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The Problem With Snoring

Snoring has long been considered a nuisance to bed partners and an issue of denial for millions of snorers.  Having spent time on both sides of the equation with a family full of snorers and as a snorer myself seeking a solution to provide relief for my wife, I completely understand the challenges for couples and family’s all over. 

In total, sleep related breathing disorders, ranging from simple snoring to obstructive sleep apnea, affects up to 90 million people in the US.  This is without counting the countless hours of sleep lost by those sharing the room with the snorer or apnea sufferer.

The numbers are astounding:

–          40 to 50 million snorers in the U.S. alone

–          35 to 50 million disrupted bed partners of snorer’s

The problem of snoring is nothing new; we’ve all seen snorers on sitcom’s and movies for years as its common place for us to normalize snoring as regular and untreatable.  Over the years, the most common approaches to solve snoring have been avoidance.  The couch, the spare bedroom or earplugs have been the remedy for the bed partner who suffers from this nightly noise.  In recent years, mouth guards, throat sprays and special tee shirts with tennis balls sown into the back have become the next wave of remedies.  Despite the rise in “solutions” the battle rages on and the number of sleepless nights continues to rise.

The EPAP Snoring Solution

Another solution, recently introduced by, Theravent, Inc. is EPAP, Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure..  Previously, this technology had been available only for use in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.  Proven effective in eight peer reviewed, published clinical trials for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Provent Therapy was the first commercially available device using the concept of EPAP.

All snorers should know about the EPAP approach for snoring because it works.  It’s a simple, elegant device proven to reduce snoring by 76% to a level of sound below the sound of a fluorescent light bulb (40 decibels). For those who suffer from the effects of their partners snoring, this should be music to your ears.

EPAP for snoring works by targeting and treating the area where snoring occurs.  Your upper airway is like a floppy wind tunnel and when using EPAP for snoring, the device uses your own breath to create gentle backpressure, stabilizing the upper airway there by eliminating the vibrations, which are the cause of snoring. Mahedavia first studied this principle in 1983.  In 2005, and Dr. Raj Doshi started the first development work for a commercially viable EPAP device.  This led to the FDA clearance for EPAP for OSA (Provent) in 2008 and EPAP for Snoring (Theravent) in 2012.

Regardless if you snore occasionally or on a nightly basis, talking with your doctor about your overall health is always the best medicine.  Ruling out the possibility of sleep apnea should part of an overall plan for your health.  For those snorers without apnea and without an option to provide relief to their bed partners, I recommend that you educate yourself about EPAP as a solution to your snoring.  The continuum of sleep related breathing disorders covers a broad range of snoring and apnea.

It’s an extremely exciting time to be part of a mission to help millions of snoring couples.  I believe the future of EPAP will bring about more options and more customization of resistance levels to help each snorer find the right solution for them in the EPAP family.  With over 4.5 Million nights of EPAP use already, we believe the future is very quiet and very bright for EPAP therapy!

If you decide to give Theravent’s EPAP therapy a try, be sure to enter promo code TAS44 for a 5% discount offered to Talk About Sleep members. If you are not yet a member, register for free by clicking here.

Matthew Williams

Theravent Inc, President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Williams has served as the Company’s President and CEO since the Company’s launch in April 2013. Mr. Williams is responsible for managing all day-to-day operations of the Company, and developing and implementing strategies approved by the Board.

Mr. Williams brings to the Company management experience in the pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer health industries. Prior to starting the Company, Mr. Williams spent 3 years with Ventus Medical as Director of Sales and 13 years with Johnson and Johnson, in multiple sales and marketing roles. While at Ventus, he built the sales strategy for the Provent Prescription Franchise and was an active contributor on the Senior Leadership Team. While at Johnson and Johnson, he led the Trade Marketing team focused on growth strategies in the combined $800MM Retail Pharmacy, Chain Drug and Grocery Pharmacy segments of the Diabetes Franchise. In addition, Matt created and led the Sales Leadership Development Program focusing on the development of the leadership pipeline across multiple functional areas within the business.

Mr. Williams has also held management positions at Ortho-McNeil, Janssen Pharmceutica and Hoechst Marion Rouss

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