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Top Three Tips to Vanquish Insomnia

Large pharmaceutical companies have poured untold millions into developing and marketing Insomnia drugs, and their drive to find the magic pill has largely paid off.

Big pharma R&D teams know what virtually everyone knows instinctively: good sleep is hard to come by, and insomnia can be a maddening affliction. For those who don’t want to ingest drugs (or pay for them), some simple, time-tested tips can boost the odds for sound sleep.

Number one on the list is exercise. Numerous studies confirm that consistent strenuous aerobic activity tires you out in a way that establishes restful sleep patterns that your body will replicate night after night.

Do not do the exercise—whether it be walking, jogging, or elliptical—shortly before going to bed. That will raise the heart rate and boost the stress hormones. Mid day or morning is best. Your body will remember, and your biological clock will fall into sync.

Number two on the anti-insomnia list is to pay attention to the bedroom environment.

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