Cataplexy… Occupational hazzard?

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    Hi everyone!
    I have been diagnosed with type one narcolepsy (with cataplexy). I am currently in school to be a physical therapist and am worried about job outlook for myself in this profession. I am mostly controlled but still have a few cataplexy episodes here and there. I am afraid I will be working with a patient who is physically dependent and have an episode. I am having a difficult time deciding if I should pursue another career or I should stay on track for my degree. If anyone could give me any helpful advice I would be so grateful!!



    I had the same worries before I went to medical school, but ultimately I made it and am now a physician. I’m lucky that my cataplexy is fairly well controlled, but still happens on rare occasions. I would not let your narcolepsy prevent you from being a physical therapist. I think it would be something that you would want to let your co-workers know about in case you were to have an episode while with a patient.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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