Is this cataplexy??

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    I see my new family doctor on Tuesday for my daytime sleepiness that I’ve had for the past several years. It probably started right before PA school… falling asleep in movie theaters, hair cut appointment, while reading, doing homework, inclass. It accelerated during PA school – why was i the only person who routinely could not keep my eyes open during class? I joked during my surgical rotation that I could fall asleep anywhere until I fell asleep during a cholecysrectory wh holding the instruments. I told everyone that I just passed out. I’d also been getting nightly hallucinations upon falling asleep. Usually spiders but occasionally a person, an animal or just hearig people talking. I went to my doctor and she diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine did not prevent me from falling asleep at the wheel and during meetings. As a PA now, I looked back and noticed that I’ve been taking medication for SUBCLINICAL hypothyroidism. I was never even truly hypothyroid.

    Now my supervising physician is my family doctor – he asked if I’d ever had muscle weakness during strong emotions. I told him that I hadn’t unless this counts – when I am excited or anticipating something good or bad, or if I am really scared or nervous, I get a feeling of a rushing tingling that goes down my arms only. It ends in a tingling sensation running down my arms and I get subtle arm weakness that lasts about 30 second. Is this cataplexy?

    I feel as though I should know this but I work in family practice and really my specialty is pediatrics and diabetes…

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