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Last updated: November 25, 2022

Parachute Sheets Review (Winter 2022)

Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Reviewed by
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Last updated: November 25, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Deep mattresses
  • Those who have time for maintenance
Main features:
  • Made of 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Includes fitted sheets and pillowcases
  • Moisture-wicking and cool material
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Parachute is a great wellness company; it was started after the founder went on a trip to Italy, came back to the States, and needed sheets that were as comfortable as the ones that she had been sleeping on. She couldn’t find anything that she thought was at a reasonable price point and decided to start her own company.

Parachute doesn’t have a lot of bedsheets in its sheet catalog; however, the Parachute Percale Sheet and the Sateen Sheet sets are some of the best made they’ve made. Meanwhile, the percale sheets are very sizy and make you sleep cool. In this review, we’ll talk more about the features of the sheets and tell you whether it’s for you. Read on to find out more!


Sizes available
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
100% long-staple Egyptian cotton
White, Cream, Sand, Light Grey, Blush, Slate, Clay, Putty
Machine wash cool using mild, liquid laundry detergent. Do not bleach. Iron on low heat if desired, tumble dry low.
Not covered

First, we will review the sheets considering aspects such as the overall performance, the colors, and sizes available, the material, fit, maintenance, durability and warranty, price tag, among other features.

Overall Performance and Functions

Parachute does not include a flat sheet by default, but when you order an extra flat sheet with it, you get an extra-wide sheet which is great. It’s very extra wide on length and breadth, and it can be tucked in under the mattress. You will have a lot of extra material hanging out on the side of the mattress. It’s a very snug cozy-hotel size sheet which is awesome.

You can sleep on the sheets for several days without having to fix the sheets. They stay in place and are great for deep mattresses.

The pillowcases have nice square corners on both sides. There aren’t extra inches of fabric hanging off to one side as you see in a traditional pillowcase. So, aesthetically they look awesome. The problem with the sham-style pillowcases is that you can’t turn the pillow over in the middle of the night. Not everybody feels like they need to turn the pillow over in the middle of the night, but some sometimes do.

You may go to sleep with wet hair and want to flip the pillows so that you are not sleeping in the damp. If you are pregnant or menopausal and dealing with hot flashes, you will want to flip the pillow over, or sometimes just on a hot day. You know that sometimes a pillow side can be cooler than the other side.

These are percale sheets. They tend to wrinkle more than the Parachute Sateen Sheet Set. However, you can use a cool iron to get some of the wrinkles out.

Parachute Sheets Review (Winter 2022)

But if you’re somebody who doesn’t like ironing your sheets and you can’t stand the way the wrinkled sheets look, you might want to choose the sateen version rather than the percale one.

Percale sheets like these will give you a cooler night’s sleep. So, if you’re willing to trade some wrinkles for a cooler night, where you’re not going to wake up sweating, it’s worth considering.

Another advantage is percale gets softer over time. After two washes, the sheets get softer than they were out of the box, and you can only imagine how much softer they’re going to get overtime.

Another great upside is, as beautiful as the pillowcases look, the square corners come at the cost of having the seam for the pillow sham right in the middle of the pillow. So, let’s assume you’re too lazy to blow-dry your hair before bed. You can’t flip the pillow when you get too hot, or your pillow gets too wet.

The disadvantage is true of any percale sheet set. And that’s just the wrinkles. There are plenty of ways to get around it if you’re willing to iron or if you’re willing to rewet and smooth them out.

We don’t think it’s necessarily worth it if the slightly rumpled sheets don’t bother you that much. It’s only a downside if you’re really concerned about the aesthetic of having super crisp sheets.

Available Sizes

The sheets are made to fit Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King mattresses. The sheet is ideal for deep mattresses; they fit a 12-inch mattress better.

The fitted sheet is moderately tight and snugs all the way over the mattress without shifting while you are sleeping.

As for the top sheet, it’s ideal for users who want the flat sheet to have enough extra fabric on the sides that they can tuck under the mattress. The big advantage of this sheet set is that the sheets are big enough for a 10–18-inch mattress.


Parachute Percale Sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton, and the sheets are made in Portugal. Compared to the sateen version, which is also made of cotton, this helps you sleep cooler.


The default sheet set does not include a flat sheet and a top sheet. The pack contains a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. However, if you feel like you want a flat top sheet, you can add this to your order.


Parachute is a company that cares a lot about how its customers take care of the product. So, on their website, there are two different places where you can get expanded care instructions for the sheets. And that’s in addition to the label that’s on every piece of bedding that you buy from Parachute. Instructions are provided for both the percale sheets that we’re talking about now and the sateen sheet.

Parachute wants you to wash with cool water and then dry on low heat.

So, those of you who are used to washing with hot water and then drying on high are good to have to get used to this change. However, you have to listen to Parachute. They know what is best for their products, and they’re telling you that this is the way it should be.

We would also like to note that for those of you who like liquid fabric softeners, that Parachute discourages the use of that, and they discourage the use of dryer sheets. Instead, they say that you should use wool dryer balls, and you can buy those from Parachute and Amazon.


This sheet set is obtainable in eight different colors. These include White, Cream, Sand, Blush, Slate, Putty, Clay, and Light Grey.

Parachute makes the order process so customizable. You can order a grey fitted sheet, white top sheet, and powder blue pillowcases in the same set.

Durability and Warranty

Percale sheets are durable, and this includes the Parachute sheets. Asides from the wrinkle problem, the sheet set doesn’t have problems with pilling, wear, and tears. It’s made from Egyptian cotton, which lasts longer than cotton.

Parachute Sheets Review (Winter 2022)

The product is not covered by a warranty. However, what we liked is that it comes with a 60-day sleep trial period. If you’re not satisfied with the quality within that window, you can return it.

Price Tag

The downside to the Parachute sheets is that they are sold at a slightly higher price point than some of the other competitors on the market. However, from a price point, an advantage of the sheet is less about the sheets but more about the company; and that is their non-profit donation. That this is a company that is concerned with social good makes us a little bit less concerned that the Parachute sheets are slightly on the pricier side compared to some of the other direct luxury sheet companies. So, considering the pricey side, it’s up to you whether you think that they’re worth it.

Key Features

Some of the most important features of the sheets are:

  • Made from Egyptian cotton: The sheets are made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. It’s a moisture-absorbent material with great porosity; hence, it lets air pass through. The material is more durable and stronger than cotton.
  • Cool and breathable: The Parachute percale sheets are great for hot sleepers as they are cool and breathable. Percale and sateen sheets are both beautiful. They’re both comfortable, but the sateen sheets tend to make you sleep warmer. If you are a hot sleeper, sateen is just not quite as breathable.
  • Customizable comfort: The purchase of the sheets is very customizable. You can order for different colors and choose to add extra sheets to your order.



  • Made from high-quality Egyptian cotton
  • Doesn’t pill, wear, or tear
  • Porous material cool and breathable
  • Customizable order
  • 60-day sleep trial
  • Durable and strong material
  • No warranty coverage
  • Problems with wrinkles


The Parachute Percale Sheets include a fitted sheet with sham-style pillowcases. The fitted sheets wrap around a deep mattress with no problem. The flat sheet which you can order does not come as part of the default sheet set, but you can order it separately if you need it. The flat sheet, once you receive it, is wide enough that you can still tuck it under your deep mattress. Overall, you will get a nice hotel tuck sheet. The biggest downsides are the wrinkles and the somewhat pricey purchase. However, this is a great set for those who need a quality sheet that can prevent them from sleeping warm at night.

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