Narcolepsy and driving

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    Regaurding the driving with N. I don’t think it should be allowed, not that im trying to speak out against it. On the contrary i was a auto mechanic and car salesman for 8 years and have owned several muscle cars. I loved to drive. But i no longer trust myself on the road. Although i have a clean record, i fall asleep anytime im on the road for more than 10 min. The ONLY reason i havent either had a serious accident or killed someone yet is that i live in North Dakota, which is one of the LEAST populated states with minimal traffic. Plus, now with a wife and daughter, if i am driving and something happens to them (or someone else) because im too stubborn to take responsibility for my illness; then i am no better than a drunk driver. Actually, that was how they found out that my dad had N. He totaled out a car, luckily he swerved and hit an overpass and no one was hurt.



    I never have been sleepy at the wheel. On long trips when my husband and I took turns driving, I never took more turns at resting than he did. (I can’t stay awake as a passenger.) I do get tired of sitting, like any driver and want to stretch my legs.

    I even used to drive other people’s cars for a guide service. They would park their cars where they put the boats in and float downstream. My husband and I and another couple used to get the keys from the motel owner where the cars were parked and drive them to the ending point. I drove very expensive cars. I have never hit anything or anybody with my car except a dog that ran across an island that was heavily planted with bushes and couldn’t see him until he was in front of my truck. The sighting and the impact were at the same time.

    People run into me when I am always legally stopped at a stop light or parked. (one guy that hit me was a drunk)

    I just don’t like to drive any more.

    If I had been diagnosed back when I was young and the rule was to take my licence I would have not been able to take care of my children……… my husband was a railroader and gone a lot. I drove to all the sports, scouts, church, school events, swim class, doctors, dentists, bowling, played in a symphony, etc. To take away my licence would have ruined my life.

    As I grew older there were things that I naturally no longer did. Not because I wasn’t responsible but because I didn’t want to do them. I no longer care for anyone’s children. I don’t do heavy physical work, I hire it done. I don’t go places that I don’t want to go or be with people that I don’t want to be with. I don’t try to lift things that I might not be able to carry, climb trees to trim them, or climb ladders at all if possible. I know that i would not recover from a fall like I used to.

    Now on the 100mg of Provigil a day to control my symptoms I will accept that responsibility and no longer drive after 10pm when the medicine might be wearing off. If I am going with a group at anytime of day, i am going to opt for someone else to drive. (I usually do anyway.)

    My driving record is good and I plan to do all I can to keep it that way. I, unlike some have not had any minor accidents that go unreported. Scratches, dents, etc. An old man hit my parked car in a parking lot and gave me $700.00 to pay for the damage. Another guy backed out of a parking spot and backed into the side of my rental car ….. regardless of all my horn honking. I couldn’t move, I was waiting for a place to pull out to get into traffic. Once a rock hit my windshield. I do have to take responsibility for one time I was backing out of a gate and I nicked my mirror on the gate.

    I have driven snowmobiles, boats, cars, motorcycles…….(raced motorcycles) drove ski-dos, pulled skiers, rode lawn mowers, and have never had any problems and was never sleepy when operating them.

    I do remember being tired one time traveling with my four-yr old son and pulled over and took a nap. That was because I was driving at night. It wasn’t extreme fatigue or a drugged or exhausted feeling, I just napped for safety reasons and the love of my son.

    If I ever find myself napping at stop signs, etc I will stop driving. But if I have never done that in 48 years of driving, I doubt that I will do it now that I am on the Provigil and don’t nap at all.

    The provigil has taken away the symptoms that I have suffered all my life. I no longer sleep in meetings or doctors offices. The paralyses where I fall asleep in my recliner and can’t wake up to go to bed has stopped. The nightmares have stopped. I don’t feel fatigue at all. But It is 1237am and I am now getting sleepy, so I will go to bed and in 2.4 minutes I will be asleep.

    Good night.




    Driving is a privilege not a right. I think PWN should be allowed to drive but it comes with great responsibility.

    I know when I’m getting sleepy behind the wheel. When I do I pull over and take a nap. I build time into any trip, including to work in back just for that event. There is some risk in pulling over but not as great as driving and having a sleep bout.

    I usually pull over in church yards or cemeteries. In urban areas I use Walmart parking lots close to the main entrance.

    Even so, it is dangerous to sleep off road. Rest areas are the most dangerous (I think) but what are you going to do when you travel alone?




    You are right. Driving is a privilege. Nothing has changed in my symptoms since I have been diagnosed but I am taking precautions. The provigil is supposed to last 12-15 hours. I take mine at 8am and can start getting sleepy as early as 10pm. Usually it is actually midnight. Since I can go to sleep at will within 2.4 minutes I am never too concerned about going to bed.

    However, I have elected the early time for my curfew (10pm) and will not drive after that. I am seldom out driving around after that time of night anyway. I do go to the airport sometimes as early as 4am, but that is when I am going someplace for a long time and then I have a neighbor/friend take me so my car will be home and looking occupied while I am gone. It also saves on parking fees and possible damage to my car. Besides when I leaving on a trip I can hardly sleep and am not sleepy until I get o the plane. If I hop on a plane for a day trip, I leave later in the day.

    Since I have privileges with all airlines, WHY DRIVE TO TRAVEL?

    Like I said before, I have never had a problem staying awake to drive. I just don’t like to drive. When I travel with others I try to make them drive. They always want me to drive, that way I am awake to talk to them. 😯 As a passenger I am in a coma. 😥

    I have privileges through the airline with hotels/motels so there is no longer any reason to park anywhere but at a hotel or motel.

    When my husband and I used to travel with the children in the motor home, we often parked at night in gas stations. (We would ask permission.) Don’t know if you can do that now days. mmmmm. It could be noisy if they provided gas for 18-wheelers, but you knew that you were safe. Noise never bothered the kids and it was the sound of safety to us. 😀



    Most Walmarts allow overnight parking of RVs and trailers (its good for business).

    I hate to sleep in rest areas anytime but like I say sometimes I do.

    Wasn’t it Michael Jordan’s father that was murdered because he took a nap (while driving somewhere) in a church parking lot?



    Driving that to night time is the very difficult moments for me that several days ago I was went to trip with friends and all the journey the car was driven by me. After the very refusing that in these days was starting the journey of world tour that I had missed.

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