How does Zopiclone compare?

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    I’ve always (well, since I graduated college, and I am now a mother of three…) had a trouble with episodiac insomnia and in the course of my life have been through several doctors and even more medication. A friend of mine who’s moved to Europe has told me about a medicine
    called zopiclone (they buy it online from My doctor here hasn’t heard of it. Could somebody here tell me:

    1. How does zopiclone compare to Ambien? I normally take one tablet of ambien.

    2. Is zopiclone really not addictive? They claim it isn’t, but I had a bad experience with valium in the 80s when I felt like I had to take it every night to sleep for a period and couldn’t sleep at all when I didn’t. Is this going to happen again?

    3. Is there something else better than maybe me or my doctor hasn’t heard of? Maybe something new?

    Hoping you folks can provide some answers for a sleepless and worried mom…



    I tried zopiclone when my insomnia first started. however i would definatly not recomend it as i spent the whole night either doubled up with excruciating stomach cramps or with my head in the toilet. at 6:30 I fell asleep for half an hour-that sleep was really refreshing so maybe without this violent reaction it might be a good drug, however i decided that not being able to sleep was better than not beeing able to sleep and being in excruciatin pain. try it and see….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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