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Sleep. It’s something we all need to do, but not everyone does it well enough. Whether you’re battling chronic insomnia or just looking for ways to improve your quality of sleep, this website has some helpful tips that can make a world of difference in your life. We know that most people don’t have the time or opportunity to see a doctor with every ache and pain, so we are here to help. Our goal is not to substitute for physicians but rather to provide you with the best information possible about your symptoms before heading off to the doctor’s office. Apart from that, if you’re searching for a reliable source of additional information, practical tips, advice on how to choose the best mattress out there or fix a squeaking bed – we got you covered.

Medical Advisory Team

TalkAboutSleeps’s Medical Advisory Team guarantees that the content and research on our site adhere to the highest standards of medical ethicality. All of our material is double-checked and approved by our medical review panel, which includes the most experienced specialists in sleep medicine. This extra stage protects you from falling victim to misinformation and bad advice, while simultaneously allowing you access to the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

The team includes well-known professionals, who together provide decades of sleep medicine experience that will enable Talk About Sleep to fulfill its mission of creating access to high-quality sleep information, education, and support. These people also share a vision and motivation to further expand sleep awareness through conventional and unconventional means, including the use of the Internet. Our medical advisory board members are keenly aware of the needs and future challenges that this medium is presenting to us all.

The list of Medical Advisory Board members is still evolving. The current Advisory Board members are listed below, with a brief professional biography, in alphabetical order.

James C. O’Brien, MD
James O’Brien, MD, is the director of sleep medicine at Boston PainCare and works at the practice’s location in Waltham, Massachusetts. He also serves as the medical director at ProHealth Physicians Sleep Center in Hartford, Connecticut.
Laurence I. Barsh, DMD
Laurence Barsh, DMD, practiced general dentistry in Boston, MA for 38 years. Dr. Barsh is a graduate of Harvard School of Dental Medicine, 1961. He is the author of Dental Treatment Planning for the Adult Patient, published in 1981. Served as Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
Cynthia M. Dorsey, Ph.D.
Cynthia M. Dorsey, Ph.D. is the Clinical Director of Sleep HealthCenter at McLean Hospital, in Belmont, MA, and Director of the Sleep Research Program at McLean Hospital. She also is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School.
Jed Black, MD
Jed Black, MD, is Director and Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences of the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic at Stanford University. The Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Center has established a reputation as the world’s leading sleep disorders medicine and basic science sleep research center.
Kasey Kai-Chi Li, DDS, MD
Kasey Kai-Chi Li is the Associate Director of Sleep Surgery, Center of Excellence in Sleep Disorders Medicine, at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and is Clinical Assistant Professor in Sleep Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine.
Ann E. Rogers, Ph.D., RN
Ann Rogers is Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Previously she was on the faculty at the University of Michigan. She has long been interested in sleep disorders, especially Narcolepsy, and has done extensive work in the field of sleep.
Kingman P. Strohl, MD
Kingman Strohl is the Director of the Center for Sleep Education and Research at Case Western Reserve University and a Professor of Medicine in the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. He has wide experience in the field of sleep apnea research.

Editorial Process

Below is an in-detail description of the way we create our articles, our main principles, tools, and sources of information. Why trust us? Just take a look at what the process looks like and you’ll likely have no doubts left.

Sourcing Policy

Whatever the type of the future article is, we start with careful analysis. Our researchers make sure to consult with only reliable, reputable, and, therefore, trustworthy resources, such as the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine, National Institutes of Health, and American Academy of Sleep Medicine, just to name a few.

We also boast of a huge number of partners that help us in our research by not only providing us with test units but also by sharing their expertise in the field of sleep products – consumer behavior research data, real buyers’ feedback, latest findings on innovative materials, etc. The list of our partners includes, but is not limited to Purple, Eight Sleep, Casper, Zinus, Helix Sleep, and so much more.

The Research

As mentioned above, the research starts with looking for reliable resources, including our team members’ knowledge. For articles that contain practical tips and tricks, we also make sure to study topic-related blogs and forums. For product reviews, we analyze the market carefully, using special marketing tools (helping to evaluate the product’s popularity with the help of sales rank, its price level history, as well as availability on different websites), double-check the manufacturer information, read numerous FAQs, and, finally make our choice. However, even then the preparation is not complete – we need to test the chosen products ourselves in order to get an impression of whether each of them is worth your attention at all.

Customer Feedback Analysis

We carefully study all the real customers’ feedback available online. Obviously, you can’t trust everything they write on the Internet, but here’s when our experience in this field comes in. Apart from some obvious signs (unnatural tone of voice, same positive comments from different users, etc.) we also use special detectors like Fakespot which analyzes millions of messages across Amazon detecting those that seem suspicious. We believe that while choosing a product, you should pay attention to the real reviews of real buyers – people who’ve chosen this particular item, paid for it, and have an experience of its everyday use. Our system allows to detect approximately up to fifty percent of unnatural reviews.

Product Testing

Product testing is a huge (and fun, according to many) part of our work. We never advise something we haven’t tried ourselves. In most cases, manufacturers send us products to try out, if, of course, there’s nothing in them they’re unsure about. Sometimes, we invest in the products ourselves or buy them to return after the sleep trial expires. That’s what the sleep trial is for right? The only difference is that it’s we who spend time and effort on testing a mattress out, not you.

Are We Sponsored by Anyone?

You may be wondering what our interest is if we claim that we do not directly collaborate with manufacturers. This portal is fully reader-supported. With your help, we have the opportunity to develop our project and make it even more useful. In our articles, you’ll come across affiliate links which means we get small commissions if you buy something with our help. The amount of these commissions doesn’t vary too much from brand to brand allowing us to stay fully unbiased.

Our Team

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate information that you can rely on. Our team of editors, designers, developers, and more have experience, expertise, and passion for health content.

Meet some of our team below. They are just one part of our staff, which includes SEO experts, product managers, designers, developers, and sales and marketing partners.

Romeo Vitelli
Expert Writer
Received his doctorate in Psychology in 1987, spent fifteen years as a staff psychologist in Millbrook Correctional Centre. In 2003 went into full-time private practice.

Learn about our editorial process.

Christian Flapton
Medical Writer
A full-time physician, medical writer, editor, and internet entrepreneur. Has a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD), as well as a MPH (Master of Public Health).
Web Content Manager
Web Producer
Philipp is responsible for everything on this site to work properly as well as making sure each article reaches its target audience. Philipp is a great fisherman and loves spending weekends in his motorboat.
Marcus Kohler
Expert Consultant
Marcus is an orthopedic spine surgeon who knows for sure how to ease ache in your back, neck, and shoulders, and prevent meeting him in person.
Amanda Fink
Senior Editor
Amanda is our talented content quality checker, she makes sure each text you read is flawless. In her free time she loves doing yoga and cooking healthy meals.

Our History

October 17, 2000

the foundation of the Talk About Sleep project

July, 2001

our Medical Advisory Team already consists of 7 professionals with decades of experience in sleep medicine

August, 2001

Sleep Disorder News section is launched

May, 2011

TAS online store is launched

February, 2015

TAS features new design and boasts of more than 5,000 active users on the TAS forum

June, 2019

we’ve reviewed more than 3,500 products for healthy sleep in detail


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