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    Has anyone traded in an Ultra Mirage Nasal Mask for the Mirage Activa? Can you tell me how they compare?

    I have read posts on the board here where people have experienced problems with pressure sores using the Activa.

    I am considering switching to the Activa as I sleep on my side and have some leakage issues with the Ultra Mirage.





    Not to discourage you,but side sleepers have a hard time finding the right mask, ( being one myself ). When I lay on my side, it causes more pressure on that side of the mask and usually pulls it slightly one way or the other, causing leaks. The Swift mask is a favorite with side sleepers,although I have problems with the buckles causing pressure sores on my head and nasal pillows are’nt for everyone. I also use the FlexiFit 407 nasal mask,which is’nt a real popular one, but I find no problem with it sleeping on my side other than it leaks a bit. If you can take a little breeze on your cheeks, then it might be good for you. I have also tried the Snapp,which is terrible for side sleepers, and the Breeze which is ok for nasal pillows , but it’s hard getting used to that headgear. I’m still searching for the perfect side sleeper’s mask,but so far, the Flexi Fit and the Swift are the best for me.



    I’m the chronic whiner regarding masks; on my 5th so far in 8 months.

    But, guess what, folks? After 8 months, I am finally sleeping! Hooray!

    Nasal Aire II appears to meet all needs. There is pretty much NO headgear. The narrow hoses go around the ears with a strap across the back of the head to keep them from falling off; they meet on the chest where they connect to the main hose. No problems with my long hair, no heat buildup from harnesses. (Note — this is Nasal Aire II, not plain Nasal Aire)

    I am an avowed side sleeper and it is just fine. The narrow hoses go across the cheekbones, which may take a wee bit of getting used to. Biggest drawback is the exhale vents, which are right up below the nose and blow on the arms. A blanket or long sleeves omits that problem.

    Of course, this is a nasal interface and is not pillows. These things are about 3/4 inch long and go into the nostrils. They are very soft plastic and I have no problem at all, no discomfort, hardly know they are there. But they must be fitted exactly. DMEs should have a “fitting star.” If not, it is available on-line for under $10. It is extremely important to have the perfect fit. Too large will feel like a telephone pole is trying to get in and too small will slip out.

    I’ve been through a traditional mask (Comfort Gel), Swift, Aura, and another nasal pillow (forget the name). I could not tolerate the headgear–it would slip or be too hot.

    Good photos are available on the internet sales sites.

    Good luck to you both!




    I really like my Mirage Ultra II Mask I have had it for almost two years. I tried one of the other full face masks (another brand, not Mirage) and I hated it. The biggest problem was that I needed a mirror to be able to put it on and take it off. It had these little posts that hooked into a slot on the outer part of the mask and it drove me crazy because I couldn’t match the posts with the slots without looking in a mirror. I wound up giving it to my sister (her insurance isn’t as good as mine about paying for those kind of things).

    I love the clips on the Mirage Ultra II. It is so easy to put on and take off especially for cleaning. The only reason I would change is because I am an avowed side sleeper and a lot of the posts on the board here from side sleepers say that it has fewer leaks.

    I think I will try it and if it doesn’t work out I will go back to my old standby, The Ultra II.
    It may be worth asking the DME provider if I can do a trial with it.

    Thanks for your help.




    Try a soft foam pillow. I sleep on my stomach with my head to the side and don’t have any problem with the pillow causing leaks with any of the 5 masks I use. I sleep with the mask at or near the edge of the pillow.



    I find that sleeping at the edge of the pillow helps to prevent leakage from my mask too.

    My Mirage headgear is fairly tight fitting but the forehead rest has several different positions that keep it from making any lasting pressure marks on my face.

    I am hoping that the Activa will allow me to have the headgear a little more loose.




    I wear my Activa so loose that it almost seems like it will fall off. Once the APAP comes on, the cushion snaps to attention and leaks are a thing other people talk about.



    Thanks for your posts. I think I want to try the Activa. I can alway fall back on my Ultra Mirage II for awhile if it doesn’t work out. There are enough positive recommendations to risk a trial.

    Even being a side sleeper, I don’t have a lot of mask leakage with my Mirage. But I would
    like the looser fitting headgear. I have to re-adjust it every time I get my hair cut because the fit changes.



    I sleep on my side and I use an Ultra Mirage FF mask and I love it. I use one of those”squishy” pi;;ows and sleep near the edge and it does just fine. I tried just a regular pillow and that made it hurt as it pushed against my cheek and I also woke with marks on my face that would have overtime became sores.

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