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    Several years ago I met a man that I was absolutely crazy about. He was everything I ever wanted in a man. He was going through a divorce from a woman he said was seriously mentally ill. At that time I was on a mission to discover the exact nature of problems I experienced since I was a teenager. These problems related to sleep, and I had been coping with the symptoms through the use of illicit street drugs, After being sent to prison and upon my release, I came to realize my son was exhibiting the same symptoms as I.

    The more I got to know this man, the more I learned about his soon to be ex-wife. Both my son and I ended up being diagnosed with Narcolepsy, so I was in the process of learning about Narcolepsy and sleep deprivation. The more he told me about her, the more I began to suspect that she might be suffering from a sleep disorder. She had been going to a doctor who eventually sent her to a psychiatrist. I repeatedly told him that I believed she might have a sleep disorder.

    Everyone in this woman’s life was getting pretty impatient with this woman’s complaints and treated her like she was generally a big pain in the ass. One day, the love of my life called me and said he couldn’t make it for dinner that night because he had to go clean up his ex-wife’s trailer. Apparently, she couldn’t take being called a liar and a drama queen anymore and put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. I was so upset, you would have thought that I actually knew the woman. When I asked my boyfriend where she got the gun to killing herself with, he said he had given it to her. He said she was in such despair and pain, that he felt he had to “help” her, so he gave her the gun. Needless to say, what happened ended my relationship with this man.

    People, as fellow sufferers of sleep disorders, we have to be on the look out for undiagnosed sufferers. This woman took her life because she was one of the first people to develop fibromyalgia, and could not find anyone to listen. She took her life needlessly. In the coming years, I am sure there will be more new and unbelievable types of sleep disorders popping up to confound mankind. Let’s keep our eyes and hearts open to those who suffer.

    In a related matter, forty years ago I had a co-worker who began complaining that she was losing feeling in her thumb and had pain going all the way up her left arm. Eventually, workman’s compensation said she too was mentally ill. I now realize she was one of the first people to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. When science is unable to explain anything in terms of absolutes, they tend to throw the disorder into the mental disorder diagnostic manual.

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