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The Problem With Snoring

Snoring has long been considered a nuisance to bed partners and an issue of denial for millions of snorers.  Having spent time on both sides of the equation with a family full of snorers and as a snorer myself seeking a solution to provide relief for my wife, I completely understand the challenges for couples and family’s all over. 

In total, sleep related breathing disorders, ranging from simple snoring to obstructive sleep apnea, affects up to 90 million people in the US.  This is without counting the countless hours of sleep lost by those sharing the room with the snorer or apnea sufferer.

The numbers are astounding:

–          40 to 50 million snorers in the U.S. alone

–          35 to 50 million disrupted bed partners of snorer’s

The problem of snoring is nothing new; we’ve all seen snorers on sitcom’s and movies for years as its common place for us to normalize snoring as regular and untreatable. 

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