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    hi willow.
    yes he was one of my docs . he aand I were fine to a point and then when he didn’t understand the chemical stuff we parted company . Lise the sleepcenter head coor. is good people. Can’t say any thing about doc harrdie but he is the one who read my reports wrong. be warrie . If you get that far I am about 150 miles from there now. When I was in Pipestone we were just 60 miles from s falls. Most of my medical stuff was from there . If you ever need a enderconolgist( thyriod doc )s.falls has a great one.Doc. McMillan on Minnesota Ave. He found my thyroid problem when no one else did.
    if you ever go to the twin cities from s. falls we are just about on the path.
    g kate



    I just want to thank whoever recommended Dr. Ruzica Ristanovic at Evanston Nortthwestern, in the Chicago area! I’ve been seeing her a few months now and she and her staff are good. They listen. When I said that my CPAP was actually making me sleep worse, she listened. She ordered another titration study. We found out why the CPAP was making me worse: I don’t have Apnea! But I do have to use a autopap when I take xyrem. (she put me on xyrem and the autopap. My old doctor wouldn’t even look at the studies when I brought up both those things, said they wouldn’t work). She really works with us and always gives me choices. I like choices.


    If you are looking for sleep center in Cincinnati The Tristate Sleep Disorders Center is excellent. These docs have been working with Xyrem for fibro and alpha wave intrusion and involved in lots of research. I had been diagnosed with OBS ten years ago, but only got partial relief. Was asked to leave one job and was treated like crap at another due to foggy thinking. They finally noticed the alpha waves were out of wack. Funny that this was my third sleep study.



    I’d like to recomend Jonathan Ruzi for anyone in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area of Arizona.



    I had a follow up appt with Dr Thorpy (of Montefiore Med Center) in the city today and when I got there the secretary apologized profusely that he was unavailabe. As I was walking out she mentioned casually “or you could see Dr Ahmed.” I think that’s how its spelled.
    HE was GREAT!! I had spoken to him on the phone a few times when Thorpy was on vacation and liked him very much but I didn’t realized I could see him.
    He had all the time in the world for me, asked me many questions, went over our options and was just great. I had an episode in his office and while not getting nervous he did seem kind of shy about it. I guess just having a woman laying at your feet is a tad awkward.



    looking for a really good sleep specialist in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

    any info appreciated.



    Dr. Kelly Carden, associated with the Sleep Health Centers at Brigham and Womens and several other hospitals (I think BIDC and I know Hallmark Health).

    I love her. Love her. She does not beat around the bush, but is caring and compassionate at the same time.

    Speaking of which, I have to call her. Heh. She’ll yell at me for not calling sooner.




    Here is a recommendation for a sleep specialist in Florida. A friend of mine says this:

    My doctor runs the Sleep Clinic in Boca Raton, Dr Chediak he’s very nice!!! I really do like him a lot, he seems very understanding not just in the sleep stuff but in my other things I have going on too.


    I need one in daupin bourgh, Pa I just moved here in Oct. of last year to be closer to my soon to be hubby. Hopefully one that will accept medicaid.



    Id like to know if anyone knows of a good doctor in the detroit, AnnArbor MI or Toledo, OH area. Thanks



    Southern Oregon, Ashland/Medford

    When I lived in Southern Oregon I saw Dr. Honsinger of Southern Oregon Family Practice, he is a GP but he was willing to listen and adjust my medications, this was before I had a formal diagnosis of N and he was willing help me get on stuff to stay awake! If you are down there and don’t have anyone, he is at least willing to listen!

    Portland Oregon area-

    Maureen Conway, a nurse practioner, she specializes in medication management for depression and anxiety, but had been the one to best treat my N so far, even if she is not a specialist in this area.



    I was referred to his partner, but was able to get in sooner to see this Sleep Medicine doctor in San Antonio, TX:

    David A. Schenk, M.D., FCCP
    Snore and Sleep Center
    7940 Floyd Curl Dr.
    Medical Center Tower II, Suite 220/240
    San Antonio, TX 78229
    (210) 692-0934

    Bio from the website:
    A native of Chicago, Dr. Schenk is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and Tulane University School of Medicine. He relocated to Texas in 1978 and served as chairman of the Pulmonary / Critical Care Medicine Department at Wilford Hall Medical Center from 1987 until his retirement from the Air Force in 1993. Prior to retirement, Dr. Schenk was instrumental in establishing a sleep laboratory at Wilford Hall Medical Center. Dr. Schenk has published several papers on lung cancer staging. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine.

    I’ve seen him once. They have an intake form where it asks you questions about your symptoms — so he started asking me about my symptoms. The list was pretty inclusive to help find Apnea, Narcolepsy/IH, Insomnia, RLS, etc. Good way to start conversation. I answered some of his questions then just took a chance and told him about how I ended up in his office (Cataplexy; saw it was linked to Narcolepsy and had outstanding fatigure issues that other doctors were always trying to explain away). He looked inside my mouth with a light, told me it certainly sounded like I had Narcolepsy and that we should schedule a PSG and MSLT to confirm and to rule in/out any other sleep disorders. He gave me a sample pack of Provigil and told me to take it for a few days, but to discontinue before the sleep test.

    He was nice, efficient. Wants to see me in a month so we can go over sleep test results and any other medication options. It’s obvious that the office specializes in Sleep Apnea, but then again 18 million people in the US have that vs less than 150,000 with Narcolepsy.

    ***UPDATE APRIL 2008***

    Dr. Schenk’s office staff leaves a little something to be desired in the follow-up area. Since he has gotten a new patient coordinator, Belinda, things have been better. His nurse, Opal, is also wonderful! However, many of my visits have run almost an hour late and have started to feel more like “assembly line” and rushed. Dr. Schenk also prescribed Elavil, which is a very old tricyclic antidepressant, for my Cataplexy.

    I have since been referred to another Sleep Physician by my Psychiatrist, this time one who is a Neurologist. His name is Yanko Yankov (really!) and he’s very Russian. If you have a hard time understanding accents, you might not want to see Dr. Yankov. However, he is very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and seems to spend a lot more time with me during individual appointments. His office staff got me set up on the Xyrem success program very quickly. I like that he is a Neurologist so he knows about the brain rather than a Pulmonologist that maybe focuses more on sleep apnea issues. He also took me off the Elavil and put me on Effexor, a more modern anti-cataplexy drug that also stimulates norepinephrine production. Good deal!

    There are pros and cons to both docs, and I’m actually kind of seeing both of them right now. My initial visit with Yankov was more of a consultation, so all of my prescriptions are still managed by Schenk’s office.

    Contact info for Yankov:

    Yanko A. Yankov, M.D., Ph.D.
    Certified by the
    American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
    American Board of Sleep Medicine
    American Board of Neurophysiology (NCV/EMG, EEG)
    540 Madison Oak, Suite 620
    San Antonio, TX 78258
    Office (210) 798-6387
    Fax (210) 798-2016

    Dr. Yankov is board-certified in Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, and Sleep Medicine. He completed his sleep fellowship program through the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

    Best of luck to you!



    I’ve seen the posts with requests for N doctors in Michigan, Detroit Area. I see Dr. Cao, pronouced Chow.

    Nancy Cao MD PhD
    25865 W 12 Mile Rd #110, Section D
    Southfield, MI 48034

    If you are looking for a Neurologist in general or a new Neurologist, see her. She’s pretty good. I know, not a great recommendation. Maybe it’s the N, but I feel like I might be able to do better. Part of it might be that her previous partner was limiting her. But she no longer works in Royal Oak Beaumont’s building.

    If anyone else has a Detroit, MI area N doctor recommendation I’d love to hear it.



    All. I was recently looking for a new doctor and thought I’d include the list of questions I came up with. They might help someone who is looking for a new doctor.

    Do you participate with my insurance?

    What are your hours? Does the doctor have another office? What is that location and what hours would they be available there?

    How far in advance do I need to make an appointment to see the doctor?

    How much time will the doctor spend with me during a regular office visit? This is a good gauge of how rushed or relaxed your relationship will be.

    Is the doctor likely to be running late on a regular basis? (My last doctor could be expected to be at least 2 hours late by lunch time every day!)

    What’s the cancellation policy? Some offices have strict policies, which may be a good sign: It means they try to stick to the schedule. But it can also be a bad sign as we with Narcolepsy tend to forget things. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think pwn tend to be late!

    Who will answer my questions when I call with a health problem, and who might answer these questions other than the doctor? This is a good gauge of how accessible the doctor is and the qualifications of a nurse or assistant who may work with them.

    Can I send questions via e-mail? This is an easy way to have simple concerns addressed. I found this one on someone else’s suggestion. But I’ve never known a doctor to allow e-mail questions!

    What tests or procedures are done right in the office, and which will require me to go to a hospital or lab? This is another good gauge of how conveniently the practice is designed to meet your needs.

    Where would I have to go to get a Sleep Study done? Blood Work? To do the Sleep Study would the doctor require me to go off any of my current medications?

    Is there a charge to complete FMLA Paperwork, or would this be covered under an Office Visit? I was told there would be a $50 fee for this by one Neurologist, and I thought that was absolutely ridiculous.

    Can I get a copy of your office policy? This includes information on everything from hours to how to get a prescription refilled. Again this one I got from someone else. I haven’t tried asking for it, but it sounds like a good idea!

    Would I be able to get Restricted Rx refills mailed to me between office visits?

    Tip: Before signing on with a new doctor, check his credentials through an accredited site, like the American Medical Association’s DoctorFinder (



    Any recs for a Dr. in Tulsa?

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