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Last updated: September 10, 2022

Snowe Sheets Review (Winter 2022)

Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Last updated: September 10, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Hot sleepers
  • Increasing breathability
  • Adding a luxury touch to your bed
Key features:
  • Excellent texture
  • Long-staple Italian milled cotton
  • Available in all sizes and great solid colors
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  • Price 9.0
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Choosing the right cotton sheets can be a difficult task because they come in several sizes and types and are of quite a varying quality. But do not let this challenge deter you from finding the best sheets for your bed. Remember that your bedsheets do not only dictate the aesthetic of your room, but also your lifestyle and comfort. This Snowe sheets review is the answer to all your bed, sleep, and body needs!

Snowe is a well-reputed brand that caters to all your home and comfort needs. Their popularity is due to the simplistic and affordable, yet luxury items. We bring you a detailed review of the Snowe sheets, which help you decide whether this item is the right one for you or not.

We carefully considered some main features, such as the material, weave, thread count, and texture, as well as some extra features, like colors, durability, and sizes. This article will help you get to know every detail there is to know before buying your favorite Snowe Percale sheets. We will also inform you of its superiority when it comes to other available options in the market.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.


Long-staple cotton
Thread count
Number of colors
Full, Queen, King, California King
What’s included
1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases

Snowe Sheets Review

The percale weaved, long-staple cotton sheets by Snowe are a masterpiece. They are lightweight with a breathable texture and have an excellent thread count, making for a luxurious option to sleep on.

We have considered the main as well as extra features of these Snowe sheets, providing a detailed and honest review. Each and every feature has its own importance and can be subject to personal preference as well. Carefully familiarize yourself with the details, so you can too buy a set of the most comfortable sheets!


Snowe Sheets Review (Winter 2022)

Perhaps the most important feature to consider when buying new bed sheets is the material of the sheets. This is what dictates the comfort and safety of the fabric. The Snowe sheets we are reviewing are milled and finished in Italy. They are constructed from high-quality 100% cotton. The cotton material is Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, making it pure and chemical-free.

The material is free of 300 common harmful chemicals found in regular cotton fabrics, therefore they are suitable for even those prone to allergies and fabric-induced skin reactions.

Apart from being one of the safest and comfortable materials, these long-staple cotton sheets are breathable and lightweight.

They can help you achieve a well-rested and relaxed sleep, so you wake up fresh every morning.

This is because they keep you cool throughout the night and keep your body temperature regulated. Moreover, the fabric is resilient, making it resistant to pilling and damaging before time.


Percale sheets, as the name suggests are woven in a percale patterned weave, which has a crisp and lightweight texture. The weave is important to consider because it is part of the recipe that makes a fabric comfortable or in some cases the opposite. Percale weaves do not trap heat, making them perfect for hot sleepers and those who live in hot weather conditions.

Moreover, percale has a smoothing effect that gives the fabric a slippery feel. This makes them feel like almost silky linen, which guarantees comfort. Most people prefer percale weaves for the mattifying look that it creates, appealing to not just the touch, but the eye as well. These crisp yet soft percale weave cotton sheets by Snowe are a winner that will make you swear off all other sheets!

However, the very airy nature of these sheets prevents them from the elegance of a body drape. Because they lie light on you, they do not feel like sateen sheets, but they are perfect for percale lovers. You know they are the right sheets for you if you love smooth-to-touch and fine-looking sheets on your bed that stay fresh even after multiple uses.

Thread Count

The thread count is one of the defining features of these sheets. This ensures luxury and comfort. These sheets are superior because of their perfectly balanced thread count, with the exact same number of threads blended in both the top and the bottom of the sheets.

The 500 thread count makes them a high-end product that you experience inexpensive hotel rooms. Made with one thread over and one thread under percale weave, they ensure that the resultant sheets are lightweight and breathable.

The high thread count makes these sheets smoother than other percale weaves. Snowe takes quite a lot of pride in the advanced technology and hand-finished sheets, which are guaranteed to make you feel satisfied with every penny that you spend.


The texture of these sheets is definitely something to rave about, considering how soft and luxurious they feel on your skin. Most percale woven sheets have a crisp texture and Snowe sheets are no different. However, they are definitely lighter than other percale weaves.

These exceptionally smooth sheets have another quality that sets them apart from others, it is their thickness. Despite being extremely lightweight and breathable, they are thicker than other percale sheets. This texture may feel papery at first, but, when you move past their texture at face value, you will find that they are soft and comfortable to sleep in.

Our favorite thing when it comes to the texture of Snowe percale sheets is that they get better with every wash! This means that they may require some breaking in at first, but after use and wash, they only get softer and more comfortable!


The fit can really make a standard bed sheet look stylish, which is why users consider this feature when selecting sheets for their homes. Snowe has managed to become a leading competitor in the market because of its excellent fit! In a market swamped with options, Snowe sheets stand out with their cutting-edge designs that accommodate most mattresses and fit like a glove on all beds!

Snowe sheet sets come with a fitted sheet, along with two standard pillowcases. The design has deep pockets of 17 inches that allow easy and snug-fitting. The corners are incorporated with elastic bands that grip the mattress tightly, which prevents ill-fits and loose ends, staying in place even after a night of tossing and turning. Most users report liking the fit of Snowe sheets. However, you might not be completely satisfied with the fitting if you have a deeper mattress.


Snowe Sheets Review (Winter 2022)

We have reviewed multiple bedsheets before and we can safely say that Snowe sheets do not disappoint, even in the long run! Their high-quality Italian long-staple cotton material is built to last. For durability, we considered a number of things. Starting with stitching, which is sturdy and long-lasting, with no loose threads.

We also considered the quality of the percale weave and it was up to the mark, along with the strength of the elastic. Moreover, the slightly oversized design is perfect to combat shrinking after washing, letting you enjoy excellent fitted sheets for a long time.

The manufacturer claims comfortable year-round nights, even after constant use, reflecting the high quality of the sheets. The 90-day risk-free trial allows users to test the quality for themselves, which is a tell-tale sign of the manufacturer’s trust in the quality of their product. The overall sturdiness and quality of these Italian sheets make them durable and long-lasting, so you have nothing to worry about!

Sizes Available

The Snowe percale sheets come in a set, two sheets, one fitted and one flat, and two standard-sized pillow covers. Moreover, an outstanding feature of Snowe sheets is that they are designed to be slightly oversized, which means that they will fit most kinds of mattresses.

You do not have to worry about the size because the quality ensures minimal shrinkage and the extra size accommodates any potential shrinkage. The sheets have 17-inch deep pockets that easily fit even thicker mattresses and pillow tops, catering to a wide variety of buyers.

You can get your Snowe sheets set in all sizes, including a full size, a regular queen size, as well a king and California king size.

Colors Available

Most people with a good sense of aesthetics would agree about the best bed sheets are those that come in solid colors. This ensures that your bed looks classy, without taking attention off the interior of the room. Snowe sheets lean toward a subtle understood aesthetic, therefore they have no combination or patterned options. However, they do offer five gorgeous solid colors to choose from.

The muted shades add a touch of sophistication to your room, making it feel cozy and pleasant. The color options that you can choose from include, an Essential White, a Classic Ivory, an Ash Grey, a Slate Blue, and a Timeless Blush.

Price Tag

This is an important consideration because at times buyers have a strict budget that may deter them from considering certain options, no matter how much they adore them. Before we get into the pricing of the Snowe percale sheets, you should know that these sheets are an investment for your comfort and your home, therefore quality should not be compromised.

That being said, we personally feel like the pricing of Snowe sheets is slightly higher, considering their ‘affordable’ marketing. But then again, the exquisite quality and features of these Italian cotton sheets are worth every penny. Full-sized sheets are priced at $200, while a standard queen-sized set costs $220. Toward the more high-end are king and California king-sized sets that cost $240.

Key Features

Snowe Sheets Review (Winter 2022)

There are some things that make for a unique selling point of a product. For Snowe sheets, it is their great quality, with sturdy material and weaves. It is manufactured using cutting-edge technology and hand-finished by experts. What’s most appealing to users is the many sizes, great color choices, and warranty. These sheets are soft, yet crisp, well-fitted yet spacy, and durable.

Wash and Care Instructions

Snowe provides clear and precise washing instructions to help users take proper care of their Snowe sheets.

They suggest washing the sheets separately in lukewarm water. Be careful to wash them in a gentle cycle to make sure the weaving is protected, and washing does not result in loose thread or fraying of the fabric.

Moreover, they recommend drying washed Snowe sheets on low heat, which can be done using a warm iron. Avoid bleaching and folding the sheets right away to avoid damaging or unpleasant crinkles. The percale envelope is a protective case for storing the sheets safely, ensuring longevity.

For refreshing your sheets, you can try washing them in a solution of ½ cup of baking soda with detergent while washing and rinsing them in a solution of ½ cup of distilled white vinegar and recommended amount of fabric softener.



  • Excellent fit
  • Durable and sturdy, with careful details
  • Crisp and soft
  • Breathable and cool
  • Complete set with all essentials
  • All sizes available
  • Free shipping and a 90-day trial period
  • Slightly expensive
  • No print or design options

How Do Snowe Sheets Compare with Competition?

When it comes to competition, Snowe sheet definitely has some competitors in the market. They too have amazing sheets to offer. However, becoming a market winner requires certain extra perks that appeal to buyers. Snowe sheets have a better, superior cotton material than its competitor Nautica, as well as a higher thread count of 500 as compared to Nautica’s 300.

Other brands, like Comfort Spaces, have a very similar quality and feel, making them a close competitor, but Snowe beats them when it comes to the sturdiness and precision of the percale weave. However, Comfort Spaces offers a range of designs and patterns that buyers can select from, while Snowe only offers solid colors. This might put Snowe a step behind in aesthetics but still above in overall comfort and quality.

Eddie Bauer Home is yet another competition that Snowe faces. They offer just as good of everything as Snowe, from quality to comfort. But again, the thread count keeps Eddie Bauer Home from taking an edge over Snowe in the market.

Pricing is an important consideration, whereby competitors might have room to beat Snowe to the top. Snowe sells expensive percale weave sheets, with no options available that are less than $200, while competitors, like Nautica and Comfort Spaces, offer similar sheets for $26.84 and $36.99, respectively. It must be considered though that Snowe sources its cotton from Italy, adding extra costs that willing users are happy to pay for.


Snowe sheets are by far one of the best brands out there, with excellent reviews and quality assurances that prove its superiority. Hopefully, after reading this Snowe sheets review, you know about the quality of these sheets. If Snowe sheets fall under your budget, you should surely buy them and experience the immense luxury and great quality first hand!

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