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Better Sleep: 4 Simple Ways to Help

Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep also spells trouble for your waking hours. For better sleep, you can start by putting your smart phone away.

At night you lie in bed, watching the clock and stressing out that you will have to get up in a few hours. During the day, you’re exhausted, sleepy and unfocused.

You’re not alone. At least 40 million Americans suffer each year from sleep disorders such as apnea, narcolepsy or restless leg syndrome, says the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Another 20 million experience occasional sleeping problems.

The amount of sleep each person needs depends on many factors, including age. For most adults, the best amount of sleep is seven to eight hours a night, the NIH says. Some people, though, may need as few as five hours or as many as 10 hours of sleep, the NIH says.

If you are sleep-deprived for  a long period of time, talk to your doctor.  

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