7:30am I started having an anxiety attack and I just could not help it – normally I take Effexor which helps with my anxiety but I was made to go off of this because my neurologist said that Effexor can give narcolepsy a false positive. When they laid me down for my first 2 naps I just couldn’t fall asleep – I was sweating, having racing heartbeat and heart palpitations. The tech asked if I had anything like xanax or Ativan for anxiety and I did have a single Xanax. She told me to take it and I did because she told me to do that (and also because of course I was having an anxiety attack). At his point she also told me that if she did not see anything on my naps I would not go through the 5th nap. If she saw something on one of them she’d do the last nap. I fell asleep during my last 3 naps in under 5 minutes.

    I got a call from the sleep coordinator today saying that with me not falling asleep during the first 2 naps my mean sleep latency was 8 minutes and I have “pathological daytime somnolence” and have to make an appointment with my neurologist to discuss. I have an appointment in 6 months and I’m on a wait list.

    If I didn’t show anything in those last 3 naps, would they have kept me for the final nap? I have what my neurologist calls mild cataplexy (with anger I get a warm tingling flow down my body and subsequent muscle weakness that resolves in about 30 seconds or so), hypnagogic hallucinations, vivid dreams. I fall asleep even while driving. I have short 5-10 minute naps that are immensely refreshing. I’ve even taken a video of myself napping and I can see my eyes moving back and forth.

    Has anyone had this issue before being diagnosed with narcolepsy? I’ve always had bad anxiety and I’m afraid that this is going to prevent diagnosis. Also could the xanax have masked any REM during the naps that would have otherwise occurred?

    Please share your experiences!!

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