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Last updated: September 11, 2022

Nectar Bed Frame Review (Fall 2022)

Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Last updated: September 11, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Elevating bedroom décor
  • Comfortable rest
  • Three different sizes of mattresses
  • Metal construction
  • Upholstered headboard
  • Wooden slats
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Let’s face it: you need a bed frame to keep your mattress from sagging. Apart from that, the frame also elevates the height of your bed and protects you against potential allergens on the floor. It’s not enough to just buy a bed frame, and you have to buy a high-quality one like the Nectar bed frame.

This bed frame blends a metal construction with an upholstered headboard and wooden slats to provide your mattress solid and reliable support. With a wide variety of features, this product is one of the best the market has to offer. Our Nectar bed frame review will give you a comprehensive insight into everything the product offers.


Frame with a headboard
Sizes available
Full, Queen, and King
Frame material
Metal with wooden slats
Headboard material
Upholstered, button-tufted
Grey, Linen
Three years

Nectar Bed Frame with Headboard Review

As we mentioned in our introduction, the Nectar bed frame boasts a wide variety of features that guarantee you maximum comfort all through the night. Below, we will discuss all of these vital features and help you learn how they support both your mattress and healthy sleep.

Overall performance and functions

Every buyer wants a bed frame that adds value to their bedroom, and that’s exactly what you get from the Nectar bed frame. Not only does it offer you a frame to elevate your mattress, but it also boasts a headboard. Apart from the frame, which is made from metal, the luxurious headboard is upholstered and button-tufted for great comfort and exciting style.

No doubt, the Nectar bed frame is the one you call perfect for a contemporary bedroom. It is not just stylish, and it is also solid, sturdy, and durable. With this low-profile foundation frame, you can get a relaxing and comfortable environment to rest after a long day at work.

Besides, the Nectar bed frame features sturdy center support that is spearheaded by wooden slats. The slats provide your maximum mattress support, meaning there will be no need for a box spring or extra frame. This solid wood slat foundation is supported by eight 8-inch legs that boast a trendy low-profile appearance while providing you the perfect height to get in and out of bed conveniently and comfortably.


Nectar Bed Frame Review (Fall 2022)Apart from the goal of protecting your mattress from sagging, another factor for considering a bed frame is to add style and elevate the appeal of your bedroom. Placing a mattress on the floor does not make a room look as great as placing the mattress on a stylish frame like the Nectar bed frame.

This bed frame boasts an upholstered headboard that looks great and promises absolute comfort. The padded headboard is also button-tufted, turning up the style and giving your bedroom a luxurious appeal. Also, the frame features very attractive support legs that are modern and sleek in design.

Available Sizes

You probably know that there are different sizes of mattresses, and there are corresponding sizes of frames for them. The Nectar bed frame offers three different sizes, including Full, Queen, and King. These are the most popular sizes you find in most bedrooms, so you can easily find the ideal one for your room. We will break down the bed frame sizes below to help you understand them better.

  • Full Size: A full-size bed frame is specifically constructed for a full-size mattress. It offers a large surface area for persons who sleep alone to enjoy a comfortable rest. This size is also usually found in guest bedrooms. If your mattress is full size, this is the right frame to buy. It is 60 inches wide, 84 inches long, and 8 inches tall.
  • Queen Size: As you might have guessed, the queen-size bed frame is ideal for only a queen mattress. This size is the most popular choice on the market because it is suitable for couples and double sleepers. It is 66 inches wide, 89 inches long, and 8 inches tall.
  • King Size: The king size is the largest Nectar bed frame. It offers a wider sleeping surface for couples and those who sleep with a partner or kids. The king-size accommodates only a king-size mattress. It measures 82 inches in width, 89 inches in length, and 8 inches in height.

It’s important to note that there’s no “best” bed frame size, only the ideal one for your mattress. If you are buying a frame before a mattress, you should take the size of your bedroom into account. You will also have to determine how the size you’re choosing affects other furniture in the room. The smart way to go is to ensure you choose a size that can comfortably fit into your bedroom and still allows you good space to walk around the house.

By now, you know a queen mattress won’t fit into a full-size frame since the queen size is larger. Even though Nectar offers a generous return policy, it’s best to choose a size that matches up your mattress to prevent avoidable stress.

Frame material

The material of a bed frame is its soul. Without a good material, the frame can’t be solid, sturdy, or durable, making it almost useless. That’s the kind of frame you want to distance yourself from. Thankfully, the Nectar bed frame is made from high-quality metal to create a sturdy and solid foundation for your mattress.

Moreover, a typical metal bed frame is widely known to be durable because it doesn’t bend, rot, warp, or sag with age, making it the dream option to support your mattress and elevate it from the floor. Unlike many other metal frames, the Nectar bed frame does not require a box spring. It solely relies on its strength to hold the slats.

Nectar Bed Frame Review (Fall 2022)Headboard material

Earlier, we mentioned how cool and stylish the Nectar bed frame’s headboard is. The unique material of the headboard makes it appealing and attractive. The headboard is upholstered for style and comfort. It features a silky button-tufted fabric that is soft to the touch and even the head. This makes the headboard a pretty good surface to rest your head when using your phone or to read a book before you sleep.

Also, this rectangular headboard’s upholstery is filled with foam, thus providing extra cushion behind your head as you rest. The button-tuft decorates the headboard and adds to the style. No doubt, the Nectar bed frame is the perfect choice if you’re looking for extra comfort—something plush/soft to rest on when you sit upright in bed.


One popular issue every buyer wants to avoid is difficult assembly. Some bed frames take forever to be assembled, mostly due to their difficult construction or poor instructions. Difficult assembly is very unattractive, and it’s understandable if a buyer boycotts a bed frame for that sole reason. Thankfully, the Nectar bed frame promises ease of assembly.

This bed frame comes in a compact package that can fit through narrow hallways, doorways, or stairwells. The package includes all parts, tools, and instructions needed to easily assemble the frame. Not only is the Nectar bed frame easy to set up, but it can also be disassembled quickly for transport or storage.


Apart from the design of furniture, another factor that enhances its appeal is the color. You can’t rule out the vital role of color in enhancing the look of the furniture or a room. The Nectar delivers in this area with two cool, amazing colors that turn up the style.

You can go for neutral linen or fashionable grey to create a calm ambiance and elevate your sleep experience. Before making a choice, make sure it complements the colors and décor of other furniture in your room. You can also consider the colors of your curtain and wall.

If you’re conflicted, you can enlist the expertise of an interior designer to choose the perfect color for your bedroom.

Durability and Warranty

Durability is surely the hallmark of a top product, and the Nectar bed frame doesn’t disappoint in this area. Thanks to its metal construction, it is extremely durable and promises long years of use. Unlike a typical wooden bed frame, this frame does not run the risk of deteriorating over time. It’s also tough enough to withstand being moved, disassembled, reassembled over and over again.

Despite its durability, the Nectar bed frame offers a generous three-year warranty in case of damages that are not induced by you. There’s also a 50-day sleep trial that allows you to test the frame. You have the freedom to return it up to 50 days after purchase if you don’t like it. Returning the product is free if you’re in the contiguous United States (US). If you’re outside of the US, you’ll have to pay a delivery charge at checkout.

Price Tag

Another big selling point of the Nectar bed frame is its fair price. The price varies with the size you’re buying. For instance, the full sell for $300 while the queen sells for $350. The king—which is the largest and most expensive—costs $375. These prices are great for a durable bed frame that adds great style and comfort to your bedroom.

Key Features

Nectar Bed Frame Review (Fall 2022)A bed frame is nothing without some important features that make it deliver. The Nectar bed frame boasts some key features that shape its impressive performance. With a timeless, modern design, this frame attracts several buyers. Apart from the frame’s metal construction, there’s a headboard that features super soft button-tufted upholstery. There are also durable wooden slats that provide a reliable support system to keep your mattress in place.

·         Modern and attractive design

·         Durable wooden slats

·         No box spring required

·         Easy assembly

·         Ships in a compact package

·         No under-bed storage space


The Nectar bed frame features metal construction, an upholstered headboard, and wooden slats that add style to your bedroom and provide you comfortable sleep experience. With our Nectar bed frame review, you have all the necessary information to make the perfect choice for your mattress and bedroom.

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