9 Comfiest Latex Pillows – A Natural Alternative to Memory Foam

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In recent years, people have developed a much better understanding of sleep, and this has meant a lot of new products have worked their way on the market as people aim to meet the needs of every type of sleeper. The best latex pillow options can be great for improving sleep quality by giving more neck support, can reduce the risk of allergens disturbing you and can even be more convenient to use and clean than many other types of pillows, as we explore here.

In this article, we’ve looked at many of the vital features of latex pillows and how they relate to your needs. For instance, we have looked at the number of pillows included in each set, the adjustability of their height, their firmness, the designs, and sizes the pillows are available in and even the fabric on the cover. All of these aspects can be very important, depending on your exact needs from a pillow.

We know that everyone’s needs are slightly different, so we have included a full buying guide to help you to understand the features of latex pillows. Before this, we have an easy-to-view table and a selection of the top latex pillows with in-depth reviews for you to see exactly what is available and decide upon the most appealing models.

Top 9 Latex Pillows Review 2022

  • Pillow filling: latex block
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover material: organic cotton
  • Available in: Standard, King

Extra features: available in low and standard loft and in soft, medium, and firm, hypoallergenic

This excellent example of a latex pillow is our top latex pillow recommendation. It has been cleverly designed to offer the utmost in support, and though it isn’t adjustable like some of the competitors, it does have the benefit of coming in multiple options for firmness and level.

There is a ‘low’ option which is approximately an inch lower and is more suitable for side-sleepers with a smaller shoulder profile or for children. There is also a softer option if this is to your preference.

This is one of the best contour latex pillows as it is designed to perfectly align your spine and support the curvature of the neck and shoulders to make sure your back is in a comfortable position while you sleep and don’t do any damage.

This comes from a certified organic source, with eco-harvested trees used in the manufacturing process. Ethical concerns are not something to worry about with this product.

The cover is made of organic cotton and is removable (and washable) for your convenience. Because of the latex design, this has some very attractive properties for users including resistance to mold and many of the bacteria and bugs that can be an issue with other types of pillow. The breathable design also means that it is comfy whatever the environment you use it in. It won’t get too hot in the summer!

What are our favorite features?

  • Available in different heights and firmness
  • Breathable and doesn’t overheat in the summer months like some pillows
  • No off-gasses to worry about
  • Removable cover that is easy to clean

What could be better?

  • More expensive than many competitors
  • May have a latex smell to start with

Amor Cervical PillowBest Latex Pillow for Cervical Support

  • Pillow filling: latex block
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover material: velvet
  • Available in: one custom size

Extra features: provides cervical support to relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain, mesh vents provide ventilation

This Latex pillow has focused a lot on back and shoulder support. As you can see from the design, this has a huge amount of features including cervical support and alleviation for pain you may have experienced stemming from your sleeping position.

The ergonomic design of this product is designed to be suitable for sleepers of all varieties. It is particularly good if you usually sleep on your back. As well as having the central pad for comfort and relief, the pad is able to warm up and this heats the shoulders and neck. It is designed to make muscles which have stiffened up relax and then the cervical discs get more benefits from the pillow.

In fact, the neck support and clever cervical support was designed with the help of orthopedic doctors to ensure that the benefits for the back and neck are significant. It even helps with blood circulation.

The pillows are totally hypoallergenic and are not susceptible to bacteria, especially when compared to other materials.

The manufacturers are proud of their eco-friendly product, and they also offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t totally satisfied in the first 30 days of use.

This pillow can be a very wise choice if you are experiencing back and neck issues.

What are its best features?

  • Anti-bacterial and breathable design
  • Exceptional cervical support
  • Mesh vents provide cooling sleeping experience

What could be improved?

  • As this is an unusual size and shape, it can be difficult to find replacement pillowcases
  • May feel hot in the summer due to heated area

Simmons Beautyrest Latex Foam PillowBest Latex Foam Pillow

  • Pillow filling: latex block
  • Number of pillows: 1 / 2
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover material: sateen
  • Available in: Standard, Queen, King

Extra features: machine washable, antimicrobial, ventilated for extra air flow and heat absorption

A pillow such as the PureTree latex pillow has more of a ‘traditional’ feel, and may be closer to the pillow you are used to if you are switching from a different style. The shredded latex filling of the pillow gives it a slightly softer feel than many competitors.

This has an adjustable loft which means it is suitable for all types of sleepers, and comes in a standard or a queen size.

It is made out of 100% organic latex but also has a sateen zipped cover. This means you have a firmer pillow which will stay in its position and keep your body in a more natural back and neck position.

The antimicrobial properties mean that it is very clean and reduces the chance of any diseases. Though the sateen cover doesn’t have this, it is immensely comfortable with a 250 thread count cover. It doesn’t feel like sleeping on a block of latex. On top of this, the whole thing is completely machine washable, which not all latex pillows are. Being able to throw this in the washing machine and be sure it is clean is a big bonus.

If you are new to latex pillows and don’t want something with an unusual shape which feels a lot different to feather pillows or whatever you are used to, this can be a good way to transition.

Why is it special?

  • Keeps firmness for many years
  • Can be bought in a two pack for better value
  • Machine washable for easy care

What are the flaws?

  • Not available in multiple softness settings for your preferences

Infinitemoon EverpillowBest Adjustable Latex Pillow

  • Pillow filling: shredded latex and kapok
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: yes
  • Pillow cover material: organic cotton
  • Available in: 1 custom size

Extra features: curved design, handmade in the USA, zippered cover, hypoallergenic

The InfiniteMoon latex pillow is one of the more clever designs on the market and offers something a little different to many of the other pillows on this list.

The company itself is wonderful, with an admirable set of ethics. Each pillow you buy helps support schemes to get the homeless or former felons back into work. But this doesn’t guarantee a great pillow, of course.

Well, if you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper then this is an excellent pillow. In fact, it is arguably the best pillow for side sleepers as it is totally adjustable. With a uniquely shaped design, it has a curved shape that can provide support and comfort in equal measure.

The blend which goes into this is made from two different materials, so it isn’t totally latex. The blended material is Kapok fiber which is made from a cotton tree and is equally hypoallergenic. It is also great at avoiding mites and resistant to moisture from sweat or other sources.

The filling is totally adjustable, you can alter the shape, alignment and softness by removing or adding filling. It even comes with a bag designed to keep any excess in should you wish to readjust at a later date.

The design is breathable and great for staying cool even in warm environments.

Why is it special?

  • Made from hypoallergenic materials including latex and Kapok
  • Totally adjustable filling
  • Great for back and side sleepers

What are the flaws?

  • Some users would prefer a totally latex fill
  • Only available in one size

MALOUF Shredded Latex PillowBest Shredded Latex Pillow

  • Pillow filling: shredded latex
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover material: natural cotton
  • Available in: Queen

Extra features: 3-year warranty, quick loft recovery

The Malouf Z Natural is one of the best latex pillows on the market. It is a top-favorite for many because of the excellent support and comfort it offers especially for stomach sleepers, small side sleepers and back sleepers.

The pillow is ultra-comfortable because it combines the resilient responsiveness of latex and the moldability of a pillow that is filled up. Also, the Talalay latex fill used in the pillow is extracted from sustainable rubber trees. You can therefore trust that the pillow will last you a good one, giving you excellent value for your money.

Also, the latex offers maximum comfort by providing active support with quick loft recovery. Back and side sleepers would highly benefit from this feature as the consistent filling hardly shifts or clumps with movement.

Besides the top-quality latex, the pillow is made with high-grade materials. The inner cover is made with 100% polyester and the outer cover 100% natural cotton. However, some users do not appreciate that Malouf uses conventional cotton cases. Conventional cotton is considered one of the most resource hungry and toxic crops. More people are leaning towards consuming and using organic products in their everyday lives. Organic cotton seems to have gained more popularity lately.

You can get the Malouf Natural Talalay Latex zoned pillows in various sizes, lofts and firmness level. When picking one, consider the size of your bed and sleeping preferences.

What are our favorite features?

  • It comes in 2 different sizes for every loft option
  • It has a 3-year warranty backing
  • Sustainable materials

What could be better?

  • The pillow case is made with conventional cotton which isn’t as popular as organic cotton nowadays.

PureTree PillowBest Cooling Latex Pillow

  • Pillow filling: shredded latex
  • Number of pillows: 1 / 2
  • Adjustable loft: yes
  • Pillow cover material: organic cotton
  • Available in: Standard, Queen

Extra features: GOLS certified organic latex, machine washable

This organic pillow has been designed to have a very similar feel to memory foam. Not only does this adjust to your own needs and the way you tend to sleep, it bounces back and doesn’t go flat. This is a problem with cotton, feathers or poly styles of pillow which many people are trying to avoid by purchasing one of the best latex pillows.

These have an adjustable fill. This means that all you need to do is unzip the inside level of lining and take out (or put in) more of the latex filling to alter to your preference. This can be as hard or as soft as you need, meaning it is good for front, back and side sleepers.

This is one of the latex pillows on the list which has been designed to be washable. You can put the whole thing in your washing machine as long as it is in a garment bag and washed in a cold setting. The cotton lining can be washed separately if required.

The PureTree design is made out of organic materials and is GOTS certified. The sap it is made from comes from organic, renewable rubber tree sources.

The thing this latex pillow is best for is its Airflow, making it one of the best latex pillows for keeping cool when there are hot nights.

What stands out?

  • Great for airflow and staying cool
  • Machine washable
  • Adjust the filling to your own preference

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Many users have reported this having a smell that is hard to shift
  • Pillow filling: latex block
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover material: outer cover – cotton, inner cover – polyester
  • Available in: Standard, Queen,

Extra features: vents for extra air flow and cooling, zippered outer cover, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, 5-year warranty

Talalay latex is processed in a different way to the Dunlop latex many of us are used to, and that is the standard for many of the other pillows on our ‘best of’ list. Talalay is often a little pricier, it is very plush and has more of a ‘bouncy’ feel. It can also give the user more options in terms of how dense it is.

The SWEESLEEP is not overly expensive, and as such is one of the best value Talalay pillows out there. It even has a five-year warranty. Do the features make this a good choice, though?

The air flow is certainly very good, as this has vents so that even the more dense Talalay design can still stay cool in hot weather. It has a zipped outside cover which can be easily washed, though the whole pillow cannot be put in the washing machine.

Though some latex pillows have very persistent latex smells, this Talalay pillow doesn’t keep the smell for too long, and once it has been aired out then the smell will fade significantly.

The SWEESLEEP comes in two different size options. It has proved popular among allergy sufferers, too, as it is resistant to dust mites and mildew as well as being antibacterial.

Why did it make our list?

  • Anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties
  • Good value for money
  • Comes in two different sizes

What is not ideal about it?

  • Some back sleepers have reported that it is too thick in the center to be comfortable
  • Not machine washable

UUQ Latex Foam PillowBest Massaging Latex Pillow

  • Pillow filling: latex block
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover material: cotton
  • Available in: Standard

Extra features: “granulated” design for extra air flow, softness, and comfort, comes with 2 pillow covers, lifetime warranty, low and high sides for different types of sleepers

The UUQ latex block has a very interesting design, different from any of the other top-rated latex pillows on our list.

The granulated design gives an extra level of airflow and allows this to stay very cool, but also has the added benefit of increased blood flow, which can have a massaging effect while you sleep and allow that extra level of relaxation.

There is a low side and a high side, which can be used depending on which type of sleeper you are and your own preference.

This comes with a washable cotton pillow and while the design looks firm and bumpy, it does still feel very comfortable to lay on. It has many of the other benefits of competing products on this list, it is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, as we’ve come to expect from top pillows.

It is also clear that this is one of the longest lasting pillows out there, meaning it is durable and it is very unlikely you will have to replace it a year or so down the line. In fact, a limited lifetime warranty is on offer and the brand claims that this will not lose its shape even after 10 years of use.

In spite of its unusual design, this is generally favorably reviewed and has some benefits other pillows cannot offer.

What makes it stand out?

  • Good value for money
  • Massaging effect
  • Low and high side for your own personal preference

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Latex smell is less subtle than some other options
  • Quite a flat model compared to some competitors
  • Only available in one size
  • Pillow filling: Talalay latex block
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover material: organic cotton
  • Available in: Queen, King

Extra features: made in the USA,  hypoallergenic

The Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow is the most affordable way to get a good quality latex pillow which features the much-favored Talalay type of latex.

Due to this type of latex, it has a good quality, breathable design which doesn’t retain heat like other types of pillow. The latex foam is hypoallergenic, just like most of the other pillows on this list.

This pillow doesn’t have any particular features that the other models on this list don’t offer. However, its price point makes it a very popular option for people who want to choose their first latex pillow, but don’t want it to be a huge investment.

Even though it is cheaper, it is good quality, designed to last many years and is made in the USA using the Talalay method of creating latex.

The pillow loft is not adjustable, but it is perfect for many side sleepers or back sleepers. It is made out of a firm latex block, but this is quite ‘springy’ and comfortable, and certainly doesn’t feel like you’re laying on something solid.

Though the Brooklyn Bedding latex pillow does have a latex smell, this does fade over time.

What are our favorite features?

  • Excellent value for money
  • Washable covers
  • Talalay latex design

What could be better?

  • No adjustable loft
  • Strong smell for the first couple of days

Things to Consider

Latex pillows were quite an obscure product just a few years ago. There are plenty of people out there who will have only heard of the benefits these pillows can have pretty recently. As such, we’ve created a buying guide for latex pillows to help to guide your decision and ensure you end up with the most suitable product for your own needs. A purchase like this is different from an everyday choice you may have to make, and a little knowledge can really help.

Reasons to get a top-quality latex pillow

81eB9lYq4bLThere are a number of benefits to latex pillows. You may be drawn to them because of the climate you’re in or because of health ailments, or for a number of other reasons. Benefits include:

  • The breathable design doesn’t seal in heat, meaning that even in hot climates a latex pillow is likely to stay cooler overnight. No more waking up with a sweaty pillow.
  • The latex material is usually totally organic and chemical free, meaning if you choose the best natural latex pillow you don’t need to worry about what you are inhaling for eight hours a day.
  • The firmness of latex pillows is often adjustable. They offer excellent support, but if you want to, you may be able to increase or decrease the level of filling.
  • Latex pillows provide more of a ‘spring back’ effect than other types of filling such as feathers, which can go flat after a few hours of use.
  • The materials are more durable than many other types of pillow, some latex pillows may last for 10 years or even more if treated right.

Features to consider when choosing a latex pillow

ccm_Pillow_Molded-r1v2-1The below features are the elements we’ve considered when reviewing latex pillows, and the features you should keep an eye on when reading through product listings and reviews. Some of the terms used may be new to you, so it is worth reading below to understand what they mean before making a purchase.

Type of latex filling

Latex can be made in a few different ways. Talalay manufacturing, for instance, has become very popular among this type of product as a lot of people consider this type of latex to be more comfortable. The type of latex is always listed when you look at the product details.

As well as this, the latex can be a block (all in one piece, like a piece of foam) or it can be in pieces or shredded within the pillow. This can give the feeling of a more traditional pillow such as a cotton, poly or feather pillow. Which you purchase will come down to personal preference.

Loft adjustability

The “loft” is basically the term for how far off the bed the pillow will elevate your head. If you are purchasing a latex pillow for the support it can offer, it is definitely worth considering the loft. This will also relate to your size and build (people with broad shoulders or tall people might need a larger loft).

Some pillows have an adjustable loft, this can be done by removing sections or some pillows such as the UUQ Latex Foam Pillow have a high side and a low side so you can choose based on your needs once you have purchased the pillow.

Pillow cover fabric

Premium-Natural-Latex-Foam-Pillow-115a1a55-276d-420e-93c8-25457e4f6566It is rare that you will be sleeping directly on the latex. Many, like MALOUF Shredded Latex Pillow, have some other form of cover such as a cotton cover. Some have more unusual fabrics  like velvet or a bamboo-based pillow covers.

Sizes available in

Just like a huge amount of sleep products like mattresses and the bed frames themselves, there are different sizes of pillow available to help suit your own needs and to suit the size of your bed. Generally, the more sizes a brand has available, the more likely you are to be able to find the correct size to fit your bed (and your body).

Number of pillows in the set

This may not seem like a big deal, but if you are paying the same for each of the pillows then it can become quite expensive if you want one for you and your partner, or even if you plan to kit out all of the beds in your home. Multi-packs are usually priced in a way that makes it more affordable per pillow, so if you can get a set this can save your expense somewhat.

What kind of sleeper are you?

-Something you absolutely must consider when choosing is what kind of sleeper you are. You may even need to ask a partner a little about your behaviors while you are asleep. The best latex pillows for side sleepers may not be best for back or front sleepers. A great option for side sleepers due to the excellent support is the Infinitemoon Everpillow, which can also be adjusted to your own needs. For back and neck support, something like the Amor Cervical Pillow is a popular choice.

If you opt for an adjustable pillow and can alter the filling, you may be able to further customize the pillow to improve your sleep experience based on whether you sleep on your back, side or front.

Firmness rating

This is quite self-explanatory. How firm a pillow is can be another element of personal preference. A lot of latex block pillows are quite firm, for instance, you can opt for the

UUQ Latex Foam Pillow if you want a firm, massaging effect.  If you are looking for a pillow whereby you can totally adjust the firmness and filling, the PureTree Certified Organic Latex Pillow may be a suitable option.


Back_sleeper-minThese top tips can help you to make sure you choose the right pillow, and that you can maintain it to the highest degree. Kept with care, a latex pillow can last you an extremely long time. The following tips can help you to choose and maintain your pillow correctly.

  • Never fold your latex pillows, especially if they aren’t adjustable. Doing so could cause it to become deformed and lose its shape, and this could then counteract the benefits the pillow is having.
  • Always check the instructions for care. Even on our list of top latex pillows, there are lots of different demands for washing your pillows. Some can be machine washed, some cannot. The same applies to the covers.
  • If you want to replace the covers to match the decor of your home, you should opt for a pillow in a pretty standard size. Be sure to look for the various options for replacement covers before you purchase a latex pillow and regret it because you can’t get the right cases.
  • Consider any ailments you have when making your choice. If you often wake up with side, neck or back pain when you have been sleeping in your own bed, mattress and pillow choices can be vital. Try and understand why you are getting this pain and the way you sleep, you can then choose your pillow appropriately.
  • If you want to switch, but don’t want a drastic change in design from a feather or poly-filled pillow, go for something with shredded latex which will have a similar feel to more ‘traditional’ pillows.
  • Once you have purchased your pillow, don’t try to use it straight away. Latex does have a smell, so putting it somewhere to ‘air’ for a day or two can let a lot of this smell dissipate before you sleep on the pillow.


This depends totally on which model you opt for. Not every type of latex pillow is machine-washable. Check the description for washing a specific type of pillow.

Ensure your pillow doesn’t get folded unnecessarily. Make the bed after use and don’t keep it in an awkward or unnatural position.

If latex pillows have the option to adjust the loft, they will probably come with all the latex you will need even if your preference is very firm pillows. Some even come with bags that you can use to store the shredded latex. If you do need to use more, check the manufacturer website or head to Amazon where you can often buy replacement latex.

You should get a few years of use out of your pillow at the very least. Around a three-year warranty is pretty standard, but many pillows of this type will last up to 10 years. They aren’t as prone to oxidization or wear and tear as a cotton pillow would be.

Our Verdict

The OrganicTextiles Latex Contour Neck Pillow is our top-rated pillow at 9.9. This is one of the only top models which can contour and adjust to the needs of your neck and back, and is excellent for side sleepers. It also is available in different sizes.

The Amor Cervical Pillow is next on our list of the best latex pillow options, it has a very clever heated pad section, which relaxes your shoulders and allows you to reap the full benefits of its ergonomic design. This is a good cervical pillow which can help with back and neck pain.

The Simmons Beautyrest pillow also gets a very high rating of 9.6. It feels very similar to more ‘traditional’ pillows in shape and size, and is machine washable. This pillow can be bought in a pack of either one or two. It stays exceptionally cool, so is great for hot environments.

Doing a little research can help you to make the right choice for your own needs. It is vital to think about whether you have any aches and pains and choose your pillow accordingly.

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