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    I’ve been prescribed gabapentin for DSPS. 300mg before i go to bed.
    I realize this is the Fibromyalgia forum, but I know the drug is sometimes prescribed for this condition, so I thought I might ask! 🙂
    My questions for anyone with experience with this drug:

    –have you had any weight gain issues?
    –how quickly does it start to take effect?
    –anything else I should watch out for with this drug?
    –how does gabapentin work for F? My reason for asking is that I have a chronic shoulder problem (2 surgeries, sports related)-the last time they went in the surgeon came back with NTF, even though I continue to have pain. he thought it might be nerve related, but wasn’t sure. When my sleep dr recommended trying this drug for DSPS, i thought maybe i’ll get a 2nd benefit from it. What dosage have you found to be effective for pain?

    Would appreciate any input.

    Klonopin and Ambien both worked well for a while for me. I lost weight while on Ambien but gained while on Klonopin (I heard Gabapentin is similar?).



    Glenda C.

    I was prescribed this stuff several years ago.
    300 mg’s 3 times daily.

    This stuff is Wicked*

    It made my head feel like it weighed 500 pounds.
    And it caused me to jerk and twitch like I was having a fit.

    I told the doctor there is NO way I will continue this stuff.

    Be carefull when you use it.


    I wound up taking 900mg three times a day and never had a single side effect. But it also was absolutely no help with my fibro so I stopped taking it. My dr said that it could take 6 weeks to see the full effect and if I wasn’t getting any help at 900mg then there was no point to try anymore.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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