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    Didn’t we used to have a sticky with Dr. recommendations?
    Maybe I hallucinated it. 😀

    I would like to recommend a Dr. in Nashville. He is a phychiatrist who specializes in sleep disorders. He is absolutely wonderful. He doesn’t delve in your past just focuses on your disorder. He is certified, does his own sleep studies and attends all the sleep conferences. Not afraid to try new things or prescribe at higher doses. I think a Dr. like him is so important with people who have N and depression.

    His name is Dr. Kirby Pate. If anyone is interested in seeing him, e-mail me at Be sure to put Talk about Sleep or something like that in the subject line cause I get so much spam I might delete it.

    Could we have a sticky with Dr. recommendations?



    Having a sticky topic with doctor recommendations is a great idea. We’re definitely going to try it. TAS requests that only positive doctor recommendations be posted on this thread. Negative doctor recommendations will be deleted from this topic, since doctors cannot defend themselves. We hope that you understand.



    Great Idea on the Dr recommendation sticky!!!

    My recommendation is for Dr. Thomas F. Burke @ the Upper Chesapeake Sleep Disorder Center. He specializes in sleep medicine, pulmonary medicine, and critical care medicine, and studied at Johns Hopkins.

    He is located at:

    501 South Union Avenue
    Room 207
    Havre de Grace, MD 21078

    I started seeing him after I had gotten a referral from my rheumatologist for a sleep study, so I searched out a sleep clinic that was in my area. This was prior to my coming on here and even knowing about the ABSM (he is ABSM certified). 😀 I got in with very little wait time and had my study in record time, with my results very quickly. He sees me every 3 months to tweak my meds and never questions anything. He is also very persistent about my care and making sure that I am accommodated.

    If you have any questions, you can contact me @ and put Talk about sleep in the subject line. Dr. Burke is listed in the “Find a Doctor” feature on this site, but I’m not sure if it is for this sleep center or not.

    Here’s the link for the hospital sleep disorder site:

    The Sleep Center is located on the 2nd floor of the hospital and is very quite, secluded from the rest of the hospital and comfortable.



    I have another recommendation. This time for a Pediatric Sleep Pulmonologist at Johns Hopkins University Children’s Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Her name is Dr. Ann Carol Halbower. She used to work at Denver Children’s Hospital and is now a pediatric sleep-disorders expert. She is ABSM certified and the center is AASM certified.

    My son is asthmatic and was having disturbed sleep, plus noticeable increase in hyperactivity in his waking hours with intermittent periods of sleep attacks. This was gradually increasing over time and I did research, questioned my doc, then decided that Hopkins was the best place to go.

    Having Dr. Halbower become his doctor happened by chance. We had his appointment get rescheduled a couple of times and when we were scheduled with her, I started doing research and found that she had a remarkable background. She is currently involved in research in children’s sleep disorders, which is impressive by all means.

    We got lost on the way to the appointment and ended up showing up an hour late… she still saw us!!! He was seen by a team of doctors plus had a Respiratory Therapist see him the same day to tweak his inhaler and add a spacer, and test his lung performance. He was scheduled for a sleep study, MSLT, HLA testing, and we went over the possibility of narcolespy (which was never suspected before).

    Let’s just say that my son is happier now, feeling that someone understands and believes in him. I’ve never seen a little boy so excited to get to sleep in a hospital environment, but he knows that it is to help him and is all for it!! Now the HLA testing is another story….

    To contact Dr. Halbower @ the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center call (410) 955-2035 for a consultation. You will most likely need a referral. You can contact me @ for more info. Please put Talk about sleep in the subject line.



    For any of you in the seattle area, I highly recomend the Virginia Mason Sleep Center…all the docs there are AWESOME and very open-minded!



    I nominate Dr. Poceta at Scripps in La Jolla, CA (San Diego County). Not only is he rumored to be the best around here, he seems to have uncanny ability to refer me to various other specialists as well. He thinks fast, talks slow, and deals with my LIFE, not just my test results. And gotta love his nurse practioner. She’s patient and

    Dr. Poceta is sleep certified and specializes in migraines and sleep disorders.


    I would recommend the following doctors, for being caring, thorough, and up-to-date on current research:

    Dr. Ana Krieger (Manhatan, NYU Sleep Disorders Center) and team

    Dr. Yury Furman (Los Angeles, CA)



    someone recommend an exception doc in the denver area?



    Oh Oh Oh. My Neurologist was awesome! Dr. Ronald Kramer of the Colorado Neuroligical Institute. If you want more info, please feel free to email me, and I’ll send the info. He’s a part of the Sleep Medicine Board, and a Sleep Medicine Specialist!!!

    I’ve been sent to one doctor after another, been DX with depression, chronic fatigue, blah blah. Dr. Dramer gave me time, he listened to me, and asked me EVERYTHING!!!! He’s funny to top it off. Excellant man.

    He is in the Army Reserves, and actually just go back from the Mongolia. Not many neurologist let alone doctors are in the reserves. I’m sad to say that I have to change DR, cause insurance. I actually wanted to CRY.



    How about someone really good in the Phoenix area. Specifically what’s called the East Valley, but I’d be willing to travel to the West Valley.

    My sleep specialist is very nice, but doesn’t seem to have many answers. My therapist is also very nice, and understand that N is horrible to live with, but still doesn’t know much about it other than what I tell her.

    So referrals for Phoenix would be welcome.




    Jared Lindo

    Dr. Thomas Freedom with Glenbrook Hospital is absolutely phenomenal. He is a sleep certified Neurologist who is up on current research; open to comments, questions, and concerns from his patients; he truly cares and works with his patients on quality of life issues, takes the time to answer any questions you have, and never rushes through appointments. He has always been able to fit me into the schedule within a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, his nurse Leigh Ann Costello, RN is supportive, knowledgable, and caring. She responds to most calls within 24 hours on business days and goes the extra mile when it comes to helping with quality of life or other concerns. This amazing duo defy most of our experiences with doctors and nurses and provide an astounding quality of care!

    Glenbrook Hospital
    2100 Pfingsten Road
    Glenview IL 60026

    (Glenbrook hospital is a part of the Northwester Illinois University Hospital Consortium.)


    absolutely this is the best news I have had in a long time!! 😀
    I have been feeling quite helpless . only place that has any pert ups for me has been here NO ONE SEEM TO UNDER STAND,
    If any one has any thing for Mn. that has the same credit as ones list here I would gladly be beholding to what ever. I am in heaven just now.
    P.S. I know the names of several Doc. but none have these recomdations. 😥
    gkate ❗ ❗
    sunny day after light frost. winter is on it way.




    I have recently received a number of inquiries for my neuro’s info, and I do highly recommend him.

    You can find his info here:

    Click on the clinic link closest to you to find out where he is at what times.

    Good luck!


    Cindy T

    If anyone is in the Pacific Northwest and looking for a good sleep specialist, I recommend Dr. John Naylor at Northwest Pulmonary in Spokane, Washington. He and his staff are compassionate and competent. I have found Dr. Naylor and his staff to be very kind and supportive of me and my disorder.

    I’ve been a patient at his office for the past five years, and wouldn’t trade doctors for anything!!!! 8)

    Cindy T

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