How to Reinforce a Bed Frame? 4 Easy Ways!

This article will supply you with four effective ways to reinforce your bed frame and prolong its life.
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Bed frames become loose after some time, necessitating the need for reinforcement. In some cases, you may have to replace the unit as dictated by the severity. A simple internet search will give you multiple options to reinforce bed frame. Not all options available on the wide web will help salvage your situation. The unit you have in your bedroom will determine the best course of action. In this article, we dive deep into the alternatives you have that will help fix the problem.

If you choose to buy a new bed frame Trusted Source Why you shouldn’t work from bed (and a guide to doing it anyway) | Work & careers | The Guardian It may not be recommended, but, from necessity or choice, many of us find ourselves working from them. Here’s how to set up your perfect bed office , there are numerous models that you can place on the top of your list. According to many reviews on virtual stores with bed frame listings, the Zinus Tom Metal Platform Frame is one of the sturdy and durable options available. This unit features a simple design that fits with most furnishing styles. Read through to the end to familiarize yourself with the different solutions you have for your squeaky bed frame.

How to Reinforce a Bed Frame? 4 Easy Ways!

Bed frame reinforcement

There are many ways to reinforce a bed frame. The solution you pick ought to be appropriate for the problem you have. The level of expertise that the technique you choose requires is something that you cannot overlook. Go through all the necessary steps to understand the task at hand before embarking on the project. Another factor that you must bear in mind is the type of bed frame you have. All these elements are fundamental in helping you make an informed choice. Below we discuss the various solutions present and the materials that you require to achieve the desired results.

Materials you need

The supplies that you require to fix your bed frame vary due to various reasons. For some projects, you need complex tools, while for others, you can find alternatives to use. You may have to buy some of the equipment if you do not have an option. For this reason, you must be thorough on the technique you will use and list down all the necessary materials. Here are some of the things that you will require to reinforce a bed frame.

  • A plan – you need to lay down the procedure that you will follow when reinforcing the frame. The approach you will take is determined by numerous factors, including the type of bed frame you are working with. Wooden frames feature a different construction for the metal ones available in stores. The plan should include a step-by-step guide if you want a painless experience. If you are working with some of the best metal frames, the manufacturers guide for installation may come in handy in helping you create a solid plan. Cover all your bases, including finances and the supplies you need.
  • A drill – reinforcing a bed frame includes tasks that will require you to have a hand drill or any other variation to make holes, among other tasks. For some beds, this equipment may not be necessary as dictated by the manufacturer’s artistry to bring the different parts together. If you have to purchase a new one, go for a versatile option that you can use for other projects within the home.
  • Extra wood or metal – the issues you have with your bed may be due to weakening or damage to the material. If you identify this as the problem during the assessment, it is best to replace the affected area to ensure that the solution lasts for an extended period. Check the manufacturer’s official site to determine whether they have replacements for the bed frames they bring to the market.

There are many other materials that you will need to make your project a success. Research the best way to reinforce the unit you have to ensure that the materials you assemble are ideal for the project.

Try to tighten the screws

Bed frame producers use screws to bring together the different parts that make the bed frame. If the unit you have in your home has this feature, the first thing you should do is tighten the screws. They become loose after some time, and tightening them can help restore normal functioning for your bed frame. Most units from reputable companies like the best of Zinus bed frames have this type of construction. Check all the slats and the other parts that make your bed frame to determine the positioning of the screws.

Using a wrench or a screwdriver, work on each of the screws. Remember to note the weak ones in case you need to reinforce your bed again. Tightening the screws will help fix the problem of a squeaky bed frame. In most instances, this solution will work. If it does not, consider the other solutions available.

Try to reconnect joints

Reconnecting the joints in your bed frame is another solution that will help you save a few coins. There are various methods that you can use to solve this issue. You can use a harmer to nudge the disconnected joints back into place or glue gently. Check your bed frame and familiarize yourself with the technique that the producers uses in the construction and use the same. Reconnecting joints is common in wooden bed frames, informing the choice to either use a hammer or appropriate glue.

Use a piece of cloth to hold the bed frame in place as you work on it. This will help eliminate the risk of further damage to the separated joints. Lay a cloth on both sides of the leg and request someone to hold it in place. Use a mallet or wood glue to reconnect the joints.

After applying glue, you should hammer the joint gently to ensure that the reconnection holds.

Try to add bed slats

Adding bed slats to the frame is another easy solution to the problem. This method will require you to have basic wood or metal work skills. Luckily, you can get the necessary information on the best way to handle the type of material you work with from authoritative sites and books.  Adding slats improves the strength of the bed frame considerably and helps reduce mattress sagging as well. The slats you pick or make should be compatible with your bed frame.

Start by measuring the inner width of the bed to know the dimension of the slats that you require. If you buy from your local wood store, the measurements will help you get a perfect fit. When making the slats, ensure that you are accurate to minimize wastage of wood or metal. Place the boards to the right and left of the centre beam and screw them into position using a power drill.

Try to replace the centre beam

How to Reinforce a Bed Frame? 4 Easy Ways!

Weakening of the centre beam can cause issues with your bed frame. It is the support part of the frame, and replacing it may solve all your problems. The replacement option you pick should provide more support to the bed and minimize damage to the mattress. When replacing the centre beam, you need to review the leg support as well. It is best if you replace both to ensure you get the best results.

Measure the length of the centre beam and leg support you need for accuracy. Cut the wood or metal adhering to the measurements. The placement of the leg support is in the middle of the new beam you install. Mark the position where the two blocks meet to make the process manageable and accurate. Place the block you cut and secure using screws.

Once the centre beam is in place, place the leg support and screw it into place using the ideal method.

How to fix a broken frame?

Fixing a broken frame may seem like a breeze, but it is not. You need to have the proper tools and expertise to pull this off. It is common for bed frames to crack along the horizontal grain lines. There is no universal guide on the best way to fix a broken bracket. Evaluate the condition of your bed frame to determine the severity of the damage. This will help you find the appropriate technique to use in fixing it. For some models, you can use glue to secure the break, while for others, you have to rely on more complex solutions such as screws. If you are using glue, you need a clamp to hold the frame in place at least overnight. Check all the possible solutions before you settle on one that will solve your problem.

Final thought

Buying a new bed frame is an expensive way to fix a weakness issue. Before you opt to purchase another unit, you can try the quick fixes that we discuss above. Important to note is that DIY solutions come with a fair share of challenges that you ought to anticipate. Proper planning is the sure way to guarantee that you do not cause more harm than good to your weak bed frame.

One of the units with impeccable reviews in online stores is the Zinus Adrian Wood platform bed. Previous buyers indicate that this product is strong and requires minimal repairs with years of use. Buying such a unit will reduce the chances that you need to reinforce bed frame after a short duration. When in a dilemma about the best way forward, consider contacting the manufacturer’s customer support.


Why you shouldn’t work from bed (and a guide to doing it anyway) | Work & careers | The Guardian
It may not be recommended, but, from necessity or choice, many of us find ourselves working from them. Here’s how to set up your perfect bed office
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