An Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes

This article will help you to choose the perfect mattress with detailed insights about all of the sizes it comes in.
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Last updated: August 18, 2023
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After a long workday, you’ll want to sleep well and comfortably. And Yes! You deserve that sound body rest. However, getting a comfortable sleep is highly dependent on the kind and size of your mattress.

Getting the right mattress size is not an easy task at all; this is because there are varieties in mattress sizes and dimensions. And deciding which one is the right one for you can only be after considering different factors.

Some of the factors you have to consider include your budget, room size, height and size, and sleeping partner. If you are confused on how to select the best mattress for you, read our mattress size comparisons guide below for all you need to know about mattress sizes and their ideal use.

Main mattress sizes and what are they best for

There are various mattress sizes and the size you will buy should be based on why you need the mattress. There is the king size mattress, Queen Size mattress, full-size mattress, California king mattress, twin mattress, twin XL size, and of course, the crib. Each of these sizes is ideal for  different types Trusted Source Sofa bed - Wikipedia Although most sofa beds use a queen short mattress measuring 150 cm × 185 cm (60 in × 72 in), other common sizes include 145 cm × 185 cm (58 in × 72 in), 135 cm × 185 cm (54 in × 72 in), and 130 cm × 185 cm (52 in × 72 in). , size and length of people and rooms. Here are more details on each of the mattress size.


An Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes

The full-sized mattress comes with the 54 “X75”. This type of mattress is big enough to accommodate a single person conveniently with ample space to move around. It is also called a double, implying that two people can still sleep on it.

Although, it may not be as convenient for two people as it would be for a single person. It is a perfect sized mattress for a growing teenager. It could also serve well in the guest bedroom because of the small size. The bed space will ensure your guest is well-rested for the time they will be sleeping in your home.


An Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes

Looking for a good mattress with enough space for you and your spouse? Or you just want to sprawl widely on your bed without the fear of getting to the edge or falling off? Or maybe you have a big master’s bedroom, and you’ve pictured how beautiful your queen-sized mattress will sit right in the center of it? You are not alone.

These and more are why the Queen-sized Mattress is among the most popular bed bought in the market. At 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length, the Queen-sized Mattress is big enough to fit and adorn your master’s bedroom gracefully and small enough to fit your smaller rooms of about 10X10 feet perfectly.


An Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes

Slightly bigger than the Queen size in width but with the same length, the king size mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is best suited for you if you have children sleeping in the same bed with you and your spouse. It is your ideal well-spaced family size mattress.

It will conveniently fit a 12X12 feet bedroom and still leave enough space in the room for easy movement. It can even make sleeping provisions for your pet, too, if you have one.

California king

An Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes

Are you more than six feet tall, and you probably haven’t found your right mattress size yet? Have you been sleeping uncomfortably because you have to bend your body when you would love to sprawl out your full length? Well, the answer to your sleeping challenge is the California King Size Mattress.

With its enormous size and almost intimidating length, California King Size is designed to fit you even if you are a giant. It is measured 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length.

The California King mattress is ideal for couples with more than a child sleeping on the same bed with them or couples with a pet sleeping at their bed foot. If you are sleeping in a California king size Mattress without kids or pets, there would be enough space to sleep and turn over.


An Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes

The twin size mattress is your perfect go-to for your kids, especially if you don’t want them sleeping on the same bed with you.

If you are just transitioning your kids from your mattress to their mattress, you could choose the 8-inch memory foam from Linenspa. From users’ reviews online, this twin mattress is one of the best products out there. It has a firm feel perfect for your kids that would make them fall instantly in love with their bed.

You could also use it for bunk beds for college students. With its dimensions at 38″ width and 75″ length, the twin size mattress is an answer to prayer if you need a small comfortable mattress in any of your small spaces like your music or photo studio.

Twin XL

An Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes

Do you have a teenager that is growing faster than you think? You need not worry too much about their bed as the Twin extra-large is made just for your taller children. What’s more, this mattress is very budget-friendly, so you can afford to buy more than one if you have plenty of kids.

With the dimension of 38 inches wide and 80 inches long, it is 5 inches longer than the standard twin-sized mattress and can therefore accommodate your fast-growing children. It is also a perfect fit for adults who want a smaller bed for their small spaces.


An Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes

The Crib Mattress is your baby’s first sleeping accessory. It comes as 27 inches wide and 52 inches long. It is perfect for your baby till he/she matures into a toddler. The crib mattress is designed to be firm for the safety and comfort of your baby.

However, some crib mattresses, like the dual-sided crib mattress from Dourxi, can double as a toddler bed as your baby matures. The mattress is dual-sided, with a firm side for your baby and a plush, softer side for your toddler.

How to choose the perfect mattress?

Choosing the perfect mattress will not be that difficult if you know what to look out for. Based on the mattress comparisons above, it is evident that there are mattresses meant for single sleepers while there are some that couples can sleep on or at least a minimum of two people. Still, some mattresses will accommodate more than two people and still make allowance for your pets. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your mattress.

Who will sleep on it?

Who will be sleeping on the mattress is a significant factor to consider when buying a mattress. You don’t want to buy a mattress that will be shorter than your length. It will leave your feet hanging at the edge, or it may require that you bend your body for the mattress to accommodate you. This won’t give you the kind of sleep you desire and deserve.

You should also consider how many people will be sleeping on the bed. Is it meant for just one of your kids? Are they going to be two? Is the person a big size? Is it you and your spouse? Is a pet joining you on the bed? Make sure you have answers to all these questions when choosing your next mattress; they will help you choose the right mattress.

Room size

Your room size should determine the kind of mattress you get. For instance, the twin and twin XL will stay conveniently in an 8X10 square foot room. A full size and queen size mattress will stay conveniently in a 10X11 square foot room.

From the above, it’s easy to see that a room that will take a queen size mattress will have to be slightly bigger than a room that will comfortably take the twins from the comparison of the dimensions. On the other hand, the king size and the California king size mattress will stay comfortably in a 12X12 square foot room. They are large mattress and will need a larger space than the others. And of course, the crib can also stay in the small rooms if it’s staying alone or stay in the bigger rooms if it’s staying in the parents’ room.

Body size

Your body size is also a determinant of the kind of mattress you need. How wide is the bed? Will it comfortably accommodate you without the fear of falling off?

A wide mattress depending on your size and how many people are sleeping in the bed, starts from the full size. If you are sleeping alone, the full-size mattress will accommodate you comfortably.

If you are sleeping with a pet or a big size, you should consider a queen size. Likewise, if you have a sleeping partner, you should consider getting a king size. Getting the right bed for your body size will help you sleep better.


Last but not least is your budget. You should buy your mattress based on how much you have to spare for the mattress. As a young school student or a teenager, you can get a twin bed. It is not as expensive as the twin XL, which would give you a better length size to stretch your legs.

As a single young adult living alone, you can also get the twin XL or a full size depending on your budget. And of course, couples can get a queen, a king-size or California king size, depending on the budget.

However, in a case where you are buying a mattress for your growing teenager that has the tendency to grow as tall as a 6feet or even taller, it will be budget smarter to buy a twin XL. This will help you save some cost and prevent you from getting another mattress sooner than expected.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right mattress can improve your sleep, help you sleep more comfortably and ultimately improve your health. If you follow the guide above, you shouldn’t find it difficult to get the right mattress sizes before long.

There are basically two classes of mattresses, ones that can accommodate single individuals and the ones that can accommodate more than one person. The twin, twin XL, and the Full size will conveniently accommodate single people sleeping on them. In contrast, the queen size, king size, and the California king size will accommodate more than one person conveniently. Don’t also forget to consider your room size, length, body size, and budget.


Sofa bed - Wikipedia
Although most sofa beds use a queen short mattress measuring 150 cm × 185 cm (60 in × 72 in), other common sizes include 145 cm × 185 cm (58 in × 72 in), 135 cm × 185 cm (54 in × 72 in), and 130 cm × 185 cm (52 in × 72 in). 
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